SL Windlight

Nightfall in St Helens…

I’ve been working hard over at my log cabin, mainly constructing the parts for a wooden lathe, but I’m never too busy to enjoy a sunset like this…
Steelhead sunset_001

And who wouldn’t love sitting out on a night like this…
St Helens by moonlight_001

I knew I was right coming out here, even the Scamps have stopped exploring the forest and disturbing me. All is peace.

EDIT (3rd Nov 10): I took the two pictures above and wrote this short post waaaaay back in June or July, shortly before SL’s many glitches pissed me right off and I quit blogging for a while to let the blood pressure drop again. I re-scheduled it for 2011 meaning to post it once I calmed down, but once I had calmed down I got stuck into the Steal Head story. Anyhoo, now I’m getting more involved in St Helens again it is time to post this – especially as I’ve just moved the log cabin and replaced it with a small sawmill & log flume!
HBA Saw Mill_009

SL Beauty: Windlight over Murray and Ali

Postcard from Second Life.

Another shot of just how lovely Windlight can look – this time over Murray with my mate Ali looking out to the sea that leads to Da Boom and on to Rodeo and beyond. Gorgeous. And Windlight is lovely too 😉

SL Beauty: Windlight over HBA Island

Postcard from Second Life.

I was housekeeping on my wee island a few days ago when, as I moved the camera around I noticed a good shot just begging to be taken… isn’t windlight just lovely 🙂

Windlight: Bodega Sunset

I’m soooo hapy with Windlight. Well, I’m actually happy with my new PC as it makes being in SL a dream, but Windlight is the shiny thing that focuses my attention :). And this is why…

Bodega Sunset

How gorgeous is Bodega, eh?