Whilst over in Minecraft… Wandering through Kahruvel the movie, episode 1

I thought it was about tine I filmed a circuit of the Kahruvel shard discovered by Justin over at the PJMT. Here is part one showing the sights around the PJMT HQ building, past the mushroom mine and wheat farm to the old stone circle and out to the grim stone head staring out from stop the old hill. Enjoy 🙂

Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Video Numero Uno!

Now that I’ve rooted my tablet and worked out how to record my gameplay, I’ve uploaded the first of an irregular series of videos documenting stuffz that interests me in Survivalcraft & Minecraft Picket Edition.

This first one shows how I’ve used a creative world in Survivalcraft to layout the main blocks available so I can test out new texture packs quickly and easily. It’s short and a bit rambling but here it is all the same 🙂

The world seed is wowsers and the texture pack is called 1.22FanverModv4saturated.PNG from the community download section in-game.