Janey in London Town

Being a Northener, the fact London has some SL presence is about as interesting as the fact London exists at all – crowded, loud, smelly, overpriced, full of Southeners it is, quite frankly, a waste of some lovely buildings.

Hang on… this post has got away with me… I’ll start again.

My mate Janey is a Cockernee and as such loves the London sims in SL (in fact, the first time we met she was wearing a group tag from Knightsbridge) so it is lovely to hear that she has beaten off some serious competition to become the Assistant Editor of the SL London blog (sponsored by the ruddy Daily Mail – grrrr). She got off to a great start with stories and competitions aplenty – in fact, if you would like to win L$10,000 then check out Janey’s post on the story contest here.

p.s. For real Daily Mail stories, click here.

Burro Gon’ Fishin’

Hiya all – sorry for the silence, but I’m busy in RL and not around in SL very much for a while. In the meantime why not head over to my place and have a go at the new fishing hub I’ve installed (it’s a new product from Ayumi Cassini, who makes some amazing stuff – check out her shop). Just click on the sign, wear the rod it gives you (it’ll go to your inventory) and read the instructions notecard (likewise, check your inv). I’ve tested it for you (health and safety!):
HBA Island Fishing 1

Although this may not apply to the poor wee fish…
HBA Island Fishing 2

You can keep whatever you catch and pose for a photo with it too! (pose included with every fish – just find it in the inv and wear – cheesy smile courtesy of my mysti)
HBA Island Fishing 3

Thanks for a great toy, Ayumi 🙂

SL Beauty: Windlight over Murray and Ali

Postcard from Second Life.

Another shot of just how lovely Windlight can look – this time over Murray with my mate Ali looking out to the sea that leads to Da Boom and on to Rodeo and beyond. Gorgeous. And Windlight is lovely too 😉

Lights Camera Action – My Adventures With SL Machinima

I’ve been a very busy bee of late (sorry to the friends I’ve not seen or spoken to for a while) both with rehearsals for The Show Must Go ON and building sets for various acts, but that is not all. Oh no, to compound my lack of time issues, I’ve finally taken up the gauntlet of learning to make movies in SL. I’m a fool to myself.

Why now? God knows.

Why making movies? Looks like fun.

Why the questions-per-line? Looks important. Grabs attention.

You blog cheat! Yes. Now carry on reading*

Let me start by saying that making films in SL (machinima is too ugly and awkward a word) is a lot harder than I thought. But, logically, if it weren’t lots more folk would be doing it. From setting up a scene, to recording it, to editing it and uploading it, nothing is simple. Well, not if you want to do it right. The learning curve for various bits of in-world kit or external software can be steep. The constant re-running of scenes to get the movement right is tiring. The editing is long and laborious. The final result is often of disappointing quality. But don’t let me put you off (I’m looking at you Miss Bracken) as it is great fun and you can always learn from my mistakes first so hopefully you experiences will be better and your learning curve faster. So let me break down what I’ve learnt and how I did it… are we sitting comfortably?

1) Seeing with the in-world camera.
This is what you see on the screen, not recording what is on the screen (not yet – that is the next step). If you record the standard view then your recorded images would show whatever you see on the screen – your av from behind, the menu bars of SL, chat and IM boxes that pop up, even the Windows start bar (I can’t speak about Macs as I’ve never used one and don’t really know what their screen stuff looks like). To record for training vids, this may well be what you want, but for films and the like the UI (user interface) should be hidden and you shouldn’t be in the shot.

To hide the UI just hit Ctrl-Alt-F1 to toggles it on and off. You may even want to set SL to NOT run in a window, but I found the changes the program had to do between window and no-window gave my poor computer a headache so didn’t bother. If you do, the option box for this is somewhere in the preferences (Ctrl-P).

So assuming that you have hidden the UI, you’ll see that you are still stuck with a shot of you from behind – not what you want. To fix this, you can either go into mouselook (but this is can be a jerky and difficult way to move a camera) or wear a clever doodah that shifts your camera view to one other than the standard behind-you-boo!-point of view. Several of these devices exist, you be glad to hear – ranging from free to moderately expensive. Naturally, for starting out and experimenting, you will want to try free ones Torley Linden offers in his office. Once you want more flexibility, you can look into the non-free systems. I used Filming Path to make my wee film, others use Machinima Cam HUD and my friend Osprey uses her bare, neked hand sat atop a fancy 3D mouse thingy.

