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TSMGO Show Announcement: Saturday 9th May at 2pm SLT

tsmgo-gravatarDear TSMGO fans – we have a new show date for you!

Date: Saturday 9th May 2009
Time: 2pm SL time
Venue: The Flying Turkey Airship Theatre
Location: Phobos (tethered above the Eleanor Theatre)

All welcome – it’s free! Come early to get a seat and please (PLEASE!) remove anything laggy to try & help us with script lag 😀

P.S. Follow all the show updates on the TSMGO blog & Twitter

One Bloody Big Bird

So there I was, minding my own beeswax, sitting on the roof of the Eleanor Theatre when a bloody big bird landed. Fek me. That’s one really big bird…
The Great Big Bird of Phobos

Helping out the Eleanor

There are some very exciting plans afoot (or in my case, ahoof) for the new and improved Eleanor theatre in Phobos with wild talk and speculation about mooring for boats and airships and a coffee shop for folks to relax and chat in. There is also some crrrrazzzy talk about a gift shop – an idea I think is a bobby dazzler.

But what would a mirth-maddened audience member do in the meantime? How would they sate the fever in their brain pan to own a little piece of The Show Must Go On (after all, there is only so much Raoul to go around after Margaux has had her wicked way with the poor simpleton)?

The answer, my friends, is simple. The theatre may not have an official and approved gift shop yet, but there is a small range of take-home goodies on sale in the foyer. From snake chow (for hungry snakes) to human chow (made from real humans) you too can own a piece of your favourite show AND help pay the rent at the same time. And if any of you are looking to experience the magic that ripples between Margaux and her Boy Friday, then why not pick up an officially approved pair of rubber gloves as modelled by the big man himself? Go on, get scrubbing you dirty devils…
Margaux Gloves 1

Margaux Gloves 2

A night at the theatre…

Tho old indoor and outdoor theatres in Phobos that were the home of The Show Must Go On have gone…
The old Phobos TSMGO Theatre has gone!

But fear not Shindig fans, the home of TSMGO has only moved over the hill to the bay next to the excellent SL History Museum in Phobos where not only does it have a new base, but also a new name – The Eleanor Theatre! This is a shot of the new look theatre and although it’s not finished I think you’ll agree that it looks great 🙂
The new Eleanor Theatre in Phobos

Pop on over and take a look round – Osprey has added a fun water slide to help folks get down from the road and Salazar and I are going to be adding various parking and mooring options soon. Hope to see you for one of our upcoming shows (dates to be announced, but I’ll let you all now).