Burro Tales

I’ve told a few tales on this blog over the years – in truth it’s what I started it for, writing tales based on my adventures in SL, but what with one thing and another they have meandered off here and there and it can be hard for people to follow them. So here, ladies and gents, I’m going to summarise them all (along with my non-story posts) and provide a category link so you can trace each one back and start from the beginning. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them 🙂

Please note that comments are always welcomed and replied to – and if you want to discuss a collaborative effort, please ask as I love such work 🙂

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Elite: Dangerous – Musings and Stories

In late June 2014 I gave into my weakness and bought the premium beta of Elite: Dangerous. Follow my thoughts and musings on the game here and here and then read about the explorations and adventures of of Commander William Gearwright in his Commander’s Log.


Thoughts & Musings on Guild Wars 2

Follow my meandering musings on my time in Tyria playing the rather amazing Guild Wars 2. Read my general posts under the categories “Guild Wars 2” and my experiences in the beta events under the tag “GW2Beta“.


Minecraft Pocket Edition & SurvivalCraft

Once I got a lovely Nexus 7 tablet in my paws I downloaded the block-building games Minecraft Pocket Edition & SurvivalCraft. Follow my adventures in these oddly addictive games under the categories “Minecraft” and “SurvivalCraft“.


Lord of the Rings Online Stories & Posts

Although I played and enjoyed LOTRO for nearly a year, by Feb 12 I’d grown very weary of all the pointless grind the  game made me do just to extend my subscription payments and I left. As of June 12 I still haven’t had the heart to go back and I don’t think I ever will. Still, I had mostly great times in Turbine’s Middle Earth and here are my posts about them.

Ranhold’s Journal (June 2011 to July 2011): Ranhold, Champion of Dale, writes of his adventures in Middle Earth. Read the posts under the category “Ranhold’s Journal
Gorfrik’s Letters (June 2011): Gorfrik, Dwarven Hunter from Erid Luin, writes home telling his granddad of his adventures in Middle Earth. Read the posts under the category “Gorfrik’s Letters
Keltorn’s Account (Sept 2011 to Oct 2011): Keltorn, Son of Bree & trainee Warden, writes of his adventures in Middle Earth. Read the posts under the category “Keltorn’s Account
Thoughts & Musings on LOTRO (May 2011 & Ongoing): Follow my ramblings on my time in Middle Earth playing the unfortunately too grindy LOTRO. Read the posts under the category “LOTRO


Second Life Stories

During my five wonderful years in Second Life I made many friends, had much fun, played many roles & wrote many tales…

Backpacking Burro (Finished: July 07 to July 09)
Details how HeadBurro Antfarm came to be half-gazelle at the hands of the mysterious Elemental inhabiting his backpack and was then sent off on a quest to stop an inter-dimensional war from erupting. Along the way the Elemental destroys the connection between Avatar and Typist rendering HBA a virtual orphan. At the end of the tale, as HBA contemplates his fate away from the Elemental, he finds a small leather-bound journal on his beach that leads to his next adventure, “The Lost Journal“.
Read the posts under the category “Backpacking Burro


The Lost Journal (Finished: May to June 09)
An archaeological dig is slaughtered in 1930. Seventy years later, HBA finds a journal detailing events and posts it as a curio to Dr Darien Mason of Mason Labs in Steelhead. Within days HBA and Darien’s father, Jeremiah Mason, are battling through the jungle to stop an ancient evil from escaping into the world. Can they stop The Leviathan before nuclear fire opens a portal to a dimension of Hell?
Read the posts under the category “The Lost Journal


HBA Island: The End (Finished: July 09)
A short tale set after after the terrible events of The Lost Journal, in which Sally the crab returns only to see HBA Island destroyed forever…
Read the posts under the category “HBA Island: The End


Steelhead: Lost & Found (Finished: July 09 to Sept 09)
After the terrible events of The Lost Journal, HBA found himself injured, poisoned and dying in Jeremiah Mason’s rented room in Steelhead. Nursed back to health, he finds he is suffering from amnesia and believes himself to be Jeremiah. Once back on his feet he sets off to find out what happened to him to turn him into a half-gazelle. Along the way he discovers he may not be who he thinks he is and gradually loses grip of his sanity… with explosive results!
Read the posts under the category “Steelhead: Lost and Found


