HBA in MCPE: Visiting Nemoria

I may have quit the MCPE Realms service to save some moolah but i managed to visit my friend Kate’s world, Nemoria, one last time and I was rewarded with a trip around a cracking pirate ship 😁

HBA in MCPE: Owla and the Death of a Thousand Spiders!

Urgh. Spiders. I hate them so bloody much. I was doing so well until I ran into a nest of them deep underground…

HBA in MCPE: Update 1.0.4 is upon us!

Ghost has released the latest update to Minecraft Pocket Edition and it brings in villager trading.

I also sing a song about sailing. Enjoy.

HBA in MCPE: Testing a Texture Pack in Owla

I should preface this post by stating that I like the base MCPE textures and I’m not desperate to change it, but given that it costs so little to test them on my phone I thought I’d give then a go.

I need to follow up that preface with the statement that whilst I like the base look I am deeply in love with a cartoony look and have been since I saw it on the Yogscast Jaffa Cake Factory series, but the cartoon version that comes with MCPE (for a small fee) seems to have some issues showing the right texture for the right items and it’s very distracting.

So, with all that said, here is Owla but using the Natural texture pack. My review is “OK but a little busy and dirty looking – the search for one I love goes on!”

HBA in MCPE: Farming Fun in Owla…

Sometimes you just have to unwind and de-stress…

HBA in MCPE: A Quick Tour of Owla in Late Feb 2017

I’ve made some big changes to my house in Owla and this is the last video I made before the changes to my house. Enjoy. Or don’t. Whatever.

HBA in MCPE! A Terrible Loss in Owla…

Something terrible has happened. I… I still can’t believe she’s gone…

Here’s how it all went down *sob*