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A Steelhead Temple in Old Shanghai

Krystine Qinan has been really busy building in Steelhead Shanghai and she’s added a wonderful temple. I don’t know what it is for yet, but as it has a ruddy great fish on the walls, I’m going to pretend she made it to honour the mighty Steelhead. As you can see, it’s quite a size (this picture was taken before it was moved a little, swapping places with the terraces).
Steelhead Shanghai

She’s done a brilliant job with the roof – I just fell in love with these corners and joints!
Steelhead Shanghai

Steelhead Shanghai

Steelhead Shanghai

And look up at the wonderful golden dragons on top…
Steelhead Shanghai

All hail The Fish!
Steelhead Shanghai

So pop over and check it out – and if you’d like to know more about living in the slums just IM Krystine Qinan in-world 🙂

Look what a leaky tap can do!

I was on my house calls and cycling through Port Harbour when I was horrified to find that Miss Eugenia Burton’s houseboat had sunk!
Steelhead: Sunken Houseboat

Steelhead: Sunken Houseboat

I hear on the grapevine later that the flooding was due to a bit of DIY on a leay tap, but I can’t help wondering if her endless pursuit of the handsome Herr Baron had anything to do with it…
Steelhead: Sunken Houseboat

Pop over to Steelhead Port Harbour & take a look for youself. You’ll be in good company.

Far From Home: Amarantis Belfire’s Blog

Although the telling of my “Far From Home” tale has now ended, you can still read Amarantis Belfire’s wonderfully written posts connected to it (and my previous tale, “Lost & Found“) on her blog, YAFJ. I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Ama’s typist for helping me with these tales and allowing me to drag her into my RP 🙂

Here is Ama’s latest post in which she tackles Dr Roundtree about Nurse Rain and is cleared of any involvement in Sister Grace’s death by a mysterious man with a strange, bookish lapel pin…

Far From Home: Chapter 10 – Coming Home

The water here is cold. Memories of a childhood I knew could not be mine flowered in my mind; giggles and splashes with fingers trailing in a steam and cold water flicked at friends. If I tried that now I wouldn’t even know if the few fingers I had left froze solid and snapped off. Now only the custom-made fleece-lined leather gloves kept what was left of my hands safe from injury and the elements. The childhood squeals of joy faded until only the quiet lapping of my oar in the river and the occasional bird cry from the bank remained. I liked it that way. Memories were useless out here, they would only slow me, make me careless, drag me down with them. What was gone was just that, gone.

I looked ahead, my landing point approached, a stream flowing into the river where the forest at the base of the mountain dipped to meet the lake. The trees in the forest were snow-draped as if a funeral shroud had been cast over them, white and smothering…

“You’ll have to wear this under your clothes,” the doctor from the slums stood in my room and held up long white underwear. He’d been coming every day since my return. The hospital in Caledon offered me accommodation in the local sanatorium, promised me a job, promised me rooms, promised me a prison with lunatics for cellmates. I declined. I had a home. I had a jungle. I left and I went home only to find it had gone, burnt to the ground, not a trace left. I sat on the sand and didn’t move for three days.

I saw things. They spoke to me. They pointed and they laughed and they danced.

On the fourth day the rain came. I sat on the sand and made believe the rain streaming down my face were the tears I could no longer weep. It rained for a day and a night.

On the fifth day I left the island. I didn’t know where else to go so I travelled back to where it all began. Back to the epicentre. Back to Steelhead.

People stared. They whispered and pitied and taunted and joked. In Steelhead my misery was compounded by the unruly children that inhabit an underworld no adult can hope to enter without their permission. Oh yes, the Steelhead Scamps thought me great sport.

I wasn’t sure where to go, so I went to the slums to find the doctor. He stared. They all stare. Still, he helped. I don’t know what he said and to whom but by nightfall I was in a comfortable room in a nearby hotel. From my window I could see Spirit Lake flowing out into the river as it passed through the wilderness of St Helens.

“You’ll have to wear this under your clothes,” I turned from the window (how many days had I stood there staring out into the isolation beyond?), “and these gloves I’ve had made for you. Likewise your boots and socks. You are going to have to protect yourself if you are insistent about going through with this.”

I stared at the while underwear in his hands and the other garments on my bed. “Thank you. Is everything else ready?”

He sighed, “Yes. There’s a canoe and supplies ready and Lunar has stamped your purchase order. You’re the proud owner of very remote, very isolated forest by the mountain. I’m guessing that will make you happy, eh?”