Steelhead: Far From Home (Finished: October 09 to January 10)
HBA’s burnt and ruined body hovers between life and death in a Caledon Hospital following the end of “Lost & Found“, but his mind and soul wander far from home through the beautiful Meadow to the mysterious city of Shade. In both worlds, death still stalks the wounded gazelle. Will he find a way to wake up and save not just himself, but maybe the whole of reality?
Read the posts under the category “Steelhead: Far From Home


Steelhead: The Mysterious Note (Finished: October 09 to November 09)
On a rare trip into Steelhead City, Dr Ryne Beck finds a mysterious note on the floor of the town hall. Fearing illegal activities of Shanghai’s slum’s tong he decides to investigate… a move that puts him in very real danger deep beneath the streets of New Babbage!
Read the posts under the category “Steelhead: The Mysterious Note


Steelhead: Creaky Gloom (Sort of Ongoing: November 09 & January 10)
The Scamps and their carers weren’t the only imigrants from New Babbage during the Purge of the Fae. For a brief period the vile Slaugh Creaky Gloom stalked the streets (above and below!) of Steelhead looking for children to eat…
Creaky Gloom isn’t my creation and as such could pop up at any time in the future. Read the posts under the category “Steelhead: Creaky Gloom


Steelhead: Goodunnit? Murder in Steelhead! (Finished: November 09 to May 10)
The day after Dr Beck returns from New Babbage after his near-death brush with zombies in , “The Mysterious Note”, he is called upon by Sheriff Ortega to examine a body found in Dr Alter’s curious ‘squiddy thing’ pet. Who killed the man and why? And will ‘Squiddy’ ever wobble again or will it be ramrod-stiff forever? Read on and find out goodunnit!
This tale was written as a very tongue-in-cheek experiment in Steelhead-noir. Read the posts under the category “Steelhead: Goodunnit?


Steelhead: Mutations (Sort of ongoing: From March 10 onwards)
It’s not only HBA’s world that is changing. Dr Ryne Beck life is beginning to unravel just when the poor of Steelhead Shanghai’s slums need him most. Haunted by the spectre of Creaky Gloom, hunted by his past, held to ransom by the Tong thugs & helpless against the mysterious sickness scything through the slums, the last thing Dr Beck needs is an ancient head-stealing god on his case…
This tale winds through several others from Creaky Gloom to Gang Wars. Read the posts under the category “Steelhead: Mutations


Steelhead: Snatched From Steelhead (Finished: June to July 10)
When a visting Armada ambassador and acused arsonist, one Ashiko Kuroe, is sntached at knifepoint from the streets of Steelhead Shanghai by members of the New Babbage Militia and diplomatic ties with the “Big Soot” are stretched to breaking point. Dr Beck heads up a protest that sees the Mayor of New Babbage assign the mysterious Byron Wexhome the task of repairing relationships and organising a trial for the accused rabbit. Under orders from the Mayor of Steelhead, Ryne finds himself returning once more to the steamy-filled streets of New Babbage in order to care for the prisoner until the trial is over…
This tale was not mine and didn’t have an ending as such as the main writer grew bored. I left it where Beck came home at the time of the trial, but the tale was to have ended with the Urchins springing Ashiko at his execution. Read the posts under the category “Steelhead: Snatched From Steelhead


Steelhead: Steal Head (Finished: July 10 to November 10)
As Dr Beck returns from caring for Ashiko Kuroe in New Babbage and find that in his absence Steelhead has begun to lose its head as an ancient evil stalks the streets killing at will. Can Dr Beck rally the town’s newly formed militia and work with a disparate band of citizens to end the monster’s reign of terror?
Read the posts under the category “Steelhead: Steal Head


Steelhead: Gang Wars (Sort of ongoing: November 10 onwards)
The long simmering turf wars between the various criminal gangs in Steelhead finally boil over and all out hostilities erupt. Who is the mysterious Yakuza boss stoking the flames? What does the murderous Jonny O want with the Tong bosses? And can Dr Beck, so damaged by his encounter with Steal Head, survive long enough to see the end of the Gang Wars?
Read the posts under the category “Steelhead: Gang Wars


Other Second Life Stories

The Search for Magellan Linden (Ever ongoing)
A group of explorers documenting their search for their spiritual (by spirits I mean booze. this is Magellan we are talking about after all!). Join the hunt!
Read my dedicated page here.


