SL Building

Osprey in Tyria?

I’d know the handiwork of my old SL-mate anywhere!


Ambat 4

See more of Osprey’s damn fine work here & there.

Ilia’s old place…

Way back in June I visited my mate Ilia’s place in Kishijoten – at the time she and a friend were tending to some rather charming ruins they had found of the old Forest of Lochraven (as well as to some equally charming sheep). At the time I meant to post the following pictures with a SLURL so you could pop over and see, but one thing lead to another and I didn’t get around to it, but hey! that would be OK I reasoned, after all Ilia was older than me (in SL – in RL she’s a mere babe-in-arms) and the ruins would be there for ages – the post could wait until after Steelhead.

Then she flippin’ went and deleted it as she left SL! Well I felt a right plonker then didn’t I! Anyhoo, never let it be said I’ll let a good post go to waste (and as Ilia is thankfully back in the warm embrace of her virtual mates I feel justified in reminding her of the gorgeousness she created! Hey Ilia – head over to Steelhead Nevermoor and take a look – you’ll love it!) I present you with the three pictures I took in my all to brief visit…

Ilianexsi Sojourner's Place 001

Ilianexsi Sojourner's Place 002

Ilianexsi Sojourner's Place 003

Why not head over and ask whoever you find if they’ve seen the old ruins of Lochraven – confuse the buggers, go on! 😀

Steelhead Stories: Antfarm Lumber & Timber Supplies Now OPEN!

I’ve been hard at work in St Helens and can announce that Antfarm Lumber & Timber Supplies is now open!
HBA Sawmill working_004

I’m employing one of the latest steam engines to power my mammoth saw blade and it’s making quick work of the trees in my forest at the base of Mt St Helens…
HBA Sawmill working_002

As you can see from this aerial shot, the log flume takes the felled trees right down into the river where they can be either rafted up and floated to Shanghai & Port Harbour for transport out to Babbage, Steeltopia & the like, or they can be loaded onto my mighty saw and planed into planks in no time!
HBA Mine_004

Hmmm… I’m not sure what that cave-like rocky outcropping is at the back of my forest – maybe I’ll head up there and take a look…

In the meantime, remember that for all you lumber & timber needs, Antfarm Lumber & Timber Supplied uses only the finest trees from Steelhead’s own forests of St Helens!

HBA Lumber Stamp V1b

Mari comes a-callin’

A while back I was up in my (very basic) sky workshop high high high above St Helens when Mari came over to see the wooden wood-work lathe I was building…
Mari & the lathe_002

Mari’s a cracking builder so it’s always nice to show her stuff as I’m still such a noob at it (and I think I always will be). She was a great help with my log cabin and I wanted to show her that I’d actually started enjoying building after moaning on at her about how tedious rezzing and moving and colouring prim-after-prim-after-prim could be. Here she is with my lathe and guide pictures taken from t’interweb behind her (I was in the middle of altering all the textures so the final result looks a bit different, but that’s for another post)…
Mari & the lathe_001

After I picked her brains we chatted for a while and she showed me the Primmer cars that were going to used in Bay City’s 2nd Anniversary parade – based on the American Shriners I just can’t stop smiling when I see them!
Mari & the lathe_003

My latest project… my wee wooden lathe!

I’ve not been in-world much of late as the real world has been full of those pesky new job distractions but before I vanished into the aether I’d been busy building a wooden lathe. Yup, a wooden lathe. Y’see in Steelhead I’ve got a plan and involves HBA, the burnt roleplaying HBA living in his log cabin in St Helens, working with wood and in the 1890s that means building a wooden wood-working lathe.

I started off trying to build it with SculptCrafter but for some bloody reason it’s playing silly buggers and won’t do it – I guess I should IM the SculptCrafter people but I just can’t work up the enthusiasm. Sigh. Anyhoo, here is the potentially sculptie version (with guide pics taken from the web in the background).
Building a Lathe_006

I switched all the special prims from the SC system and started to re-texture, my plan now to make it a simple prim affair. Here’s a picture of it half-way through a texture change from the barked wooden plank texture I used in the log cabin to a new barkless texture (the wee face is my mate Mari who came to visit).
Mari & the lathe_001

Now the finished product is down in my cabin and I think it looks pruddy darn good! The hard part was making the rope that powers it – I can’t remenber exactly how I did it now, but it involved making a torus and splitting it to make a spring shape – I got the idea on Ayumi’s blog here).
HBAs Wooden Wood Working Lathe_003