I looked at the man with concern etched across his brow and said nothing. He shook his head and placed the long thermals on the bed, “Well at least promise me you’ll make our agreed meetings. Every two weeks. If you miss one, I’ll only come looking for you and neither of us wants that; I hate the great outdoors with a passion, you know.” I tried a smile but my skin wouldn’t move like that any more so I just nodded and told him he had my word.

The next morning I set a hat on my head, wrapped a scarf around my face and walked away from the hotel, away from the city, away from the scamps and everyone and everything. I checked the canoe and set off rowing, I let the river take me for a while but I liked to row, the exertion warming me in the frigid morning air. Since the fire, since Shade, The Erase, the would-be killer, since my recovery, winter had come to these parts and it held the land fast in its white silence. There was no one around, not a living soul for miles, and it was perfect. I looked down at the river, clear and blue beneath me.

Steelhead St Helens

The water here is cold, I thought to myself…


The End.
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Far From Home: Chapter 9 – The Erase

The meadow was burning.

The flames were licking up my body, my fur curling back and burning off.

A beautiful girl with wings of fire stood amid the conflagration and looked at me with cobalt stars where her eyes should have been.

My skin was bubbling and melting away like wax.

Her hand extended through the flames, reaching for me in the fire.

My bones exposed to the flames began to crack and split.

The girl was mouthing something to me, her face full of fear and concern, “Chosen Unit Antfarm! You must wake up! It is coming!”

Around me, the meadow was burning. The beautiful girl’s hand found mine, slender fingers webbed with fire curling around my dissolving bones. She pulled me forward through the flames and into her embrace. Her wings closed around me and she said {Chosen Unit Antfarm! You must wake up! It is coming! The Erase event is here!}

My eyes snapped open. Shade hovered and bobbed above me framed by a light brighter than anything I’d ever seen. I closed my eyes against it and was looking up into the girl’s face again {Hold on to me, Chosen Unit Antfarm. We must flee!} I wrapped my crumbling arms around her and held tight. Her wings unfurled and beat down into the flames of a world alight. We rose above the fire into the air and beneath us the meadow fell away into smoke and chaos. I closed my eyes.

The city fell away beneath us, Shade flew high and fast and I steeled myself for a glance behind us. A cry of horror stuck in my throat as my body froze. From horizon to horizon and standing over three hundred feet tall a wall of crackling energy roared towards us, its surface streaked with blots of plasma the colour of my nightmares it devoured and deleted everything in its path. It was if the universe itself had torn open and all the light in Heaven was flooding out, pouring itself on the earth and scouring it all away. It had reached the tower blocks on the far side of the city and I watched in awe as they simply dissolved and crumbled to nothing, erased as if they had never existed. The wall of energy roared unstoppably towards us with a sound like an entire ocean being poured over a cliff higher than eternity.

{You must wake up, Chosen Unit Antfarm!} Shade was shouting over the scream of his world being deleted.

“Wake up? But I am awake!” I shouted back.

{Not here! You must wake up in Not Shade!} He flew fast but my weight was too much for him and I could see the Erase catching us, screaming towards us as the city between us fell into its bottomless maw.

“It’s… it’s eating everything!” I gasped, my mind all but overcome with the terrible beauty of what was happening in front of my very eyes. How many people had it killed? How many lives had it snuffed out, deleted, erased from history? How many of those people must have stood, unable to flee, and gazed in both fear and wonder at the wall of screaming light as it washed over them?

{You must wake up! Shade is lost, but other worlds can be saved. This is why you were Chosen. You must wake up!}

“But how? How can I wake up?” I bellowed, “Tell me how and I will! Tell me!”

The light shot from the robot again, it drilled through my skull and the world around me was overlaid with another. My eyes saw two lives simultaneously, the light of never pouring from the Erase and the crowd of people in my hospital room. My ears heard both lives together, the roar of eternal obilvion closing in on me and the voice of the doctor in my hospital room “If he makes it through tonight it’ll be a miracle. After that, who knows my dear, who knows.”

{Youuuu must makkkkkkkke iiiiiiiiiiiit. I caaaan takkkke youuuu no fuuurther. Choooosen…}

The light snapped off, the worlds split and we fell from the sky. Shade’s light’s blinked briefly and went out forever. We crashed through trees, branches cracking like bones beneath us until we hit the ground hard. Shade bounced away out of sight with an empty metal crash. A moan eased from between my lips and I felt the edges of sleep curling around my skin…

NO! I would not sleep! I would not sleep!

