Far From Home: 3 – Shade

The city I dreamt of was large and sprawling.

Walkways stretched above me, bridges crossing the street I walked along. Waves washed ashore behind the buildings to my left, streets and walkways led to parks and fields behind the ones to my right. It occurred to me I had seen no one.

I called out. My voice seemed small and was quickly lost in the concrete that surrounded me. No one answered.
Far From Home 7

Shops stood open and empty. Doorways led to rooms that looked as if their owners had just left them. Here and there were signs of life, a steaming drink or a half-eaten pastry, but no one to claim them.
Far From Home 8

I called out. The concrete and stone swallowed the sound up. No one answered.

I turned and realised I no longer knew which way I had come. I tried not to panic, but fear rose inside me nonetheless. I began to run but the buildings that webbed about me held me fast. I could no longer hear my own footsteps and no matter which way I turned I was heading in the same direction.
Far From Home 9

And all the while, through the criss-crossing walkways and supports above me, the distant sky-scrapers kept a silent watch on my progress.
Far From Home 6

The city was large and sprawling but I saw no one.

{Hello Chosen Unit Antfarm}

The voice was everywhere, a metallic lilt that filled the air. Every wall and doorway, every window and billboard resonated with it. It filled my head and moved through me in a wave. I stopped dead and said “Hello?”.

{Welcome to Shade}

“What?” I asked, uncertain of the voice’s meaning. “What is shade? Who are you?”

{Welcome to Shade, Chosen Unit Antfarm. I am Shade}

“I don’t understand,” I said, “Where am I?”

There was pause and a barely perceptible click before the voice washed through me again.

{This is Shade and you are in grave danger, Chosen Unit Antfarm}


To be continued…
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  1. Hey Hon,
    I like how you really have caught the feel of a dream…lots of people write about dreams, but don;’t quite get it to work…

    I think, especially taken as a whole (the three parts so far) wherein the dreamer changes, as well as the location…it’s making me wonder about what the dream says about the dreamer….

    oh and I like the name, “chosen unit”

  2. Hiya Dio – cheers 🙂

    This has been the hardest to write so far, but the next chapter (publication on hold to allow the new tale, The Mysterious Note, a full run for Halloween) puts me back in familiar territory 😀

    Oh, and Chosen Unit harks back to a couple of other incidents:





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