BB Flashmob: TSMGO this Sat 20th October at 2pm SL

Hi all,

Come and join me this Saturday at a brilliantly different kind of SL event – a variety show!!

“The Show Must Go On” starts at 2pm SL time this Saturday, 20th October. All Backpacking Burros and HBA Islanders should meet me at 1:50ish – bring some popcorn!

Date: Saturday, 20th Oct 07
Time: 1:50pm SL (8:50pm GMT)
Place: Phobos TMSGO Home Stage

Make sure you turn off and detach all laggy scripted objects (shields, mystitools, even your AOs if you can) as you won’t need them and any help the lag can get will be appreciated 🙂

You will need to turn your audio on (not voice or video) as the show uses the audio stream throughout – and it may help if you turn avatar names off in your (CTRL-P) preferences panel.

For more info on the show, visit their website.

Se you all there!
HeadBurro Antfarm 🙂

Edit: This was me and Janey at the last show 🙂


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