Sister Jones

Gang Wars: From the Diary of Sister Jones

Three times! Three times I was able to see him today! The first I dearly wish to forget, the shock of seeing him slumped in his seat and the terror I felt in my heart at what I imagined… No! No it was too horrible. All that matters is he is safe and well, rescued from the clutches of the Beast and back with us… with me. I thought I would faint when he asked me inside. His kind eyes were so sad and his hands so strong when he lifted me from the puddle, I just wanted to hold him and tell him everything was better now, that I would look after him, care for him. But the words stuck in my throat. Oh how he must think me such a silly, clumsy girl!

I saw him again at the docks and not even the stench of the fish or the body dragged from the sea could stop my heart from missing a beat when he arrived – until Sister Mary saw him and began making doe eyes at him, giggling and fawning like some love-sick sheep – it is disgusting at her age, I’m sure she is nearly forty! All that “You can call me Mary” and “I don’t believe the Mother Superior”, I just wanted to scream! I spent the whole of today just so angry and upset, but I should have known he wouldn’t have left me to feel so horrid and lonely, not my Dr Beck!

He has just left the Town Hall, he came to deliver the report on the dead criminal to the Marshall but only Mother Superior and I are here and whilst she would not let him in past the foyer, I could see him clearly from where I stood near the cells. Oh my, he looked so tired! I wanted the old crow to bring him is so he could sit and I could look after him, but she truly despises him! I think it’s is because he never looks at her as he looks at me, I mean why else would she shoo him out when he looked over and smiled at me? At me! She is jealous and old and ugly and I hate it here. I hate being one of these bound-up nuns. I want to be free of it all. I want to be free of it for him, then no one can stop him smiling at me and no one can make doe eyes at him and I can care for him and help him with his work and cook lovely meals for him after he’s been out caring for the poor children. Oh how I wish I were with him right now, my handsome lovely Dr Beck.

To be continued…
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