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Me and… You Tube

I’m a recent YT convert, really only getting into it in any way once I got an internet capable TV about a year ago. Before then I had seen YT, used YT and enjoyed YT but only whilst sat in front of my desktop and that’s not a position I enjoy doing anything for very long. No, for me YT has only begun to play a part in my viewing life since I could watch it from the comfort of my sofa (or now I have a tablet, my bed) and so until recently I’ve never had enough experience to form any real views about it.

Now that I have, however, I can say that whilst I find the medium certainly fun I also find it immensely frustrating! and dissapointing. From the fact screen links don’t work on mobile devices to the seemingly odd way videos are located by a search, I find using YT an unintuitive minefield. Here are my main gripes:

  1. Whilst watching, for example, a Tech Feed vid on my phone or my tablet, I’d like to click on the ‘further stories’ boxes that appear at the end hovering to one side of the reporter. Except I can’t. I can only do that on my desktop or laptop. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that I can’t simply touch the video and the highlighted link would work, because it does me and I find watching YT on my tablet or phone a very unsatisfactory affair.
  2. Another thing that baffles me is the diversity of user experience I get from using YT across all the different devices in my house that can run it. From my desktop to my my tablet & phone via my Sony TV and my Virgin TiVo box, every single one works different. Obviously the first three are closest in look and feel, but the last two could be entirely unconnected services with nothing to tie them back to YT bar the content.
  3. Parental controls. Jesus Effin H F-bomb, YT is not something you could let your kids loose on, is it? Even innocent things like video reviews of lego toys are laced with effin & jeffin minefields. If I can’t put it on the TV without having to dive for the controls to cut off profanities then it’s *never* going to be a mainstream TV channel in my house, it’s as simple as that.
  4. Finding stuff is way too much effort. The current Geek Week & the recent Comedy Week feel as though there should be a central ‘guide’, maybe a web page with links but instead there is a cool intro video and then you’re on your own. God help you if you want to find a specific video you saw in the trailer because so far I haven’t been able to.find much that seems directly connected to them, just re-badged shows that sometimes only have a very tangential link to the theme – more frustration that drives me away from it.

The various differences listed above along with the lack of confidence that I can let my kids watch seemingly innocent stuff which can prove too bloody hard to find anyway annoys the hell out of me and prevents me from adopting YT as a main media viewing medium. I want my YT experience to be smooth as silk and instead, at times, I feel as though I have to battle through a briar patch just to find something to watch, and when I do I have to be mindful of what I’m watching at every point in case someone starts effin and jeffin, and what I’m watching on in case I want to explore further. This does not a restful viewing experience make and I’m afraid YT still has a looooong way to go before I’ll see it as anything more than a place for adults to watch funny, risqué videos – more of a post-watershed TV show than a TV channel if you will, which is a shame.

I want this game soooo freakin’ much!

I love the look on the girl in the purple shirt who shotguns the door – that look of slight mania…