HBAs Wooden Wood Working Lathe_004

HBAs Wooden Wood Working Lathe_001

I say finished but it isn’t really, the only trouble is all the stuff I want to do next is all the stuff I have no idea how to do – a standing & moving animated poseball, moving parts, particle emmisions, sound effects – not a sodding clue but for now you can see the static non-working version over at my place here 🙂

Building a log cabin – part the deux

When I left you last (in Part 1 – here) I had opened up the windows & doors by cutting the logs out as well as texturing their frames…
Log Cabin

But I was a looooong way from finished. For a start the roof was bare boards and needed some shingles and the windows needed glazing to keep the rain out!
Log Cabin windows_002

Log Cabin windows_001

A little later I added a small, simple porch at the front as well as a some smaller steps (complete with posball for sitting on) and a storm lantern from the ever generous nichus Bermann 🙂
St Helens by moonlight_002

Log Cabin - Storm Lamps from nichus_001

A rest from my toils_001

Log Cabin - Storm Lamps from nichus_002

As you can see from above, the first doors were HUGE! I did this to compensate for the camera but it became clear I had over compensated. I shrunk them down from this…
The Size of My Doors_002

to this…
The Size of My Doors_001

The Size of My Doors_003

I took the last shot to show the difference between the two but due to the perspective I don’t feel it does. What it does show, however, are the small triangular gaps at the top of the roof. In real life I would have filled them with mud adobe but in SL it’s a bit harder and would have required mucho faffing about with a single prim per hole. In the end I decided to slap up a ceiling (you can see it behind me in the picture below) and I really think it improved the inner space greatly…
Log Cabin - Storm Lamps from nichus_001

I still have some plans for the cabin, but for now I’ve finished tinkering. I need to tidy up the site and add some furniture, but more of that in a future post. For now I’ll leave you with a couple of shots that I think show you why I moved into the wilderness and built my own cabin.

A gorgeous suset through the rushes behind the cabin…
Steelhead sunset_001

The moon rising over the steam…
St Helens by moonlight_005

Come over and see the cabin here.

Nish, Juko, me and The Hub

I’ve said it before but I know some bloody talented people in SL 🙂 Nish has been busy for a few weeks building an entry for the University of Western Australia’s architecture & design contest and last week I went to see it. As I TPed in I bumped into Juko Tempel who I haven’t seen since the 2009 Nova Albion parade (although we have been in touch via twitter).
Nishs UWA Build_001

Nishs UWA Build_009 Nishs UWA Build_041

Nishs UWA Build_045

The Hub, as she’s named her build, is an ultra modern building where students and staff can meet & interact and it’s full of great little touches like the highly reflective floor and the cool lift that goes all the way to the roof full of grass & solar panels.
Nishs UWA Build_004

Nishs UWA Build_005 Nishs UWA Build_007

Nishs UWA Build_044

She’s filled the walls with he wonderful art (I told you she is talented!)
Nishs UWA Build_016

Nishs UWA Build_006 Nishs UWA Build_030

Nishs UWA Build_018

There’s some nice places for working and relaxing too – the lecture theatre is far better than I had at uni!
Nishs UWA Build_024

Nishs UWA Build_013 Nishs UWA Build_028

Nishs UWA Build_025

When you get to the roof, make sure you keep your eyes open for some easter eggs Nish has built in 🙂
Nishs UWA Build_034

Nishs UWA Build_035 Nishs UWA Build_037

Nishs UWA Build_039

Nish has done a great job and I really hope she wins – pop over and she her work for yourself!
Nishs UWA Build_049

Building a log cabin – part the first

Over in Steelhead’s St Helens region I’ve embarked on my first building adventure since I built a wall for The Show Must Go On a couple of years ago. This time I’ve decided to build a log cabin for the poor burnt HBA to live in to get him out of the snow and rain – and it’s been a hell of a slog!