Filming Path is a HUD system that marks the path you walk or fly with little yellow balls (called waypoints) and then rezes a seat at the start. Once you sit on the seat, it hides the UI, goes to mouselook and moves along the path at the speed you set. You can alter the path as much as you like, add a focus object that the camera will ‘look at’ as you move and all manner of other useful things. This was how I filmed the long flying, swooping pass over of my jungle. The big drawback is that it can’t be used in no build and no script areas. Difficulty and learning curve: 4/10 and 15 mins

The Alt-Zoom free kit, made by the clever bods at Alt-Zoom, is a free camera path making kit. I have tried it but it needs practice to get good quality results from. This also can’t be used in no build and no script areas. Difficulty and learning curve: 5/10 and 20 mins

Machinima Cam HUD is system that with a simple click moves the camera around you in interesting and creative ways so that you can set and compile interesting shots. This can’t be used in no script areas. Difficulty and learning curve: 4/10 and 10 mins

3D Mouse: I’ve never seen one, let alone used one but they can be used everywhere 🙂

2) Recording stuff
Right, so you have the camera set up in SL. The UI is hidden, the scene is set – you are all ready to go. But how do you record what is on the screen? Well here things ramp up a little in terms of difficulty and learning curve. Once upon a back in the day, there was a movie capture feature built into SL itself, but it wasn’t very good and has gone the way of sideburns and trilby hats. These days you have to use a third-party external program and I tried three:

FRAPS – This is probably the best known of these programs. Very simple to use and the basic, limited version is free (the full version costs a one-off payment of around 30$US / £20). Once downloaded and installed you just choose a few settings and then, when in-world, press a pre-set key to start and stop recording. It’s that easy. There are some settings I really don’t know much about yet (FPS rate and full screen vs half screen being two) but there is plenty of help on the web. The files it records are large (very large) AVI format files. Difficulty and learning curve: 4/10 and 20 mins

CamStudio – This free program looks easy enough but I couldn’t get it to give me good results – just sort of jerky, flickery pictures. Also it buggered up my in-world FPS like you wouldn’t believe! Difficulty and learning curve: 5/10 and 30 mins

TAKSI – I simply didn’t understand this one and couldn’t make it work. It is free though. Maybe I was doing something wrong. Difficulty and learning curve: 7/10 and ? mins

As far as I can tell, you need a program that has very little CPU usage so that it doesn’t reduce your in-world frames per second, and pumps out the best quality files it can. FRAPS seems the best for this task.

3) Editing stuff
Once you have recorded several scenes, what to do with them? You need to edit them together you fool! What kind of damn silly question is that? Errr, sorry. It’s been a long day. Anyhoo, as I was saying, you’ll need to edit the scenes together, add sound effects and music, fades and transitions, text and credits. This is the bit where it can start to get daunting. Up until now, using various cameras in SL and pressing a button to start or stop Fraps recording has been easy, but here you need to switch SL off and start learning a new skill – video editing.

Don’t be scared though. I was and I need a new seat now, so don’t make the same mistake as me. There are some great and easy to use editing tools out there – and the two I downloaded are free! The first is Windows Movie Maker and the second is VideoSpin (Osprey also told me about Avid’s free version of their world famous editing software, but I’ve not tried that yet).

Windows Movie Maker: I liked this – dead easy to use (actually harder to find, download and install) but I got confused about video formats and stopped using it when I discovered it only made WMV files. I thought that videos had to be uploaded to SL and WMV isn’t supported by Quicktime I think… I’m not sure. Anyhoo, the long and short is I downloaded VideoSpin instead. But I’ll try Windows MM again – watch this space. Difficulty and learning curve: 4/10 and 30 mins

VideoSpin: This is a nifty free program designed to take the pain out of editing with a simple drag and drop style interface. Actually the interface is its worst point as it’s not very intuitive, but there is a help file and tutorial video so I got there in the end. My film of the jungle was edited on this, the text and fading transitions were added with this and I saved it from the huge AVI format to a compressed MJPEG with this. Difficulty and learning curve: 5/10 and 50 mins

Now we get into Dark and Murky Waters. Compression, Codecs and file types. I *really* don’t know enough about this stuff to advise anyone on what to use as I’ve no idea. I will be experimenting, but for now you’ll have to google and read up like I will 🙂

4) Uploading the bugger
Welllllll, I use Blip.TV as I read they had a better quality uploads than You Tube, but I think it all depends on what you need to do with the result. I’ve not looked into how to get the videos in-world, but I’ll let you know about that when I do.

