At last! A (good/accurate) trailer for Elite: Dangerous

It’s taken a while but Frontier Developments have finally put out a trailer that is both exciting *and* true to actual gameplay. Well done FD 😀

Elite: Dangerous Wings Trailer:

Exploring the Universe with Elite Dangerous: There ain’t nothing like a good guide…

I love the Elite Dangerous Google+ community – it’s a mine of useful information and dashed pleasant company as well. The latest great find I’ve made there are the video guides from TommyTTK in which he explains some of the more esoteric aspects of Elite: Dangerous, such as locating planets in an unexplored and unmapped system, with assured ease and humor (and some swearing, so not safe for kids obviously). Here are two of my favourites from his recent releases:

Exactly how do you find planets in an unmapped system? Why by using parallax displacement of course! Every Boy Scout knows that!*

What happens if you draw too much power from your ship’s power plant? You get very cold, very quickly that’s for sure…

Watch Tommy’s videos now and leave him a like because these are some of the best guides out there 🙂

* I didn’t 😀



Exploring the Universe with Elite: Dangerous: Vital evidence in the hands of the Imperial Empire…

Look, I can’t tell you how I got a copy of this evidence entry, all I can say is a lot of good, loyal Federal citizens died getting it to me.

It raises far more questions than it answers. Why are the two security forces fighting? What do the Imperials want the footage for? What is the status of the sleeper cell on Chango? All of these remain unanswered and all I know is that space just got more dangerous…

By the light of alien stars: A tale of a terrible takeoff and a lovely little landing…

By now you’ll know of my near fanboi crush in Isinona, and you may also know I’m not alone as his amazing videos have been picked up by Frontier Developments themselves as shining examples of how to be amazing in their sandbox world – given he was making these amazing videos about Elite: Frontier, a 20 year old game at this point, as recently as a year or so ago I think it’s only fittings he (or she, I don’t know) is given a mention by FD because he/she obviously bloody loves what FD do.

What you may not know is that Isinona’s style has inspired me to start making videos myself. I had wanted to for a while now but I’ve struggled with the style as I’m not much of a talker and getting a decent patch of time to myself is hard. Well Isinona’s style is perfect because there is no voice over, only minimal text on screen to tell the story, which means I can stitch a tale together from various short recordings. So I’ve been trying it out this weekend. I still need to work on the overall look, but I like where I’m heading and have a much longer one planned documenting a very successful salvage trip from start to (profitable) finish. In the meantime here are the two short offerings I have come up with, one showing a terrible take off and the other a much cooler landing. Enjoy 🙂

By the light of alien stars: An Elite Dangerous combat guide.

I’m not a fighter, I’m a flier. Not for me the swoop and shoot of deadly combat, instead I like the Zen blur of star systems supercruising by.

But the universe is a cruel beast at times and a peaceful soul such as me is occasionally drawn into a brawl. At moments such as these it’s touch and go whether or not I survive which is why I appreciate the time and effort fellow players put into guides such as this:

If you, like me, are also struggling with fending off suicidal AI pilots or ganking jerks then you could do a whole heap worse than read Iain’s guide. At the very least you won’t make a tit of yourself by squeaking out a strangled “gnm!”  sound like me…

Exploring the Big Black: Amazing fan-made Elite Dangerous video

No words, just watch…

Elite Dangerous – Commander Burro grows more and more excited…

OK, so I’m on record as being an elite fan but also as being nervous about the new version due out early this year because of my worry it will be a griefing haven. Neither of these facts has changed but it’s fair to say that now that Frontier Developments have released a very highly polished Alpha to the world I’m a hell of a lot more excited about this game than I was a month or so ago.

The Alpha was (and is) only open to the people who backed the kickstarter but FD haave beeen very canny in not trying to block the alpha testers/players from filming and releasing their experiences meaning that YouTube has been flooded with some very impressive footage to whet the appetite of all us non-alpha backers. The first phase of alpha testing is now closed with more coming before they go to an open beta (by open, you still have to pre-order the game from their store) and then eventually in a public Gaamma period much like the way Minecraft operated.

I’m not in a position to purchase access to either the alpha tests or the beta tests but I’m not irked by that as I’m saving up for a joystick & throttle combo to play the game with so early access wouldn’t suit me anyway. Plus there is still the matter of whether or not I’ll like the game being a mulitplayer game or not – as I said in the griefing post, if FD create a world where dicks can flourish then I’m not going to shell out my limited funds for it. In all honesty I don’t think they will allow this to happen but I still want to read some post-launch reviews before I drop £35 for the game and the same again for a joystick.

In the meantime I’ve been scouring YouTube for cool videos to get me in the mood for some long overdue space combat in my gaming life. Of course Elite is much more than combat, but a space trading game alone would be as due as ditch water so a nice dollop of exciting pew pew is going to be a must and it looks like ED is going to deliver in spades!

Scott Manley has a useful introduction here:

And then later he has an very exciting time in a big old space battle here:

Here, Kroy Mortlach has three brilliant ‘back to basics’ videos that really explain how to get your ship controls up and running from scratch:

And finally, for today at least, Isinona proves his/her amazing piloting skills why flying and fighting with the fly-by-wire flight assist computer turned off. After seeing these videos, I want to fly like this more than anything!

So there you have the pick of my videos of the Elite Dangerous Alpha test. I would dearly love to be part of it but there’s no way I can afford to drop money on games any more (tip – if you want to be cash rich, be kid poor) so these videos are the closest I’ll get to flying my own Cobra Mk3 until the game is released in a few months. I’m all about the vicarious thrills, me 😉

Whilst over in Minecraft… A Tour of Termite Canyon, Part 3

In the third part of this tour I take you on a yomp from the ruined Moon Goddess Temple to my sea-side house and then into the undersea glass tunnel and dome. Enjoy.

The sound isn’t any better here, but until about part 8  of this series I hadn’t realised my hand was covering the mic hole so there’s not a lot I can do, I’m sorry 😀

All my Termite Canyon posts can be found here and the youtube playlist is here.

Whilst over in Minecraft… Building Pirate Cove – Day 0

As I mentioned in a post a while back, my lad and I are building a pirate land in MCPE and although we have started filming that using a seed on his tablet, I decided to film the same seed on my tablet so you could see what the world looked like before we hacked the Dickens out of it and filled it full of pigs 🙂

You can follow the slow progress of this world over on his blog here. Obviously he’s not writing that at the moment but maybe he’ll take over when he’s older.

Whilst over in Minecraft… A Tour of Termite Canyon, Part 2

In the second part of this eight (or nine, I haven’t finished yet so I can’t be sure…) part series I take you on a tour from my main house, where I fail to notice anything odd about the re-appearance of all the chests I had failed to notice were missing in part 1, through a hollowed out mountain and eventually to a ruined temple on the far north-eastern corner of the of the map. Enjoy.

Oh, and sorry about the sound quality – these are all my first films so it’s a bit choppy and hissy. I’m trying to sort that out but without an external mic option on the tablet (and my unwillingness to re-record vocals) I’m not sure what I can do. I might see if I can separate off the audio and clean it up on the tablet before reattaching it during render.

All my Termite Canyon posts can be found here and the youtube playlist is here.