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Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Canonical Whimsy : [Dulos/Dulos 6/Wilson Ring] : [3301/04/15]

[Report Summary] Currently docked in Wilson Ring around Dulos 6, Dulos

[Manifest] Empty.

[Incidents] Nothing to report.

[Signed] Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Canonical Whimsy (Core Dynamics Eagle Mk2), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/Relp4432-RACK990] [embeds enabled] When I was a kid, a teenager I mean, back on Six I was always the one who could sense danger on a night out. A group of us would walk into a bar and I’d feel a ‘tingle’, a ripple of wrongness moving through me, and I grab the arm of the one nearest to me and start ushering people out. Something in the bar ‘smelt’ wrong, ‘felt’ wrong and I knew I had to get away. More than once this weird sense saved us all from a nasty fight and I used to thank my lucky stars that I was sensible enough to listen to this over-active nerve ending. But then, over the years, I seemed to have stopped listening. Maybe life became too routine or too busy or I got too damn old but I gradually forgot how to listen to the warnings. Well I’m listening now.

A few days ago I took a contract from the Old Man to recover lost MilTech, Nothing new there as I’d spent the best part of the previous week collecting lost data, artwork, and cargo for a variety of customers – some of them were even the legit owners of the cans I was running down, so I don’t think anything was different about the request to locate and retrieve 1t of lost can 1 system over. Hell, I didn’t even pause when I saw just how much the Oluf Worker’s Party were willing to pay for this can and, looking back, that should have been my first clue something was off kilter with the job.

LTT9494 is an hole filled by nothing but a star and it certainly seemed empty when I dropped in to search for the can sig. It took me a while but I found it, pinging weakly in the black, but when I dropped out it became clear immediately it was a sting. There was an Adder waiting for me, weapons stowed and broadcasting “Don’t shoot!” messages the second I folded out of SC. I didn’t wait. I didn’t reply. I just ran and didn’t look back. Still, the bastard hacked my comms and dropped a message on me claiming he was from the DDP back in Dulos and knew I was searching for the military tech for the OWP – he then offered to pay more, a lot more, if I handed it to them instead and all I had to do was agree to accept a change of contract. By the time I’d hit SC and the Whimsy screaming away from the Adder, I had already picked up a plethora of new signals, some small which could have been the can, other huge which the Whimsy calculated where deep system sweeps. I was being hunted.

All this time I’d been in touch with an old friend from Lugh over secure comms. I just know him as Charybdis and having seen him in combat I could see why; I was there naively defending the democratic ideal and I did that right up to the point Halsey murdered 9,000 innocent people, but Charybdis, well he’s different, he’s an interesting chap with complex motivations and I’m glad he was on the same side as me. We were talking when the deal started to go bad and I don’t mind admitting that I found myself wishing he was a lot closer than 150lys away when it did. He asked if I’d thought about jumping out and I’d by lying if I said that right at that point I was contemplating just that but with my thumb hovering over the FSD button, the Whimsy pipped up to notify me she had analysed the small & weak signals and identified one with a 97.64% probability of being the can I was out there for so I took the chance and went for it.

Let me tell you, she may be a new bird but the Whimsy didn’t let me down, I found the can (along with some others pinging away as ProtoTech), scooped and started the countdown to Dulos in less than a minute. When the Old Man said ‘fast’ I took him at his word.

I was 10k from Wilson when I began a manual system shut down ready for a silent dock and I’m glad I did. Maybe I haven’t stopped listening to that nerve after all, or maybe something about being double-crossed and hunted sharpens one’s focus, because just as I went black a wing of DDP long range fighters dropped out and began to fan out along clear search vectors all around the station approach. I was off sensors but I still had to contact the station which can be risky but I had one last thing in my favour – the Old Man had the berth pre-arranged and so I hit boost once and sailed past the DDP ships and patrolling SysSec like a whisper straight through the toast rack and to my pad. At times like that I like to imagine the faces of the ATC guys in the con tower, poor bastards.

