Mobile me… Things I’ve learnt from filming games on my tablet, part the second!


Twelve hours is a long time in the video editing world, it seems. As I was typing up my last post yesterday afternoon, my tablet was rendering another video for me, or rather it was failing to. I did mention how I’d moved from VidTrim to AndroMedia for reasons of quality. Unfortunately AndroMedia failed to render videos more often than it succeeded, and at 2+ hours a time that’s a lot of wasted time. Something had to be done.


Mobile me… Things I’ve learnt from filming games on my tablet, part the first!


It’s only been ten short days since I rooted my trusty old 1st Gen Nexus 7 and installed SCR Screen Recorder and I’ve already added more videos to my YouTube channel than I managed to do in all the years I’ve had one! Here’s what I have learnt in the last ten days on filming, rendering & uploading:


Mobile me… Rooting, casting, editing and uploading for fun and (no) profit!

I’ve had a busy old day and no mistake. It started off with me rooting my old V1 Nexus, a nerve-wracking experience I’m in no hurry to go through again but thanks to this guide it wasn’t really all that hard. Still, oy vey.

Once I had rooted my N7, restored a backup and reinstalled my apps, I installed a nifty little app called SCR Screen Recorder that needed the rooted access in order that it can record whatever is happening on the screen.

I fired up Survivalcraft, found out that I’d forgotten to back up my worlds and therefore lost them all including Antland! Oh well, these things are transitory anyway. I recorded the first two and a half minutes of my creation of a new world just to see how the software worked. The file turned out to be 150Mb at 720p which is a little on the large side.

So I used an app called Video Trim to shrink the file size down to a more manageable 30Mb, although I’m not happy with the drop in quality so a little more practice is needed, I feel. Any tips on this stuff will be gratefully received.

Uploading to YouTube couldn’t have been easier, and I just shared it directly from the gallery on the Nexus and in seconds it was up on my channel for all the world to see, like this 😀

I’m not sure what my plans are, but I’d like to film some of my son’s builds and post them here and on his blog here. We’ll see, we’ll see…