The Show Must Go On

The What Now?

The Show Must Go On is the name (forthwith and hereafter written as TSMGO) of a travelling theatre group in SL who perform a variety-cum-vaudeville show to anyone and everyone.

The Whys and Whens

Well, dear rearer, it all started many moons ago in July 2006… *cue wavey fade dissolve and open on a scene where Enjah Mysterio and Osprey Therian decided to put on a short play Enjah had written for (and won with) the New Glode Theatre challenge* The play was such a success that Osprey decided to put together a troupe of perfomers and give SL the variety-cum-vaudeville show it never knew it needed but quite obviously did. You can read more of the history of the start of the show on the original show info page and in Osprey’s Feb 2009 blog post where she is talking about stepping down as director (don’t worry though – she is still with the show!)

2007 Season

2007 saw the first season of the show and despite having to overcome many huge technical barriers (anyone around then can nod sagely when I mention the phrases lag, sim crashing and pre-Havok 4) it was a huge success. This is where my part in the tale begins because at about this time (summer 07) I met Enjah & Osprey for the first time and saw my first show. To say I loved it would be a gross understatement and I saw several more, often dragging friends and follow Burros along too 🙂 If you’d like to see some of the 2007 season, Osprey has imortalised it for all eternity (or at least until the ants take over) here.

2008 Season

In early 2008 Enjah asked if I could help her with an act she was planning – she needed a naked bum and I seemed just the type of immodest soul who’d bare it for her (and the world) in the name of art and giggles. I know I said yes because that’s how I ended up in the show and over the next few weeks my part grew (oh er missus!) and I was drafted in to help other acts. I still remember my first rehearsal (soooo nervous!) and my first show (soooo excited and nervous!) After a  while I added some of my own modest ideas to the mix, helping Enjah with some Carry On humour for the Margaux act and creating a simple, silly tribute to The Flight Of The Bumble Bee with real bees. I’m hopeful that Os and the troupe will film the 2008 season soon – I’ll post more news as and when, news fans!

2009 Season

The 2009 season saw a new flying theatre (The Lindenburg) and a new collection of acts including Professor Antfarmoffski’s Flea Circus (written and spoken by yours truly), Doctor Tornado and her pregnant man, a new dance from Alazi, a new song from Kitty, a look at the SL Male with Osprey and a troupe of dancing yaks by Enjah. Enjah did an amazing job on the sets and costumes as always, and the whole troupe pitched in to help increase our coverage on the web with a blog, a flickr group and even a ruddy twitter channel!

The 2010 Season

2010 is a sad year – the troupe decided to call it a day, at least for one year, and the show will not be going on… 😦 Still, buck up – we might be back in 2011!

OK, you’ve got me moist you silver toungued devil – how do I see a show then?

Simple! You need to come in world and attend one of our regular(ish) free shows. Free? I hear you gasp… Yes! Free! check out the show’s calendar and the blog and then TP to the right location (either the show’s home, the Eleanor Theatre, or somewhere else who have booked us).

Book you? You mean we can book you?

Yup – we are a travelling show after all and many wonderful people have booked us for either public or private shows in their sims. To do so, just drop a notecard & IM to Osprey Therian, Enjah Mysterio, Lucy Tornado or me (HeadBurro Antfarm), in world, or leave a comment on the blog.


Oh you hungry lot! Well here are all the links I think you’ll find useful – boomark and keep 🙂

The Eleanor Theatre SLURL – Come on over to the Eleanor theatre, home of the show.

The Lindenburg Flying Theatre SLURL – New for 2009, Osprey’s wonderous flying theatre, The Lindenburg!

Our Gift Shop SLURL – Help the troupe pay for costumes, animations and flea collars by purchasing some of our amazing gifts on The Lindenburg.

Performance Schedule – Check out our Google Calendar for show dates.

TSMGO Blog – all the news and gossip from backstage and a calendar of show dates.

TSMGO Twitter – all the latest tweets, you tweet lovers!

TSMGO Flickr – all the latest pictures and mini-vids.

TSMGO History – the orginal site for the show with tons of info for you fact fans!

Videos of the 2007 season – See how bloody good we are 🙂 2008 & 2009 are in the pipeline!

All my TSMGO posts – I’ve written quite a bit about the show over the years – read it here.

Last Word…

Seriously, if you haven’t come to a show yet, than do! This is what Second Life is about – honest, open free fun. We do the best we can to put on a professional show for the audience, but at the same time we want to make everyone, including ourselves laugh. Is there a cause higher than that? If there is, then I want it hunted down and shot.


  1. Not quite right – I heard there was a New Globe Challenge for a 5-minute performance and bullied Enjah into expanding the brief excerpt she had written (and performed) for a fake movie poster I’d made. I dragged people into the cast and had them rehearsing night and day – and they really had no clue why (the theatre was not open then).
    It was Enjah, Ida, Lucifer (who replaced Vlad), and originally had Selador but he was not terribly interested, with me doing directing, sets, and animations.
    Along the way the play was changed as people had ideas, and it ended with a chilling twist. I’d like to film it one day – esp now we actually could have shadows.

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