The Collected Works of Lady Heady Antfarm (Sept 08 to Aug 09)
My filthy old Aunty writes these smutty books for Grignano Press in Nova Albion and somehow publishes extracts here :-/
Read the posts under the category “Lady Heady Antfarm


The Island (Finished: Aug 07 to July 09)
A man is shipwrecked on a mysterious island – follow his plight as he writes letters to his wife in his journal. This tale was never finished as it stalled in mid-2008 and I went on to use the plot in the most faster paced The Lost Journal.
Read the posts under the category “The Island


Other Second Life Posts

My Adventures in The Show Must Go On
These are all my posts about the brilliance that is the travelling vaudeville show The Show Must Go On!
Read the posts under the category “TSMGO


My Road Trip (Feb 08 onwards)
A looooooong running series where I journey through Sansara, the first continent, and detail each sim I wander into – lots of history mixed with nice photos and my usual silliness 🙂 This will run for ever at the speed I complete posts, but who cares – road trips are about the journey, not the destination 🙂
Read the posts under the category “BB Road Trip


HBA Island (Sept 07 to Sept 09)
A collection of my posts about the development and use of HBA Island from mid-2007 to it’s firey demise in July 2009. Ahhh, how I loved that place 🙂
Read the posts under the category “HBA Island


My Adventures in Steelhead City
In July 2009 I moved into Steelhead City, a gaslamp fantasy set of sims. These posts cover both IC and OOC aspects of my time there.
Read the posts under the category “Steelhead


My Adventures in Nova Albion, Bay City & North West Sansara
Although I rezzed further south, the first place I came to and stuck with in SL was Nova Albion City. Over the years my love of the city and the regions around it has grown and grown. Read my various posts about the city and its neighbours under these search categories:
Nova Albion – The city itself.
Grignano – My favourite part of the city.
Bay City – The new city next door.
The Tri-City area – The greater area os Nova Albion, Bay City, Sherville & the surrounding old lands of north-west Sansara such as Cowell & Kahruvel.
Cowell – The rebuilt village by the sea.
The forest of Kahruvel – The old forest north of Cowell.
Murray – Once a Linden Info Hub, now a forgotten backwater and my first true home in SL.
Oak Grove – A one time Linden-built wild west village and education centre, now a half-deleted wasteland waiting to be regenerated by the Mole of the Linden Department of Public Works. Yay!


My Thoughts on Roleplaying in SL
A collection of my thoughts, musing and reflections of want it means to roleplay in SL – make sure you follow the debate in the comments where many people wiser than I add their thoughts on the subject.
Read the posts under the category “SL Roleplaying


My Adventures in Machinima Films
A small (hopefully getting bigger one day) series about my film making attempts in SL and the lessons I learn/pass on.
Read the posts under the category “SL Machinima




  1. Ha, this is great! I don’t know why I had no idea you had so much story-like stuff up here. My attention span seems to be very short these days for stuff that doesn’t, like, move around, but I will at the very least be bookmarking this page and dipping in to read a paragraph now and again!

  2. Cheers Dale – the reason for this (and my other pages) is that so often I’ll find a great tale on a blog but have no idea about backstory – the tale is where I find it and it takes some serious effort to read back and across blogs to get it all. At least this way people coming here can have both a ‘101’ and signpost 🙂

  3. You not only love comments, you encourage others to love them as well so I think our collaborative effort is on-going. You don’t get any credit of course.

    I *think* I added the comment sub thing you mentioned as well.

    I wouldn’t know about these things without you.

  4. Hi HB,

    I have only begun reading your stories and other works and I am fascinated! Simply amazing work!

    Also, I want to thank you because your work has inspired me greatly. You’ve shown how that a blog can be soooo much more than endless ramblings.

    Your fan, Yordie Sands

    1. Yordie! Thank you – the initial Backpacking Burro tale starts off very slowly as I *had* planned they would be travel guides disgused as stories.. but then the stories took over and by the time I got to The Lost Journal the pace began to pick up.

      The Lost Journal has some mildly funny additions, but after that it gets dark and serious for poor old HBA. Ryne retains a trace of humour though – light and dark, etc. 🙂

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