To start I rezzed up a sky platform over my land and laid out a copy of nichus Berman’s log cabin he kindly donated to me so I could see how he’s built his:
Steelhead St Helens

From here I needed logs… lots of logs!
Steelhead St Helens

It was at this point I started to learn that all textures are not made equal… oh god, the pain… Still, moving on, I went back down to earth to start laying out the rough shape & first layer. I’d decided a while back that for roleplay purposes I wanted to make the site look like a real construction site and build the cabin in a way that looked like it had been built in real life. I found this picture on the web which I chose as a guide:
Old Log Cabin

And you can see here how I tried to follow the RL building methods:
Steelhead St Helens

Steelhead St Helens Steelhead St Helens

All the while, a wee cat watched my every move…
Steelhead St Helens

I’d set up a skyline to the forest above so I could get the felled trees down to the building site – it wasn’t long before I had quite a collection!
Postcard from Second Life.

I’d been hard at work shaping the logs and planks…
Postcard from Second Life.

After many days of hard graft (not to mention steep learning curves and frustrations aplenty thanks to SL being right old sack of shit at the moment) I got the walls up, door and window frames in and even the roof beams on!
Log cabin with some roof and mud 001

Postcard from Second Life.

I’ve still got loads to do (doors, glazing, shingles, porch, steps, fire, furniture) but I’ve broken the back of it now and it’s looking good – even if I do say so myself! I’ll be posting some updates as I go along, but let me tell you it’s been one hell of a learning experience! I can’t say I find building a whole heap of fun – a low point being when I accidentally set half the cabin to Physical and it all but collpased. Between textures and linking/locking I think I have a lot to learn…

p.s Sorry for the various photo styles, but SL is still being a right bastard about sending photos by email so there’s a mix of upload styles here.

Come and see it all here 🙂

A trip through Johnny’s Castle

I’m fortunate in the friends I’ve made in SL and one of the nicest fella’s I know is JohnnyTreadLightly Nightfire. He’s a very talented builder and I’ve been party to seeing many of his wonderful creations over the years I’ve known him, from the brilliant Cow Gun in Murray to his truly massive roleplaying village and even whole sim builds. Well a year or so ago he built a castle and I promised him I’d go and see it. Now anyone who knows me in SL knows that I don’t get much time in-world and when I say “Sure! I’d love to see it!” I really mean it, it’s just that it may take me a while to find the time to do it justice. So it was with Johnny’s castle and the full twelve months it took for me to visit… sorry mate, but hey! It was worth the wait! I mean, look at this place!
Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle

Seriously! The details he’s crammed in here are staggering – I love the sculptie guards!
Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle

Inside is all you’d need to run a working castle – multi-level living with a market, inn, well, library & secret passages aplenty!
Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle

Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle

Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle

Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle

Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle

Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle

Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle

There’s even a dungeon… and god help you if you end up locked in there!
Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire's Castle

I don’t want to give too much away as I’ll spoil all your fun exploring and finding all the nooks and crannies and hide-holes and secret doors… suffice to say it’s a bloody amazing build! Go now and take a look for yourself – I’ve no idea what it all costs or how many prims it is, but if you are into medieval RP then you need to see this place as well as the other stuff he’s made. The SLURL is – just pack some sandwiches in case you get lost…

Edit – 13th April 10: My mucka Rhianon Jameson spotted one of Johnny’s castles whilst journeying through Ancient Ireland…

Pathfinder’s Place in Pomponio

When I was in Pomponio recently, I took a look at the old volcano to see if the lava was back. Not only was the lava *not* back but the obviously nutrient rich soil left in cladera has allowed a strange little tree to flourish next to a huge leaf…
Pathfinder Linden's place in the Pomponi Valcano

I went into the ever-steaming basin for a closer look – it seems that the area now belongs to Pathfinder Linden who uses it as a meeting and/or training venue. The leaf is a neat little seat (love the dew drop) and the tree drops tasty fruit every few seconds:
Pathfinder Linden's place in the Pomponi Valcano

Over the rim of the old smoker, it seems Pathy has built himself quite a sculpture park with an amazing creation by the ever-Rezzable Bryn Oh.
Pathfinder Linden's Helen Keller Memorial in the Pomponi Valcano

Pathfinder Linden's Helen Keller Memorial in the Pomponi ValcanoPathfinder Linden's place in the Pomponi Valcano

Pathfinder Linden's place in the Pomponi Valcano

The whole thing is a giant musical box and the haunting music is rather lovely I have to say – there are so many details to look at and I don’t want to ruin it for you, but suffice to say that installations like these are at the high-end of artistry in SL and awes me everytime. Get over there and see it for yourself 🙂

EDIT (17th March 2010): Since visiting the site and then writing this post some weeks (if not months) ago, Pathfinder Linden has left Linden Lab and is now Pathfinder Lester.