wallace linden


So, good old Wally Linden wants to yak about linking our SL & RL IDs. True enough he says he wouldn’t want it to be compulsory, but rather he wants people to think about it.

I’ve thought about. My answer is very simple.

Get to fuck.

If this *was* forced on us then I’d leave. I don’t give a shit if it’s voluntary – I just wouldn’t do it. But if LL tries to make us do it, that’s me gone.

Christ! With the sheer number of grade-A, pure-filtered window-licking loons, nut-jobs and through-&-through bastards in SL (and on line generally) there is no fucking way I want them pissing over my RL. The same way you don’t walk into a nightclub and hand out your photo with your address & phone number, you don’t give them to every stalker, griefer and twat online either.

Wally, start talking about things worth talking about and earn that pay packet. Here’s one for you – Web on a prim: Why do you want it and when? Get on with that one and stop with the dumbs.