I forced my eyes open. The light of the Erase powered towards me, the city now gone and the short stretch of countryside that led to where I lay would soon follow. I pushed up on my elbows, pain exploding inside me until I was facing the beast. “YOU WILL NOT TAKE ME! DO YOU HEAR ME YOU BASTARD! DO YOU HEAR ME!” I was but a speck of dust before the hurricane, but I felt far from powerless. I had squashed my rage down for long enough. Fear had paralysed my anger and kept me meek, but no more. My fury boiled over, rose to the surface and focused my mind like a falling angel. The Erase was not going to take me. I was going to take the Erase and no power in any universe could stop me. With the trumpet call of a capricious and cruel God seconds away from me, I closed my eyes.

I was above the meadow and it was burning. I opened my eyes and looked at the beautiful girl holding me above the flames. Thank you, I mouthed, but let me fall. Her cobalt eyes widened in horror, NO! she mouthed back. Please, I said silently, you must. I smiled at her and with tears of diamonds she let me go. As I fell back into the fire I closed my eyes…


To be continued…
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Steelhead Mystery Contest – last few days!

The deadline for your entries for Elegia Underwood’s mystery contest is Friday 15th Jan – you have a few short days to get your ideas in so get writing! Check out my post here for more details and good luck!

Steelhead St Helens Tour, Part 2

Now that more folks have moved into St Helens and got down & dirty with their prims, I thought it was time to get out on Frank and take a few pics for you, dear reader. For a start, I’ve pretty much finished my forest and campsite and my 3ksqm has moved from this…
Steelhead St Helens - My New Land

Through this…
Steelhead St Helens

To this…
Steelhead St Helens

So early one morning, when people were still in bed and less likely to see me and point & stare, Frank and I headed through the foothills of Mount St Helens and around Spirit Lake. Lunar’s place still looks as lovely as ever:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

The properties just north of Spirit Lake are still there (see part 1 of the tour for those) but this time I wanted to point out a small patch of common ground which had some very odd looking boulders on them. What are they? What is the ground for?
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Towards the north western border with Boomtown there are lots of lovely little plots (and a goodly few still available to rent – see the end of this post) including Mari Moonbeams wee cabin:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

A curious bunny tent from Katsu Catnap:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

And Anna Darwinian’s cottage:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Crossing the bridge I saw Mara Razor’s new watermill. I’m hoping to contact Miss Razor about the regular purchase of supplies from her mill and animals as that would save me a trip into town where the scamps stare and call names behind my back.
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Steelhead St Helens Tour

A little way past the mill I came across a water tower…
Steelhead St Helens Tour

… and meadow:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

They belonged to Bobbijo Jonson who’s created a very colourful nature paradise!
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Behind her land and next to Maxim’s retreat (see part 1 of the tour for a pic) is a paddock belonging to Riven Homewood – I can’t wait for spring when she moves some ponies in there!
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Down by the water Mari Moonbeam’s farm and Frequency Picnic’s cabin are looking great:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Frank & I were at the end of the tour on this side of the river and so retraced our steps and headed back over the mountain and through our forest to see the two new properties on our side of the water. The first is a grand Victorian mansion belonging to Vain Adder – how the hell he got all the wood and supplies all the way out here in the wilderness I’ll never know!
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Beyond him Autopilotpatty Poppy has hollowed out two of the biggest redwood stump I’ve ever seen and is busy turning them into a very cost looking home!
Steelhead St Helens Tour

This, dear reader, brings me to the end of my second St Helens Tour. As more folks move in and as builds change and evolve, I’ll bring you more pics, but in the meantime if my reports and pictures have led you to think you’d like to move in, then you’re in luck! There are a few 512sqm & 1024sqm plots left – some in the SW corner (where I am):
Steelhead St Helens Tour

And some are over in the NW corner near the borders of Boomtown & Shanghai:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

You can read more about renting in Steelhead here. The rates and prim allocations (as of 5th Jan 2010 and subject to change by management, of course) are:

  • Land Fee or Buy in Price: 6144L$
  • Monthly Rental: 1800L$
  • Weekly: 450L$
  • Most lots are double prim 234 some sims offer more than double prims at an additional fee if available

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A Nish in Steelhead – The Building Begins!

On hearing my mucka Nish had moved into Steelhead (and not told me! What did I do? *sobs*) I took an early morning ride around Spirit Lake (on Frank, of course), through St Helens and down the road into Boomtown to look for a gypsy caravan and piles of building supplies. It didn’t take me long and I found Nish’s plot in the far SW corner of Boomtown, on what was the site of the old Peterman Folly. She seems hard at work on her Butterfly House and I can’t wait for the big opening night!*
Steelhead Boomtown (Nish's Place!)

