The Mysterious Note: Part 1 – Steelhead Town Hall

Dr Ryne Beck Gravatar It started so innocently. I had left the slums behind and headed over into Steelhead City to pick up vital supplies when I found myself passing the town hall. I had heard rumours of some new building developments and decided to pop in and study the town map. The town hall itself was quiet and empty, and I studied the map in peace for many long minutes before I turned to head back home. It was then that I saw the note lying on the floor…
Steelhead: The Mysterious Note

Feeling a little like a snoop, I bent down and read it…
Steelhead: The Mysterious Note

What on earth could this ‘delivery’ be? Why would it be locked in a cellar with a secret code? Could there be agents of the Bing Kong tong working this far out of the slums? And if so, what evil could they be spreading? I had to find out and my first port of call had to be this Slade Outfitters, of which the only branch I knew was over in New Babbage’s Clockhaven… I’d have to see if I could get a ferry there as soon as possible!


To be continued…
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  1. I love the “don’t lose this note” bit. It made me think of those plastic bags that say, “this is not a toy”–things that one shouldn’t have to say, but you feel compelled to do so anyway. It does rather suggest that Hubert has lost things before, eh?

  2. Cheers guys – I’m having fun writing this one – the actual event was a funny story in itself – I’ll tell you about that another time, suffice to say I’m pulling this story out of the bag 😀

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