The Mayor’s Lucky Underwear…

Sometimes the life of a rural farmer can throw some pretty unexpected things your way, but a recent request from Mayor Lewis seems like a task my job description does not cover…



        1. I’ve tried to get others on the house to play it but Builder Boy is too old now (14 so it’s all GTA), the lass is too busy with Roblox and the missus with Sims Mobile. I’m fighting the indie fight alone 😁 The lass and I did play Tsuki’s Adventure a lot about 18 months ago and that was fun for a while. Other than that, Minecraft is always bubbling away and I set up a family world for us in Realms which is great fun.

  1. Hello. Sorry to bother. I am looking for Jim Sella. I am only hoping that he is well. I am Rachael Kieselstein in Second Life, if he can please have him send a message here, to me in Second Life or email. I can’t post my email here for rl privacy. Sorry!!! I also have a Facebook. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂

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