HBA in MCPE: Testing a Texture Pack in Owla

I should preface this post by stating that I like the base MCPE textures and I’m not desperate to change it, but given that it costs so little to test them on my phone I thought I’d give then a go.

I need to follow up that preface with the statement that whilst I like the base look I am deeply in love with a cartoony look and have been since I saw it on the Yogscast Jaffa Cake Factory series, but the cartoon version that comes with MCPE (for a small fee) seems to have some issues showing the right texture for the right items and it’s very distracting.

So, with all that said, here is Owla but using the Natural texture pack. My review is “OK but a little busy and dirty looking – the search for one I love goes on!”


Why housing is important

Elda, the shadowed star, has written a really interesting post about housing in MMOs and I think you should all go and read it now. and leave her a comment too 🙂


*this post got deleted somehow – reinstating it*

… to me at least 🙂  It’s not my primary motivation for playing a game and there doesn’t have to be a housing system in order for me to enjoy or play a game.  I like playing RPGs (whether they are single person or MMOs) for the challenge, the sense of progression, the story and to explore.  However a game that has a good housing system makes me feel as though my character belongs to the world, a house literally makes a home.  It’s a place to return to while you take stock (literally with your inventory, metaphorically with your in-game goals and progression), a place to hang out with friends (especially if there are interactive items) or a place to noodle around while you’re waiting for your group to get together.   A good housing system will keep me returning to…

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Blaugust Day 30 ~ castles

As Blaugust comes to an end, Elda has another wonderful post you should read 🙂


well, not all of them are castles as such, but castles is a better title than castles and some really big buildings that are not quite castles but are really big and impressive…

1 Amon Sûl, Lotro.  I love this screenshot, it is really hard to get an overall shot but I found a spot on a ridge opposite.

amon sul

2 Therinfall Redoubt, Dragon Age Inquisition.  I used the DAI cinematic tools to get this shot, and it is really impressive and a shame it is instanced and only available if you choose to work with the templars.


3 Solitude, Skyrim.  Ok not quite a castle but it is a fortified town and palace so close enough I think.  Again I used a tool for a free camera.


4 Elden Root, ESO.  Its probably the Bosmer equivalent of a castle.  A huge, huge tree which has been…

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Blaugust Day 7 ~ 7 blue screenshots

My blooging (and now #GuildWars2 mate) Eldaereil has put together a post of gorgeous blue-hued screenshots from her many MMOs and they are all lovely! Check them out below and on her blog 🙂


I totally nicked the idea from Rav’s post here (at her suggestion 😉 do check her post out for some utterly gorgeous screenshots) and as it’s not the 6th anymore, I will take her advice and make it 7 as it’s the 7th  (I think there is a slight chinese whisper effect from the original challenge – I’ve just gone for very blue screenshots – sorry :))

1 – Auridon coastline, Elder Scrolls Online.  Panorama of a half submerged Ayleid ruin with some Welkynd stones scattered round.  I just love the colours in this one, the blues, the greens and purples – the lighting, ugh it’s just so pretty.


2. Kinloch Hold Mage Circle, Lake Calenhad, Ferelden.  Dragon Age: Origins.  My elven rogue Grey Warden with a praying templar.   Its very peaceful compared to what is going on within the Tower.  I just loved the full moon and…

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LOTRO: RP Sillyness! [GW2!!!]

This is Tsuhelm’s brilliantly funny rift on my post about how difficult guilds can be – read this and tell me it’s not genius 😀 Then follow his blog too 🙂


I have actually enjoyed casual RP in LOTRO a couple of times…my longest RP exchange was via letters to an Armourer on the Landy Captain Tsudryt would send an in character mail requesting armour and or equipment and the armourer would send an in character reply. Me myself and I have taken a pause from Landy, and I think Tsudryt’s Armourer as well…

Also have Opopa, a one legged hobbit burglar, hopping around Laurelin THE RP SERVER…avoiding all RP interaction so far…and see enough of other players that would indicate that most of the time other players do the same. Really…the end of ME is at hand…surely your adventurer should not return to Bree to pick flowers!

Head Burro has an issue with a RP guild in denial of the Living World stories in GW2…

Kind of reminded me of a certain famous comedy sketch from a certain group of…

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thoughts about age and quests

This is a brilliant post from Eldaeriel who always has interesting things to say. Read this great post about age, experience, choice and consequence in Elder Scrolls Online and then make sure you follow her blog 🙂


this is a bit of ramble I’m afraid 😉

I was questing away on my nord sorceror last night and I came across a quest that really made me think,  I was in kind of a reflective mood anyway. Anyway, I’ve been playing Eydis (my sorc) as Dimzad has been away and I don’t want my main (nightblade) to get out of sync with him.  While creating her, I decided to change it up and make her old.  I had a sudden realisation that on paper I am all for insisting upon options and fair representation, railing about the age disparities found in our media and the like, yet I continually create young female characters.  Fair enough, some games don’t give you that option but here I was faced with a character creator which gave me a multitude of options and what was I about to do?  create a young…

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Whilst over in Minecraft… Building a pirate world

The Boy and I have decided to join forces in MCPE to build a pirate world using a cool little seed (seedsftw) that generates a lot of islands connected by an ocean and we are going to film the whole doggone affair for his blog.

The idea came from this brilliant poster on his wall. I’ve no idea where the poster came from, but I could spend hours exploring it 🙂


Once I had found the seedsftw seed I knew it would be perfect for recreating that map and my son loved the idea. Here’s what the seed world looks like when you first spawn there.

I’ve filmed the first and second day of building and you can see the vids over on his blog but let me tell you I’ve not had an easy time filming. The first day took four attempts to get a isle film thanks to my tablet deciding to try and download huge app updates just as we started. I’ve taken my tablet to one side and had a word. It won’t be doing it again anytime soon, I can promise you that!

Day 1 is up here. Day 2 will come soon.