SL: It’s not you, it’s me…

Somewhere, god alone knows where or when, I once described my feelings towards SL as a relationship in its final stages where, instead of a clean break, there was a repeating pattern of arguments, splits & reconciliations in which both parties knew the relationship was doomed but didn’t know what to do about it but both damn sure that when the next big argument came along they’d be off. Well that time has come.. except the final argument never happened, rather there was an entirely surprising turn of events that led to the relationship falling apart.

Like a good soap opera storyline, the end for me and SL didn’t come in one of my regular explosions of bad temper and swearing (often caused by lag or crashes or chat channels not working, or photos not going to flickr). No, the end snuck up on me suddenly. It was the equivalent of meeting someone new at work and going home and blurting out to your missus that you were leaving right there and then.

The new woman was LOTRO but she was not the reason I left SL. To be honest, if not her it would have been someone else. I’m sure SL felt the same way about me.

The sad truth is I had not been happy in SL since the end of TSMGO. I looked everywhere for a creative community and found only cliques and barriers. The few chinks of light I did find were too elusive to follow for long and when you throw in someone who really didn’t want you in his house, well lets just say I’m not surprised my eye went a-wandering. After all, how long do you keep head-butting a brick wall before your much admired perseverance becomes your much mocked stupidity?

So I spent a night with my new woman and fell in love. Sure she’s not as flexible as the old one and she doesn’t know my ways yet (or I hers) but in truth there are many similarities… it’s just that this new one is better in bed. Much.

Sorry SL. I didn’t mean this to happen. It’s not you… it’s me.


  1. Although our avatars only meet a few times in Second Life, and I haven’t followed the SL related stories in your blog as closely as I should (and as I will), I’ll definitely feel your absence. If things work in tandem, and they often do, I think I’ve left a bit as well, but into the skies. Almost all my meaningful long term contacts have a pre-SL origin, although many if not most have followed me into that world, or at least walked in my shoes there for a spell. Difficult to form relationships using avatars only; doesn’t seem to work for me anyways, although I’ve had some very interesting encounters with what I’d call “acquaintances” (for sure!). And maybe that’s all someone really needs from inside a sealed off virtual world, or at least an introvert like me who cherishes solitude over community for the most part. Hafta think about all this more. Keep up the great blog work!

    1. Hi Bakers – thank you, it’s been an honour to follow your truly unique blog over the years. I will be back in SL, but really only to help friends out with filming projects and the like. In the meantime, I’m enjoying myself in middle Earth greatly 😀

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