Burro Polls

Howdy loyal reader(s) – although I don’t anticipate too many polls here on the blog, I’ve decided that I’ll stick them here in their own wee page for now – enjoy (and vote!)

Should Sally The Crab Return?


  1. Yes! After her heroic actions, she deserves to return and be rewarded with lots of tasty shrimp.

  2. I would very much like to see her back, but you know, she couldn’t go through that and still be the same devil-may-care crab (deviled may care crab?).

    I think the trauma would certainly have jad some affect on her…is she embittered? has she taken to drink? an almost suicidal tendency to pick fights with creatures larger than her?

    or might she perhaps have become withdrawn and contemplative? who knows what she might have seen in the abyss…perhaps once reunited with HB he would have to work to help her through this…..

    oh and if she did lose a leg or a claw, perhaps she needs to have some bionic prosthetics made?

  3. I hear ya, no one goes through an octopus ordeal like that and remains the same… if she is alive after being flung into the bottomless abyss, then lord only knows who she is now…

  4. Actually, I like Osprey’s idea… alive and 40 feet tall! Imagine that wandering around on the beach. O.o

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