Sorry, did you say “enemy”?

Wish, what did this lad just say? Gotoro Empire? National Enemy?

This is a farming simulator, right?

Whoops, wrong room…

I popped into Pierre’s to sell some crops when Penny and Robin and other women from the town passed me at the counter and headed to the back rooms.

I decided to follow. I’m nosey like that.

I soon felt totally out of place as the women began a keep fit class and I started to look like a peeping Tom.

Time to back out…

The Mayor’s Lucky Underwear…

Sometimes the life of a rural farmer can throw some pretty unexpected things your way, but a recent request from Mayor Lewis seems like a task my job description does not cover…

Did you feel the earth move?

I went to bed and saw this message…

I wandered around the valley to see if there was any damage or if anyone needed help but all seemed ok until I found a rockfall had opened up a new passage to…

What’s all this then?

… a lovely bathhouse! Time for a steam, I think.

Check out the abs, baby!

There’s fashionably late…

… and then there’s just late.

I only went and missed the dance, didn’t I!? What a plank! I’ll have to wait a full (valley) year until the next one!

Flower Whatnow?

But… But… I don’t like dancing…

I’m getting the same feelings I got ever school disco and wedding… I feel sick.

A Burro in the Valley

My first day in the Ant Farm in Stardew Valley…

Now, what was I saying?

I know, I know. It’s been a while but I’ve been busy and I stopped playing games and I lost your address and I got a new phone and… and, look, I’ve just been busy, ok.

At least this room has a window…

In the last few years I’ve found myself playing less and less Guild Wars 2, not because it’s not fun but because the thought of sitting at a creaky, old PC in a tiny, windowless room is not fun. That’s for a young man and I ain’t a young man anymore.

I did try various other games on the PC, such as Subnautica and No Man’s Sky, as well as a brief return to Elite Dangerous, but no matter how good the game I just can’t seem to enjoy sitting at the PC to play them.

Instead I’ve gravitated more and more to playing on my phone with Minecraft being the ongoing draw. I’ve played a lot of the excellent Rusty Lake titles and dipped into games such as Animal Crossing, Tsuki Adventure, and Stardew Valley.

There something simpler, easier about playing on my phone but by the gods of in-app purchases they can be really annoying and of the three farming/community sim titles I’m enjoying Stardew Valley more because, like Minecraft, the one-off payment means I’m not having to endure adverts, watch videos or deal with pay walls.

So for the foreseeable future I’m hoping to try and post quick updates on moments in the games I’m playing on the move rather that posting long blocks of text or rants about my thoughts. I don’t expect anyone to care about what I think about games so I’m going to focus on “look at that!” snapshots, instead. Hell, if nothing else they will serve as a reminder to me in my speaking dotage of some fun events I was involved with! 😁

HBA in MCPE: Testing a Texture Pack in Owla

I should preface this post by stating that I like the base MCPE textures and I’m not desperate to change it, but given that it costs so little to test them on my phone I thought I’d give then a go.

I need to follow up that preface with the statement that whilst I like the base look I am deeply in love with a cartoony look and have been since I saw it on the Yogscast Jaffa Cake Factory series, but the cartoon version that comes with MCPE (for a small fee) seems to have some issues showing the right texture for the right items and it’s very distracting.

So, with all that said, here is Owla but using the Natural texture pack. My review is “OK but a little busy and dirty looking – the search for one I love goes on!”

Why housing is important

Elda, the shadowed star, has written a really interesting post about housing in MMOs and I think you should all go and read it now. and leave her a comment too 🙂


*this post got deleted somehow – reinstating it*

… to me at least 🙂  It’s not my primary motivation for playing a game and there doesn’t have to be a housing system in order for me to enjoy or play a game.  I like playing RPGs (whether they are single person or MMOs) for the challenge, the sense of progression, the story and to explore.  However a game that has a good housing system makes me feel as though my character belongs to the world, a house literally makes a home.  It’s a place to return to while you take stock (literally with your inventory, metaphorically with your in-game goals and progression), a place to hang out with friends (especially if there are interactive items) or a place to noodle around while you’re waiting for your group to get together.   A good housing system will keep me returning to…

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