HBA in MCPE: Visiting Nemoria

I may have quit the MCPE Realms service to save some moolah but i managed to visit my friend Kate’s world, Nemoria, one last time and I was rewarded with a trip around a cracking pirate ship 😁

Meanwhile in Minecraft… Nemoria: Hobbit Hole Time

I’ve been crashing at Kate’s place for too long. It’s time I got out and made my own way in the world. It’s time for me to dig my own home!

Meanwhile in Minecraft… Nemoria: Helping Kate!

So my friend from the GGG Google+ group and I are able to join each others MCPE worlds in Realms and I popped into her Nemoria world and did a spot of gathering and making for her.

I then went exploring and am currently very, very lost but that’s a story for another day.