Meanwhile in Minecraft… Owla’s first docks and a tragedy in Green Harbour!

After finding my first village I realised I could avoid a dangerous journey there by going in a boat along the coastline. Little did I know the size of the construction task I had set myself, nor the danger I had placed the peaceful villagers of Green Harbour in .. 


  1. I’m enjoying your travels through the land of Minecraft 🙂 was never into it myself, I’m more The Sims person. Never imagined you could have so many adventures.

    I’ve been playing a number of MMOs (greatly love the variety). These couple of days I’ve popped back into GW2. It has changed…I think, dunno really, feels different…but it’s been good. Slow going, have to relearn my class, but it’s been interesting. Will play it for a couple of days and see how it goes……well, that and ESO 🙂

    1. Hiya mate! Looooong time no hear! I’m glad you are still playing and enjoying GW2. The group you meet that I played with a year or so ago has broken up and we are all playing different things but we all stay in touch via the Good Guys Gaming Google+ community – if you haven’t joined please do because you’ll be with like-minded friends so I’d who are really enjoying the latest ESO expansion.

      1. Yeah, so many games out there. I realized when I looked at the Guild in-world. I’m like many who haven’t played GW2 in a long time. But, sure would love to join your community. It’s fun to chat with people who are on the same wavelength 🙂

          1. DawlVyola……I think I managed to join the group, not sure though because I never used Google+ before. It’s a bit confusing. I posted in the Elder Scrolls Online one…..

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