So, there you have it. My potted guide to how I’ve taken my first faltering steps into the world of SL machinima 🙂

Here are some useful links for you:
SL Machinima Tips
Eric Linden’s Machinima Tips
Torley Linden’s Video Tutorial Guide
SL’s Guide to Video Making Software
Wikipedia list of Video Software

EDIT: D’oh! I forget to put a link to Ayumi Cassini’s great machinima work! Here you go 🙂


* Carry On Reading, a great film in which Sid James takes down Babs Windsor’s particulars over the late loans counter whilst Jim Dale and Bernard Breslow examine Fanny’s Hill. Happy daze.

SL Places: Ambat Infohub

My mate Osprey Therian is a very talented lady. Anyone who knows her knows this is true, but for someone like me who hasn’t really known her for very long, the sheer scale of what she has done in SL is amazing. Hell, half of what she has done has gone and I’ll never get to see them (/me thinks of the bizarre roadside attractions inspired by the curios often found along the forgotten highways of America – think “The World’s Biggest Potato” or “America’s Largest Furball”).

Hers is one of the few blogs I not only read every day but have traveled back in time and read too – her stories from There always tempt me to open an account and I’ve put my name down for beta in Twinity because of what she has said about it. Over the course of the last few months, her blog has been a revelation to me as to the extent of her creations and some weeks ago a nice missive she received from someone in-world thanking her for her work on an infohub led me to promise myself I’d go along and take a peek at this creation.

I feel a word or two on infohubs might be apposite, especially if you, like me, came post-late 05/early 06 and missed all the infohub kafuffle. Back in the day* when direct teleporting to anywhere wasn’t possible**, the Lindens introduced telehubs. For one reason and another, the ability to teleport anywhere being key of course, these were removed and replaced with infohubs that were built by residents who bid for the work (I’m not sure if this was paid or not – it doesn’t really matter for the purposes of this post, please concentrate and stop interrupting). Osprey must have won a bid*** because she ended up designing the infohub in Ambat, a sim I’ve never been to… well, until now that is 🙂

I dropped into Ambat (which I found wasn’t too far from my usual haunts in Sansara, the first continent – it’s times like that I realise just how impossible a job it is to explore all of SL because it is so huge) and had to zoom my camera around to find the infohub. I wasn’t expecting to see it up on a small hill and the views it had of the surrounding sims were amazing.

Ambat 1

I’d recognise Ospery’s tents anywhere and the infohub boasted two of the beauties along with covered infobooths and rugs for folks to relax on.

Ambat 2

Ambat 5

Throughout the small area are traces of her humour, often rooted in the very early days of SL such as the Hippo Helper and the free Hippo book which contains the (so far) only quote from the legendary Spike Milligan I’ve ever seen in-world.

Ambat 3

Ambat 4

Ambat 6

If, like me, you have never given a moments notice to that often crowded and confusing place you call home (and by ‘home’ we more-often-than-not mean nothing more than the place we first entered the world or are teleported back to in times of grid crash) then maybe it’s about time you just spent a few minutes inspecting**** who made it and finding out a little more about how it all came to be. If you find a good one, drop a SLURL in the comments and let’s all go exploring and appreciating some oft-overlooked resident built goodness 🙂

Oooo, me old horns are tingling… I feel a new travelogue coming on here… Backpacking Burro’s Guide to Infohubs!



* What about the night? No one ever refers to back in the night – why?

** Well it was but at a cost and not anywhere like we have now. It’s complicated and I think it was part of an economic brake on resource usage.