*I doubt HBA will be there, he’s not come out of the forest since he returned from Caledon’s Regency Hospital. I’m sure Dr Beck will go – he’s looking for a chance to bend some ears about the terrible conditions in the slums as well as maybe even finding a sponsor for his clinic.

A Tour of Steelhead St Helens (Part 1*)

I know you know I’m living in St Helens, right? I mean I know I’ve been all quiet and shy about it I know, but I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in passing once or twice. Anyhoo, a couple of weeks ago when it was all new and near-neked I went a-wandering to take some pics of what people had done and to show you, my dearest reader, that there was still land available for renting should you be tempted by the delights of life in wild west wilderness of 1890s Oregon.

Here’s Lunar great build – I’m not sure what it is, sort of a train station crossed with a power plant, I’ll have to ask him once he’s less busy – as seen from across Spirit Lake:
Steelhead St Helens

Behind that you’ll find Maev Ceawlin’s balloon air tours:
Steelhead St Helens

Which is next to Elegia Underwood’s newly relocated Dragon’s Leap Inn:
Steelhead St Helens

Fogwoman Gray has a charming wee cabin nestled at the base of the mountain:
Steelhead St Helens

Which is in the shadow of a very rundown looking watermill on the border of St Helens & Shanghai:
Steelhead St Helens

There’s even a wee hidden cave buried inton the moutain if you can find it. And if you can, let sleeping bears sleep eh?
Steehead St Helens

Across the water from me, Mari Moonbeam has a lovely place:
Steelhead St Helens

As does Frequency Picnic:
Steelhead St Helens

And let’s not forget Maxim place on the eastern Boomtown border!
Steelhead St Helens

The whole place is rooted firmly in rough, rustic frontier life and the builds reflect just how much people have taken that to heart. Lunar has done a great job making the whole place look wild and old and, well, green 🙂
Steelhead St Helens

* More parts to come as some pictures never appeared in my flickr so I’ll need to take them again and since I took the ones that did make it more people have moved in and places have changed. There’s still a few plots left though – come along and see for yourself!

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Steelhead Mystery Contest

Elegia Underwood, the queen of the Dragon Lands in Steelhead Shanghai, is running a brilliant contest to look for a mystery event that can be run in Steelhead Shanghai and she is looking for *your* ideas! Here are the rules and the deadline has just been extended to 15th Jan so get yout thinking caps on and drop Elegia Underwood your entry! Read more on the Steelhead Ning here.


Shanghai Mystery Story Contest
(sponsored by Dragonlands Hotel & Hovels)

The Dragon of Dragonlands wishes to sponsor THREE (3) mystery weekends.

Contestants are invited to come up with a storyline set firmly in the seedy underworld of Steelhead Shanghai. While the mystery may begin or end anywhere in Shanghai, & while it may wend wherever it will, the Dragon does insist that at least one clue or the beginning or the end is located somewhere in Dragonlands.

Submissions should include an introductory setting, a list of no fewer than 5 clues & no more than 10 & where they should be found & a solution. Submit one notecard (to Elegia Underwood) which should include Landmarks to each clue site, including the point of origin, ie, a dead body, an empty case with holes in it, a half sunken sampan with blood on the gunwales, whatever beginning you wish. The title of the notecard should begin “CONTEST – …” DEADLINE 15th Jan 2010.

If you want to supply objects to enhance the story, they will be welcome, but the final decisions will be based on the storyline & structure & how much fun the search for the miscreants will be.

If the storyteller wishes to involve private spaces (some of the buildings are or contain private residences), please obtain the agreement of the tenants. If the storyteller wishes to involve residents themselves, please obtain their agreement in advance. But you are encouraged to generate peripheral roleplay in the course of the investigation.

The best three will each be awarded 1000L & the opportunity to stage their own mystery. (Those who do not desire the responsibility may relinquish this task to the Dragon & her minions. The Dragon will oversee all activities.)

The Dragon reserves the right not to award any or all of the prizes if submissions do not intrigue her.

Please address all enquiries to Elegia Underwood, the Dragon of Dragonlands. (“A REAL Dragon? Pffft! There’s no such thing as Dragons.”)

(All submissions & any accompanying materials become the property of the Dragon of Dragonlands. The Dragon will not re-distribute or sell said submissions except in the course of staging the aforementioned mystery weekends. No mystery is to be staged, by the Dragon or the author, anywhere else but Steelhead Shanghai.)