Survival Craft: The Reboot!

Although I’ve had Survival Craft for a couple of months now, I’ve never really explored it as fully as it deserved. In the main this has been due to the all-persuasive influence of Minecraft but after the flat-out effort of building the bloody underwater base, I’ve been looking for a slightly different experience. This is where all the “Meanwhile in Survival Craft…” posts have come from but in doing those I began to realise that the world I was playing in had been created before Kaalus overhauled the terrain generation code to allow for huge cave systems so today I took the decision to start again in a new world 🙂




Welcome to Antland 1.20.2! Over the next few days & weeks I’ll cover  my trials & tribulations as I explore my new home and hide from what feels like all the wolves in the bloody world!

Backpacking Burro: A Recap

As promised dear reader, following the recent post about rebooting this tale, here is a whistle stop recap of my tale before I continue in its telling – pin back your ears and ask any questions you may have at the end 🙂 You can read the previous posts here.

A short while ago(1) I had taken myself off for a trek through the beautiful forest of Kahruvel when I came across a backpack I presumed lost by a fellow walker. Finding no one near and having no one answer my calls, I resolved to return the pack to the Cowell lighthouse where the forest’s guardian, one Salazar Jack, could look at contacting the owner. As soon as I donned the backpack it rendered me unconscious and fell into a troubled state resembling dream-laden sleep where I imagined I was being remoulded and reformed by powers beyond my understanding. I awoke transformed from fully human to half gazelle, terrified and confused!

I ran as fast as my legs would bear me (which, being half gazelle, turned out to be impressively fast) for the village south of the forest only to find it empty bar a strange old man who proclaimed himself a shaman and said he knew what had happened to me. He claimed I had been chosen and, using a powerful narcotic, allowed me to enter a strange other-world where I met powerful forces of nature called The Elders as well as the capricious and playful sprit known as The Elemental that, it appeared, was my backpack. They told me of a network of energy that lay behind and under all the universes and it was on this ‘grid’ of lines and nodes that Linden Lab built their world on top of a much older world destroyed in a cataclysm called The Great Erase. This terrible event was believed to have been caused by an echo of a much older apocalypse in a different dimension, a terrible battle of powers known as The Last Great Shamanic War.

For thousands of years, across the dimensions, a few were chosen to maintain the balance and flow of the energy but the great power invested in some worked only to corrupt them until a once noble order of shamen splintered into opposing camps, some seeking to protect the land and people whilst others fought to control and dominate. A war broke out that soon escalated until worlds throughout the multiverse were laid to waste leaving a death toll beyond reckoning in its wake. To halt its spread The Elders fractured the grid and sent elements of themselves into existence to act as peacemakers. These Elementals fought long and hard to secure peace and eventually the renegade shamen were defeated. A treaty was created, the shamen had their ability to link to the grid energy removed and throughout reality regulating nodes were constructed in which resided Elementals tied into the very fabric of both the treaty and the grid. In this manner they ensured that no one person could ever break the treaty and wield the powers that had very nearly torn reality apart, the ripples and echoes of which were, and are, still being felt throughout the multiverse.

Whilst wandering through the forest I had a terrifying vision of the end of the Last Great War in which creatures called the Formorians who journeyed between worlds in huge voidborne wooden ships, laid waste to a terrified exodus of people. Upon waking from this vision, I made me way to a nearby wooden lookout where I planned to spend the night before returning to the village…


(1) Time moves differently here – who knows when it was really? July 2007? July 2008? Last week? Does when matter or is the fact it happened all that counts?

Backpacking Burro and The Island: Time for a Reboot

Well, the tale just told (The Lost Journal) has really started something – it’s pretty much killed of one of my stalled stories (The Island – TLJ used its plot) and has forced me to question the Backpacking Burro tale.

Thing is, Backpacking Burro is kind of why I started this blog (or weblog, for Dale 😀 ) way back in July 07. I wanted to tell a tale that lasted only a few posts and then led me to a place where I could start publishing the notecard travel guides I was writing and distributing through my group in-world. Problem is the tale sort of got out of hand – I began to tell a grander story with a greater scale and soon I was in a place where I couldn’t finish it and move to the travel guides. Mind you, the travel guides petered out and stopped in early 2008 as I got more and more involved with other activities such as TSMGO.

So there I was with a story that was threatening to engulf me and if that wasn’t enough I had also started the tale of the shipwrecked man in The Island. Both were draining me, I couldn’t see either ending, I couldn’t see where they were going and, eventually, both stalled. I recapped Backpacking Burro a year ago and restarted it, but it soon stalled again. I also recapped The Island and had the next post written, but neither recap nor post ever made it out of draft folder in the blog.

Cut to last month and after I published a series of diary entries I had written two years previously to set the scene for a horror party I organised, Darien Mason suggested we work together to continue the tale. The Lost Journal seemed to unblock me and I poured words onto the screen. Even when poor Darien was cast out of SL by LL, I continued and within three weeks had written more on one tale then I had in a whole for the other two combined.

So what to do with those two tales? Well the easy one is The Island because as The Lost Journal just used its plot I’ve decided that I’m not going to continue with it. I will publish the final post written simply because it took me so bloody long to write it and set up the photos, but after that I’m afraid it’s gone. And you know how it ends anyway; the natives sacrifice the shipwrecked professor and then years later his grandson finds the temple and faces a similar fate but manages to destroy it. The End. I think The Lost Journal handled it better – it became more visceral in its action scenes and amusing in its dialogue, especially with having another person to bounce off in Jeremiah.

As for Backpacking Burro I’ve decided on a reboot, to use the popular jargon of the moment. I have three or four posts written and in the blog’s draft folder – I am going to harvest them for ideas and re-write. The new Backpacking Burro tale, free of the need to include aspects of a travel guide, will be harder and faster than before. I still don’t have an end mapped out, so it will be open-ended but I’m planning that it will branch off into short tales like The Lost Journal and then come back. In effect each tale will be part of the overall quest in the BB tale. I also hope that I can drag some other folks into this, replicating the involvement of Darien & Jeremiah as I really do believe that collaborative roleplay makes this more fun.

So there you have it – expect a flurry of posts as I wrap things up and restart, then I’ll be on holiday so I’ll take the opportunity to write and get back on track when I return 🙂