I’m docked now, the cans long gone, removed from my hold and whisked away by a waiting ghost ground crew. No interactions between us took place with all authentications occurring over secure data comms leaving no records behind so that to all intents and purposes nothing happened and the records exist to can prove just that. In the meantime I’ve started the Whimsy on a self-diagnosis protocol just in case the Adder has transmitted any surprises and made myself a cup of tea while I wait, wait and think. Who the hell set me up and why? The OWP? The DDP? The like the DDP for it over the OWP but I can’t say I trust either of them. It’s starting to look like Dulos isn’t as ready for my return as I thought.

I think I need to talk to an old friend over a very, very secure comm channel. Maybe he can make some sense of this mess and then, after I’ve had some sleep, I’ll pick up these waiting messages from Paws, the explorer I met months ago as he headed out into deep space. I wonder what he wants?

Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Canonical Whimsy] : [Dulos/Dulos 6/Wilson Ring] : [3301/04/12]

[Report Summary] Back in Dulos under an Antfarm Consolidated light haulage and inter-system recovery contract.

[Manifest] Mostly running small cargo loads around the Dulos 30ly volume.

[Incidents] Nothing to report in Dulos

[Signed] Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Canonical Whimsy (Core Dynamics Eagle Mk2), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/DDr67yty-RltY3649] [embeds enabled] I dreamt of Lugh again last night. The cockpit was full of molten plastic and rolling fire and the Echo was tumbling wildly, crashing through a field of frozen people spilling out of an exploding transport. I don’t think I need a frelling shrink to tell me the hidden meaning there. Frelling Feds. I ploughed their blood money into an Asp I christened the Pharos Brightly and left the Echo mothballed in Jameson Memorial to tak the Phaors out into the black. She is beautiful, beautiful and fierce but stained so I spent a month running humanitarian aid until I hooked up with a group of traders and helped them run supplies to a series of remote colonies. Eventually our joint routes took me back within kissing range to the edge of the Dulos volume so I left the group and headed back home.

By the time I saw the sunrise over Six I figured I’d been away from my home for months and a lot has changed. The Defence Party are still in charge and running their newly independent system with an an iron fist but the old Green Party are making a small comeback. Most surprising is that the Oluf Worker’s Party has now become the third power in the system and they hold one of the renamed stations, “Saunder’s City”. Actually, the Oluf Reds aren’t the most surprising thing, that honour is taken by the he fact every frakking station has been renamed! Brunton Gateway is now Wilson Ring, named after the DDP leader, Jing Wilson. Richard Brunton was the first frelling human to ever walk on the surface of Six and the DDP just wipe his name off the map for a cheap piece of self-aggrandising political theatre. Frak me!

Still, at least I’m no longer likely to be rounded up by the DDP police and accidentally fall out of an airlock. The Old Man was glad to see me and has been in touch with my family out of system to arrange their passage home, In the meantime he’s put me on some deep system salvage jobs but the fact he’s asked me to spec up “something fast as frak that can go black in an instant” makes me think the “salvage” will be white hot. I don’t mind though, the Old Man doesn’t deal in slaves and as long as I don’t have to kill anyone I’m happy to be sneaking things under the radar for a while.

Right now I need some sleep. I’ve popped the meds so at least if I do dream tonight I’ll not remember them and then tomorrow I can concentrate on my manifest. To be honest, it’s going to be nice to be a can jockey again.

[Upgrades] The Echo I left in Jameson, she’ll be safe there and at some point I’ll hitch a ride out and bring her home. The last thing I did was strip out all the crap I’d put in there for war and she’s a trading vessel once more. I considered ditching her weapons but given I wasn’t that far away from Lave, Leesti, and the Code I decided against it. The Pharos is in Wilson Ring, ready for the Old Man to put me back on large jobs. The Grass was gone, lost in the chaos of the fall of the Greens so I had to start again with the Whimsy but I didn’t mind as it gave me a chance to build an Eagle for something other than killing. I visited the Turir shipyards and spent the last of the Federation combat bonds on upgrading her engines and plant. I reduced the shielding and instead added a cell bank, the idea is that I’ll not be staying around for a fight, I just need to be fast enough, and my shields alive long enough, for me to get the hell out. She has 8 tons of cargo space so I can pick up enough of whatever I am asked to and a 4t fuel tank so I can shift it across a decent volume. I decided against a scoop as there are enough outposts I can refuel at but I did add a heat sink for when I have to hide. If I can’t hide and I have to run then I’ve also fitted a mine layer to seriously frak up anyone on my tail. Again, I’m not looking to kill but I need to get in and out damn fast and after Lugh and,well, that suits me just fine.

Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Vestigial Echo] : [Jameson Memorial/Founder’s World/Shinrarta Dezhra] : [01/02/3301]

[Report Summary] Contracted to Antfarm Consolidated to transport rare goods throughout a 500ly volume of Fed/Imp border space.

[Manifest] Various rare goods.

[Incidents] Extremely quiet run with no interdictions. I think the Tanmark conflict has drawn many hyena packs away.

[Signed] Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Vestigial Echo (Cobra Mk3), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/G43Tym-Dawf485620] I’ve had enough of this bloody run. Weeks in Yembo, hundreds of light years to New Yembo and back for bugger all and now the biggest rare loop I’ve ever flown and I’m tired. I’m tired of the only gravity I feel being thrust or spin, the only light the Echo’s full-spec LEDs, the only water my own recyced piss. I miss Dulos. I miss Six. I miss my family. The old man says that the new government has settled in and the pogroms have stopped so it should be safe to go back. I’ll make two more runs and then I’m heading back to Brunton Gateway without stopping. I’ve asked the old man to fly my family back and more than the gravity, the sunlight and the clean water I’ve missed them most of all. It’s time to go home.

[Ship Report] The Echo is running like a dream. I had the techs at Jameson look her over and tweak the thruster output and fit a new LS. She purrs when I power her up and whispers when I hit the throttle…

Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Vestigial Echo] : [Naddoddur Terminal/Yembo 6/Yembo] : [16/01/3301]

[Report Summary] Currently sub-conned to the Explorers’ Assoc. for supplying various construction materials to the Yembo shipyards.

[Manifest] Metals into Naddoddur, Performance enhancers and Separators out to neighbouring systems. Rinse and repeat.

[Incidents] Several interdiction attempts registered by the Echo with a number of pirates driven off or destroyed.

[Signed] Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Vestigial Echo (Cobra Mk3), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/F56YyY-Roma858690] [embeds enabled] I’d been away on the rare run for nearly two weeks when the message from the Old Man came in a few days ago – I was to turn tail and get the Echo over to the Yembo shipyards without stopping. Turns out UC and EA had finally gotten their act together and were building a new deep space Ocellus, the first in a fleet if the report can be believed. Damn good job I’d taken time to have the FSD upgraded but it was a still a long old slog out to the arse-end of nowhere, nothing but extraction and refinery systems all the way out to the edge of the federation volume. It seems the EA are going to start pushing that edge further out which means lot of money for the Old Man as he subs me to every supply run he can get a contract with. Maybe the Federation has had enough of ‘problem’ systems like Dulos and they are going to get their precious resources from newer, more easily controlled systems. I can’t see the Imps being happy but let’s face it, they are going to be tied up arguing over the throne for the next frak knows how long so what are they going to do? The Alliance are being the Alliance and just hoping they don’t get involved by accident and everyone forgets about them and so as far as anyone is concerned the Feds have a clear run at volume I can only assume has been surveyed as chock full enough wealth to keep all the CEOs and their lawyers bathing in solid gold credits for decades.. In fact the only ones who’ve shown any interest other than traders and frakking pirates are the ‘Firsters’ who think by pushing out we’ll piss off the make-believe Thargoids they keep droning on and on about, but who the hell even listens to those loons? Nope, it looks like this is the start of an extended break away from home for me and the most exciting thing I’m going to see is the arse-end of other haulers rather than the probe-end of any little green men…

[Upgrades] The rare run the Old Man had me on was hella profitable! I have managed to upgrade the Echo’s ageing thrusters to the top of the line versions released by De Lacy last year – the damn thing roars like an Altairian panther now! I’ve also upped the FSD to a re-conned A class model that’s now giving me just shy of 20ly with a full hold. To cope with the extra power demands, I’ve had to invest in a brand new plant too but I had to buy a knock off rather than the de Lacy I’d have liked and even that left me all but broke for a while. Still, the Echo is coming together nicely now and I think after the Yembo job I might look into either a new sensor array or meatier shields, I can’t decide which is more important right now. One thing I won’t be buying again in a hurry is the planetary scanner – the extra 4t of cargo space has netted me more credits in a few around Yembo than it did in the whole of my last rares run – never again!

p.s. I wonder how my family are doing? I’ll send a message tomorrow.

Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Vestigial Echo] : [Brunton Gateway/Dulos 6/Dulos : [29/01/3301]

[Report Summary] Prepping to leave Dulos on a ‘rare run’ for Antfarm Consolidated.

[Manifest] Leaving Dulos with 32t of animal meat, tea and coffee (mixed tonnage) on route for Phiagre to start a rare goods circuit.

[Incidents] n/a

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Vestigial Echo (Cobra Mk3), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/FdTd465-Terp576934] [embeds enabled] So Dulos has finally done it. It is splitting from the federation and becoming an independent system. Frak me, I never thought it would..

Look, I know I’ve been all gung-ho to keep us in with the Feds, but I’m on record as stating I’d rather Dulos be an Indie. The Federation bleeds us dry and we all know it; they tax high and give low, but at least they aren’t slavers and my worry has always been that if we leave the safety of the Federation we would become easy prey for the Empire given how we are inside the fringe borders of their volume.

Still, that wasn’t my greatest worry over the last few weeks. True, being owned by the Imps would have seen me leave, but my biggest fear was a loss of democratic rule and a bloody civil war.

This hasn’t happened.

This is huge. This is a major win for democratic rule. A referendum was held and the Green Party obeyed the wishes of the people and stood down. Dulos was allowed to choose and they have chosen the Defence Party who have declared us an Indie system.

And I’m OK with that. Really, I am. Sure I fought for the Greens but only because they stood for democracy. Now the Defence Party do and a democrat I will support them as out leaders.

Unless they sell out to the Empire, but that’s a different discussion for a different time. For now I’m going to head out of a long range rare run. Old Man Antfarm figures it’s wise for me to keep out of the way until the DP prove their claims of amnesty. If they do then I’ll arrange for my family to return to ‘6 and head back myself to help with the transition to independence.

[Upgrades] Given I’m going to be trading in rares for next few weeks, I’ve sold off my last 4t cargo module and fitted a planetary scanner in its place. On top of that I’ve removed the recently fitted shield cell and had one of the advanced system scanners bolted on instead. Why, you may ask, am I reducing my cargo capacity and removing my shield safety net when I’m about to venture into deep space and pass through a great many anarchy systems? Simple, I’ve got a gig with UC as a short-term contracted survey scout. the Old Man is fine with it as it won’t affect his bottom line and it’ll help me to boost my income whilst gaining some much needed training in stellar surveying & cartography. After all, you never know when the delivery work will dry up, do you?

Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Vestigial Echo] : [Brunton Gateway/Dulos 6/Dulos : [24/01/3301]

[Report Summary] Currently on leave from Antfarm Consolidated and visiting family in my home system of Dulos.

[Manifest] During the leave I have been running people out of the system and acting as a courier.

[Incidents] Interdiction attempt by Cmdr Marcus Magnus, minor damage only and no crew or cargo loss (ship cam footage link below)

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Vestigial Echo (Cobra Mk3), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/FdTd465-Terp576934- all embedded links enabled] Dulos is going through hell. The Defence Party have pushed the Greens to the very edge of collapse. Hell! we even made GalNet! Even though the reports have led to mercs flooding in to take the Empire’s money to support the DP, the same news feeds have drawn just as many fighters in to defend the Green Party. Some have been in it for the money and others are Empire-hating fanatics, but there have been just as many in it to support the Federation’s ideal of democracy. I just want to the keep my family safe. I want to keep slavery out. And I’m willing to die doing it.

