LOTRO: Weekly Update (27-06-11)

Another busy week!

Ranhold (Level 31 Man Champion Historian)

    • Passed through level 30 and dinged 31 – the Isengard XP booster is proving pretty bloody useful 😀
    • In last week’s update I talked about heading into the North Downs, but after a day in the fields south of Fornost I realised I would end up levelling too fast and, to my mind at least, ruin my much-anticipated time in Evendim by being overpowered when I got there. So I set my mind leaving the dark shadows of Angmar behind me for the time being and journeying to Everdim. Except I never got to the the shimmering lake or anywhere near the ruined city Annúminas.


    • No, instead I found myself at Weathertop in the Lone Lands after deciding to re-join the Epic Story line and complete my last part in Bree-Land by visiting Seardan. The grumpy old Ranger sent me to meet one of his brethren outside Weathertop and since then I’ve been bobbing between The Forsaken Inn and either the Bree or Michel Delving auction houses and vaults as my ruddy bags keep filling up so ruddy fast!


    • Still, having a collection of bad guys I can actually fight is nice! Over the in The Shire, the Old Forest and even the Barrow-Downs everything has been ‘white’ for ages meaning that they are not a threat to me so combat is not automatically engaged and I have to hit them to start a fight. It also means my combat based deeds can not be progressed by fighting them, but out in the Lone Lands the denizens of that place are ‘green’ and above which is far more fun. The biggie I burned through was “Deep Strikes” in which I needed to hit an enemy 1,000 times with “Brutal Strikes“. Ye gods that was a long slog! It helped that just north of the Forsaken Inn is the ruined city of Minas Eriol whose roots are infested with (more) huge spiders, the largest of which allowed, if timed perfectly, me to hit them with two rounds of Brutal Strikes per kill – this, let me tell you, speeded this deed up, especially seeing as I’ve had to kill well over 400 of the buggers!


    • I decided to use a deed accelerator (they count one kill as two in order to speed up loooooong bad guy grinds) to help me get the following Enmity of the Wargs 1 & 2 and Spider Slayer Advanced – the former was for around 150 wargs and gave me a very handy “Return to Bree” skill, the latter was for 300 long, long, loooooooong kills (not the 120 the links shows – that is way out of date). I actually quite like these mob grind quests as the rewards are usually quite useful and it gives me a chance to practice new combat skill pattens and rotations in a way I just would never do in a raid or out on a quest.
    • I’ve been hitting the AH pretty hard with all the spoils of my recent burst of grinding, farming & metalsmithing activities and although I’ve made a good few hundred silver coins at that, the real money I’ve made is has been from selling the stuff I’ve collected from my slain enemies to the various vendors scattered about. Doing this I made enough gold to buy a house and upgrade storage, which was nice.
    • Speaking of storage, I’ve made use of the LOTRO Store sale on storage and upgraded to near the top – and still it is not enough! DAMN!
    • During a trip into the Barrow-Downs to gather Scholar supplies so I could create a scroll for my kin-mate Enthallion (see next point) I decided to pay my old enemy Brishzel a visit in Haudh Nogbenn. This boss barghest has killed me at least twice if not three time and I was determined to carve me a big fat wolf steak out of this bastard’s behind. Long story short, it was a close fight (I’m sure this boss is bugged and over-powered!) but I laid this particular ghost to rest. Thank fek for that!!
    • As I hit level 31, my kin-mate & fellow historian Enthallion offered to make me a very nice sword that has proved very useful against some of the larger White Hand Orcs of the Lone Lands not to mention the dead wandering about the Red Marshes east of Ost Guruth.
    • Over at the Forsaken Inn, I tried my hand at the Inn of The Forsaken instance, a 3-man raid into a Goonies-like cave system searching out pirate gold! As I was on my own, I got creamed at the second room but what little I saw I loved! Beautifully realised and great fun, I especially love the doors that won’t open until you solve a riddle and guess (then use) the emote animation that matches the answer – a really neat little riddle system Turbine came up with there 🙂 See the CTSM video of their kin run through it here (obviously there will be spoilers!): http://www.justin.tv/strolltomordor/b/284791306


      • After a long time no see spell, I met my first mate in LOTRO, Lirwen! We didn’t get long together but it was great to see her again 🙂
      • As part of my journey up the ladder of crafting experience, I joined the Scholar’s Guild in the Shire – there I was told to report to Elrond’s house in Rivendell where I could use the excellent library and meet the Guild Masters. This was the week I answered this invitation and now I have to expend a great deal of in-world coin in order to advance and gain skill and reputation. Bloody Guilds, they’ve got it all sown up! On a serious note, although I LOVED Rivendell (and the looooong journey) there I wasn’t happy about having to go because I didn’t feel Ranhold’s story arc was ready, so I was in & out as soon as I could be and I’ll move Ranhold there in what feels to me a more natural way – after all, he *is* moving east so he’ll get there soon 🙂


    • Got Ran’s fishing up to proficiency level 26 (of 200) but still haven’t caught anything cool 😦
    • Summer Festival! My first festival in LOTRO – I’ll write a separate post about this, but suffice to say it’s great fun but I don’t always have the time to complete all the quests needed so I doubt I’ll come away with much from it bar a warm feeling of developer love 🙂


Gorfrik (Level 12 Dwarf Hunter Armourer)

I managed to grab some time online with the much-neglected dwarf, but all I really did was grind some slayer deeds and collection tasks for reputation. Poor Gorfrik…



  1. Love reading how you are doing. Since I am home much I am progressing pretty quickly. Belandwen is at 39 1/2 tonight! I got issued the deeds for my first legendary traits at 39 – and the weapons that hubby and I got in a recent quest have some of that lovely glow in them 🙂
    We are both a bit obsessed about the mounts, and managed to get Summer Festival mounts for all our avies (I REFUSE to call them toons – this is not Roger Rabbit for heavens sake).
    My lovely dwarf girl Fani is now at 29 and my 3rd Elf girl Medwen is just at 18. We got the Isengard expansion and have pretty much completely lost our minds.
    My favorite way to play is – what is up there? I must see what is over that ridge, or in that cave, down that trail, or in the next region over. So I am constantly battling creatures many levels above me, with a hunter. Sometimes I win, and often I lose. I am quite familiar with the Ring of Shame (where one is sent when one dies).
    I probably spent the most time in the Ring of Shame while being beaten to Elf pate by pretty much everything in Agamaur. Spent a lot of time heaping abuse on Hippie Grandpa (my pet name for Radagast the Brown).
    I am now greatly enjoying Evendim, Trollshaws, Misty Mountains and Angmar. Which means I become a grease spot on many parts of Middle Earth. In between doing deeds to win points with the many factions who seem to all have wonderful faction mounts available…

    1. Sorry mate, I’ve been so busy and stressed at work that I forgot to blog or reply!

      39 is brilliant! You are racing ahead of me (just nudging the end of 36 as I type). I’ve decided to follow the storyline but complete all the quests in each area as I go – it’s proving to be a good strategy as the bad guys are still a challenge, but a manageable one which makes fights interesting, Being a Champion means fighting is just so much fun 😀

      I’m tying to level up both characters’ (not toons either – yuck!) crafting which is actually really good fun in its own way – a nice respite from the fighting I find 🙂

  2. congratulations on your achievements 🙂

    I love the idea of having a weekly update – hope you don’t mind if I borrow the concept 😉

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