Meanwhile, in Tyria… I’m Exploring! With a capital E!

I’ve played GW2 since the beta weekends and even though I’ve had a couple of longish breaks I’ve never gained my world completion badge. Hell, until recently I had never been into the area where the Shatterer fight is staged and only had two way points in Tequatil’s stomping ground!

Well this is set to change.

I’ve wanted to explore more of the world but always had such a blast running with the Gs that it never quite seemed the thing to do – after all, why run about on your own when you can fight with your mates in a fractal or laugh together in a jumping puzzle? But now a few of the Gs are on a break in Tamriel (myself included to some extent) I’ve decided to pull my socks up and just bally get on with it.

Last night I finally completed Caledon Forest and Metrica Province and tonight I found my way into to some of the more obscure event chains and areas such as Oola’s Lab (although I missed Spekk’s lab so I’ll have to head back!) and tonight I started in Sparkfly Fen an immediately  found an amazing ruined castle haunted by pirate ghosts! God I love this game 😀

Gw2-64 2016-03-27 23-08-02-91

A dark and foreboding entrance… who could resist?!

Gw2-64 2016-03-27 23-06-56-86

Inside the ancient structure is rotting away…

Gw2-64 2016-03-27 23-06-35-40

The floors have given way into a deep, dark, and haunted hell hole…


Meanwhile, in Tyria… well it sure ain’t Tamriel!

I’m not entirely sure how I got here. One minute I’m gloriously happy in Guild Wars 2 and then the next I’m exploring Elder Scrolls Online and I can feel the bonds to Tyria once again slipping away.

I will write more on my ESO experiences in my next post but right now I ‘blame’* Elda in part for her cool thief video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnfuzGShEXc) which made me nostalgic for one of my favourite games ever, Thief. Yet Elda’s temptations are not at the root of the issue.

For me, and I think for other people, Guild Wars 2 has stalled a little and now knowing there will be no more Living Story for months and months in favour of PvP and raid updates. Sure I have a lot to do in the world but little in the way of reason to do them right now as I’m mainly a story-driven player.

Now this has happened before, after all I dropped out from Nov 12 through to Feb 13 and then again from about June 14 to June 15, but I don’t want this to happen again to that extent, especially now I have friends there in a Guild I help run. No, I want to manage my time and my obsessive gameplay nature better and I want to live in more than one game at once.

To that end I’m going to try and do two or three nights in each world a week (with Tuesday totally off) so that I don’t leave Tyria, and my friends, again.


* I don’t blame her at all but you know what I mean. She is the catalyst for a heap of fun 😀