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Half Man. Half Gazelle. All Sun God.


Meanwhile in Minecraft… Antland 3: Diamonds and Lava

I’ve been digging deep to find the raw supplies and mineral I need to expand my tenuous foothold and prepare for the inevitable showdown with the witch.

The trouble with digging deep is that you never know if you’re going to find diamonds or lava. Or both.


Meanwhile in Minecraft, Antland 3: When zomboids call…

So there I was settling in for the night when there came a tap tap tapping as if someone were rap rap rapping at my door. I wonder who that could be at this time thunk I and moved to open the door…


Meanwhile in Minecraft… Antland 3: Death in Stranger Places…

I finally mined enough resources to go witch hunting and so, dressed in iron and carrying a compass, I headed out into the wilderness to find the witch’s hut once and for all.

In order to avoid you wetting your pants with anticipation I shall tell you now that I didn’t. Not even close.

Instead I roamed far and wide safe in the knowledge that I had a compass to get home with. I found lots of coal to mine, animals to *cough* “gather up” for sustenance, and a lot of lovely sunsets and rock formations to snap.

Space Invader?

At night I buried myself into the side of a cliff or hill and waited until morning, a survival technique not without risk as zombies tend to gather around the cocoon and wait for some food to pop out. This includes the wee baby zombies that can climb through single block hole and bite the hell out of you!
It was on the third night of this I made my fateful error. I emerged into morning light and killed the three zombies waiting for me. I ran out and up the hill behind me when I was suddenly lifted into the air. I turned to see what had happened and my moment of confusion and indecision led me to stare into the cold, emotionless eyes of another creeper! Well, for around half a second until it too exploded. 

This time I didn’t survive.

All stuff. All that iron armour. All that coal. My bloody compass. Gone.

I respawned in my house and stared at my screen for what seemed like an age, unable to make sense of the loss. And then, in anger, I grabbed a sword and set off into the wild with no plan and no hope I would find the location of my death and, more importantly, my stuff.

Except I did. I stumbled across the Space Invader rock and from there found my way back to my stash. This was an unprecedented victory! I have never found my way back anywhere in this game so this was huge!

My moment of wonder, however, was slightly marred when I was immediately killed by a bloody skelton. Arse 

Upon my next respawn I took my time to properly tool up with iron armour and a new compass and I set off back into the wild. Again. Only I got lost didn’t I? Well and truly bloody well L O S T. Double arse.

Look, this post is long enough already so let me cut to the end. I did find my way back but it took me nearly an hour. A whole bloody hour! And I was under attack most of the time.

Still, get back I did and quickly grabbed my stuff, my armour and coal and compass, and ran like billyo and sealed myself into a hole in nearest mob-free wall. Phew!

So there I am still. My plan is to make a mad dash for my house tomorrow and store all my previous things. Tonight I’m just going to keep quiet and hope no one notices me…


Meanwhile in Minecraft… Antland 3: The new house

The mud hut has gone, replaced by a majestic box of stone and wood.

Bring it, Witch. Bring it.


Meanwhile in Minecraft… Antland 3: Death from Above

Building, mining and being killed by witches is hungry work indeed. Beware sheep!


Meanwhile in Minecraft… Antland 3: Casa Nova!

I’ve spent the last few days in Antland 3 mining stone and turning it into stone bricks to build a new house around my dingy mud hut.

Then a bit a forestry management  to gather enough logs for a roof.

And all the sand for smelting into glass panes.

Now all that’s left is to knock down the old place, lay a proper floor and redecorate.

Next steps will include more mining for better armour and a farm for food and then I’m going witch hunting!


Meanwhile in Minecraft… Sandy Island – Zomboid Rescue!

Over in Sandy Island, my daughter’s MCPE world, the zomboids are trying to eat the villagers. 

Well not on our watch, Mr Zomboid, not on our watch!