To this end I bought an Eagle, the MRPV Whispering Grass, and kitted it out as a small fighter. I’m not much of a fighter pilot but neither are a lot of the mercs flooding in looking to make a name for themselves. I’ve been taking contracts for the GP, protecting shipments and recovering dead-drops in the Grass in using the Echo to run their larger contracts, both on and off the books. The Old Man has been pretty good to me, allowing me time off to do this and use the Echo to get my family and friends off ‘6 just as long as I deliver certain packages for him without asking what and why. Hell he even pays me and my savings have topped C3m which sounds good but considering I’ve had one ship shot out from under me and been pirated twice, well the repair and insurance costs are enough to put paid to any thoughts of retiring to New Fiji back on ‘6.

The Green Party seem to be bouncing back after a near total collapse under the onslaught of the Defence Party. The DP had an initial surge of help from the anti-fed mercs but we all know that Patreus is behind it. Still, now that the GP is on the rise again I’m hopeful we will see off the DP before an all-out civil war erupts.

[Upgrades] I’ve kept the “Vestigial Echo” un-touched beyond my initial upgrades with the sole exception of removing a 4t cargo bay to fit a shield cell bank.I don’t see any benefit right now to improving the “Echo” and have started to save for an LREV, maybe an Asp or maybe another Cobra (this would be cheaper to maintain and run than the Asp, that’s for sure!)

Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Vestigial Echo] : [Vernadsky Dock/Volkhab 4/Volkhab] : [04/01/3301]

[Report Summary] Currently on a long-haul rare goods run following a local manufacturing materials circle in the near-Dulos volume.

[Manifest] Several large mineral and metal runs completed for hugely inflated prices. Now running rares between 120Ly locations to maximise profit.

[Finances] Despite the actions of a filthy pirate in Duberdicus, I have increased my bank balance to a healthy C2m.

[Upgrades] Following the loss of the ISDV Adder “Rising Inflection” I have invested in a second hand Cobra Mk3, the “Vestigial Echo”. With the success of the rares route I have upgraded the weapons, defences, cargo space, power plant & distributor and FSD. Further upgrades would not make economical sense – time to save for that Asp.

[Incidents] ISDV Adder “Rising Inflection” destroyed by a pirate, Philip Young

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Vestigial Echo (Cobra Mk3), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/Ft69ej-Ralf246 – all embedded links enabled] They’ve done it! They’ve actually gone and done it! The frak-storm caused by the Onionhead stand-off has led to Garvey publicly stating Dulos wants to leave the Federation! Frak me. And now the bloody Empire are stating they will support a free Dulos – and by support I can bet they mean annex and introduce fraking slavery, the bastards! Sure Hudson is laying into Halsey, but so what? He’s just as fraking useless and corrupt as she is. Hell! Anyone who thinks either of those puppets are really in charge of the Federation is an idiot – the MilCorps run everything and I’m damn sure they won’t let Dulos, or any other system, leave without a fight.

The rare route I’m on is near an end and I’m only a couple of hundred light years from Dulos. I’m heading back to see if my family are ok. Maybe I can get them off Six and away to a safe system nearby.

Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Rising Inflection] : [Bolton Hub/Cheneti A 6/Cheneti] : [21/12/3300]

[Report Summary] Crop harvesters delivered to Kappa Forncacis and 11t of local produce brought back for sale in various systems. Along the way 15t of gold bought and sold. at various systems

[Manifest] AC has received an order for 50t of progenitor cells needed in Afli.

[Finances] C120k gross profit – C5k fuel & supplies = C105k net profit banked.

[Incidents] Several interdictions registered, three engagements, minor hull damage (repaired).

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Rising Inflection, Antfarm Consolidated (Dulos).

[Private Entry/Encrypted/JH89tfu-teak14] Frankly I’m lucky to be alive. The trip out to Kappa F wasn’t too rough with only one interdiction by a greenie in a hauler – a hauler for fek’s sake – but once I got there I ran into checkpoint after checkpoint all the way to Harvestport. The crop tech sold well but that was only ever a front – I was there for the onions and managed to pick up 11t of them from the contact the Old Man had lined up. Trouble is my departure coincided with the start of bombing runs orchestrated from the Invincible, Orion and Warrior – now that was a hairy exit and no mistake! I was chased across 10ly by the bloody Feds and had to take a rather unorthodox route to lose them. Unfortunately this had the side-effect of taking me into a large ‘dead volume’ with no easy route out and on top of that the bloody nav system packed up and stopped auto-routing. The journey out of the dead zone was done by the seat of my flight suit and by the time I hit the first inhabited system I had less than 10% of my reserve tank left – now that was a twitch time!

