Update 26/01/14: Please note that as of update 1.23 (or about November 2013, whichever is the latter) I am no longer playing or updating Survivalcraft. My posts in 2013 clearly show my growing boredom with it and lead up to a couple of heartfelt pleas to the developer to expand the mechanics of the game to allow modders to take his concept and make their own changes. I can’t see this happening and I’m simply not interested in any of the extra animals, clunky weapons and dull survival mechanisms he’s adding so I gave up. I might start again, but I somehow doubt it. When all is said and done, Kaalus is making the game he wants to make and that is simply not a game I want to play – it is too dull.


If you have found this page from a link inside a Survivalcraft world I have uploaded, then welcome. If you came here any other way then also welcome but some of what you read below may not make much sense to you but why not download the trail version of the game and join in 🙂


I created Antland in Feb 2013 with the intention of documenting my first serious attempts to play the game. I overlaid the usual “Let’s Play…” style of text & screenshots with a humorous tale of a hapless tourist being swindled and left to die by a cold-hearted pirate by the name of Hamshank – more Carry On Columbus than Midsummer Night’s Dream but what can you do 🙂

I'll get you Hamshank! I'LL GET YOUUUUUU!

I’ll get you Hamshank! I’LL GET YOUUUUUU!

In April 2013 I decided to make Antland available to other players using the in-built content sharing tool that allows people upload and download custom maps. Be warned: there is *nothing* special about Antland, I am not an amazing builder creating palaces of glass & marble or a cunning game designer laying quests & traps so please don’t expect to find those things in Antland. No, I am just uploading it so that people can both see what I’ve been writing about in this blog and maybe use & improve my developments such as direction signs & emergency shelters in their own worlds.

I'll never get lost again... honest...

I’ll never get lost again… honest…

You can read all of my Antland posts under the tag “Antland” and all of my general Survivalcraft posts under the tag “Survivalcraft


  1. MAN!! Your world is just … fantastic! There is not other word!
    I’ ve been playing survivalcraft for a short time but I think you are right. There should be at least a possibility to make mods. But SC has one fabulous thing: electrics. I love logic gates and memory banks. They are simply wonderful. In the other hand, electrics are not much realistic (how the hell items work without any power source?)
    Thanks for sharing your world !

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