*** I’ll have to ask her about that.

**** PC users – Right click on something and cycle through the pie-wheel-thing until you see INSPECT. Mac users – Fek knows, I’ve never used one and can’t afford one. Actually, here is a great video tutorial about it from Torley,

SL Peeps: Alba Uriza

Being involved in The Show Must Go On is wonderful for a great deal of reasons, not least of which is I get to meet some incredibly talented, creative, generous and funny people. I’ll be featuring more of TSMGO crowd over the coming months, but for now I’d like you all to meet Alba Uriza.
Alba on her ace bike

I met Alba at the rehearsal for mini-show in Dreams a few weeks ago. As we were not showing a full set of acts, there were gaps we had to fill creatively and I’d mentioned to Osprey a while before about having a sort of ‘Rodeo Clown’ act that any free performers could do to entertain the crowd in between acts. I forgot to take this further with her and knowing how busy she is assumed she’d forgotten too – oh me of little faith! When Alba asked if there was anything she could do to help, Os right away got her entertaining the audience with her tiny acrobatics and all round cuteness and the crowd loved her!

During shows, Alba and I tend to end up in the same spot in the wings and we always have a great giggle together throughout the show – I hope we have lots more shows together 🙂

SL Fun: Dunking Lindens

The recent performance of The Show Must Go On took place at the third annual Dreams Fair, an amazing event that gathers together health-based groups for a two-week fair celebration (you can read more here). One of the final events of the fair was an open Linden Dunking and it was great fun with the Lindens there being great sports. I know I moan about “The Lindens” but I’d just like to say a big thanks to them for taking part and giving me and my friends a great giggle 🙂
Dunking Blue Linden

p.s. You can read more about this night on Janey’s blog here.

Helping out the Eleanor

There are some very exciting plans afoot (or in my case, ahoof) for the new and improved Eleanor theatre in Phobos with wild talk and speculation about mooring for boats and airships and a coffee shop for folks to relax and chat in. There is also some crrrrazzzy talk about a gift shop – an idea I think is a bobby dazzler.

But what would a mirth-maddened audience member do in the meantime? How would they sate the fever in their brain pan to own a little piece of The Show Must Go On (after all, there is only so much Raoul to go around after Margaux has had her wicked way with the poor simpleton)?

The answer, my friends, is simple. The theatre may not have an official and approved gift shop yet, but there is a small range of take-home goodies on sale in the foyer. From snake chow (for hungry snakes) to human chow (made from real humans) you too can own a piece of your favourite show AND help pay the rent at the same time. And if any of you are looking to experience the magic that ripples between Margaux and her Boy Friday, then why not pick up an officially approved pair of rubber gloves as modelled by the big man himself? Go on, get scrubbing you dirty devils…
Margaux Gloves 1

Margaux Gloves 2

SL Peeps: Nica Pennell

Ever since I became half-gazelle that fateful day I found the backpack in Kahruvel I have been alone. Before you all burst into tears and organise a benefit concert for me, I don’t mean lonely, just alone. Apart. Singular. The Only Gazelle In The Village, if you will. I’ve longed to meet another of my kind, to have the chance to chat about being part gazelle but long ago feared it would never be. So imagine, dear reader, my delight when I received a pair of hooves and a lovely message from Nica Pennell who, although now a satyr, was once a half-gazelle like me!

The very next chance we got, we met up in-world with Nica TPing me to a lovely rock on the plains under the hanging palaces of delight that make up the amazing stores of Grendel’s Children. Unfortunately I was on my poor, tired old laptop so couldn’t take a great deal of photos (I crashed out at least twice and frequently had FPS of 1-5).
Nica Pennell

Nica had made the hooves a while back and I think they look pretty darn good on the end of my feet – although I won’t be adding them to my gazelle body but rather to my posh black talbuk-in-a-tux body to replace my smart shoes… after all, hooves are much better than shoes for dancing in 🙂
Chatting with Nica Pennell

Nica is, as I said, a satyr and if you meet her, you must ask about her family and tribal history as it puts my efforts to write a convincing back story into the shade, I can tell you – it’s riveting!

I hope to go back to the Avarian lands soon, this time on my PC so I can take some snaps and hopefully spend some less crashy time with Nica. After all, we horned ones simply must stick together – there are wolves out there, you know…

HBA is back in the building…

I’m back! Well I think I am… I haven’t actually been able to check yet, but at least my support ticket is marked as “Solution Provided”. If all goes well, I’ll see you back in-world later today – thanks to Janey, Osprey and Ryne for trying to help 🙂

Edit: Here is Janey’s post on the matter.

Edit 2: Salazar Jack managed to get a shot of me trapped in limbo 🙂

Salazars pic of me trapped in limbo