It took me a lot longer going back than out as that little detour swung me out wide and high but I managed to get back to Dulos where the Old Man had an encrypted message waiting and instructing me to head for Bolton Hub in Chenet.  I met with one of his shady contacts who unloaded the ‘local produce’ and made sure the manifest had it down as fruit and veg. There was a nice fat bonus in my account and I just had to look the other way. The only thing I’ve told the Old Man is no slaves – I may be many things but I’m no slaver!

Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Rising Inflection] : [Brooks Terminal/Turir 22/Turir] : [20/12/3300]

[Report Summary] Since being released by EmpSec in Afli, I have been on simple (but profitable) palladium runs around Bloder. Whilst en route to Turir with the last consignment I received a comm from AC with instructions to take 18t of crop harvesters to Kappa Fornacis and bring back as much local produce as the Rising Inflection can hold.

[Jobs] Palladium runs completed. Kaappa Fornacis next destination

[Finances] C150k gross profit – C61k fuel & upgrades = C90k net profit banked.

[Incidents] None.

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Rising Inflection, Antfarm Consolidated (Dulos).

[Private Entry/Encrypted/5ffrU8-veep5] 140ly! Bloody hell! And don’t think I don’t know what ‘local produce’ means. There’ll be a bloody blockade waiting for me and all manner of Sec, pirate and bounty hunting bastards to dodge. I swear, The old man wants me dead! 140 bloody light years!

[Embed] Route to Kappa Fornacis

Destination Kappa Fornacis Route

Kappa Fornacis Route


[Embed] GalNet report on the Kappa Fornacis blockade

GalNet report

GalNet report

[Embed] Footage of the blockade from Cmdr HG

Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Rising Inflection] : [Pu City/Afli/Afli A 4] : [19/12/3300]

[Report Summary] Currently detained after a series of trade runs into Indie systems and then to the Empire’s Afli system. All jobs completed on time and profit has been logged. Estimated time of departure from Afli is unknown. I have asked the FedSec liaison to inform the local Pilot’s Federation representative but as yet have not had the status of this request confirmed. The ship manifest and cargo logs both show I have only engaged in legal trade

[Jobs] All runs completed as per logged manifest.

[Finances] C150k gross profit – C61k fuel & upgrades = C90k net profit banked.

[Incidents] 3 interdiction attempts on the Inflection, nil surrendered to. Detained by FedSec in Afli pending ship search.

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Rising Inflection, Antfarm Consolidated (Dulos).

[Private Entry/Encrypted/4G77dyE-buks10] Fek me but the bloody Emps are jumpy! The old man has had me scooting off on short runs between Dulos and Afli with a series of side-steps to the kind of indie systems you wouldn’t consider stopping to piss in let alone dock and pick up cans so fek knows what I’ve been carrying! Sure the manifest and cargo logs say it’s clean but who knows if the cans have been dicked with? Not me, that’s for sure, Sec pulled me as I approached Pu and are currently taking the ship apart panel by bloody panel. They won’t tell me what they are looking for but even if I’ve not been carrying something dodgy the trouble is this is my first run in the Inflection after I traded up from the Anomaly and who knows what traces the previous owners left in some never cleaned corner of the cargo hold. Gods damn it! Ever since the news came out that the Emperor was ready to kark it this whole godsdamn sector has become a paranoid gun bunny’s wet frigging dream and now I’m stuck here watching the local Senator’s goons strip my ship back to beams! Still, it could be worse, at least I’m not in Sorbago right now because that looks like the perfect clusterfek of beam-heads, psychos and loony glory-seekers. No, I’ll just sit it out here and hope the FedSec morons don’t skimp on my rebuild. Assuming they are going to rebuild, that is. Fek.

[Embed] A report from Sorbago I caught on GalNet earlier.