Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Vestigial Echo] : [Vernadsky Dock/Volkhab 4/Volkhab] : [04/01/3301]

[Report Summary] Currently on a long-haul rare goods run following a local manufacturing materials circle in the near-Dulos volume.

[Manifest] Several large mineral and metal runs completed for hugely inflated prices. Now running rares between 120Ly locations to maximise profit.

[Finances] Despite the actions of a filthy pirate in Duberdicus, I have increased my bank balance to a healthy C2m.

[Upgrades] Following the loss of the ISDV Adder “Rising Inflection” I have invested in a second hand Cobra Mk3, the “Vestigial Echo”. With the success of the rares route I have upgraded the weapons, defences, cargo space, power plant & distributor and FSD. Further upgrades would not make economical sense – time to save for that Asp.

[Incidents] ISDV Adder “Rising Inflection” destroyed by a pirate, Philip Young

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Vestigial Echo (Cobra Mk3), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/Ft69ej-Ralf246 – all embedded links enabled] They’ve done it! They’ve actually gone and done it! The frak-storm caused by the Onionhead stand-off has led to Garvey publicly stating Dulos wants to leave the Federation! Frak me. And now the bloody Empire are stating they will support a free Dulos – and by support I can bet they mean annex and introduce fraking slavery, the bastards! Sure Hudson is laying into Halsey, but so what? He’s just as fraking useless and corrupt as she is. Hell! Anyone who thinks either of those puppets are really in charge of the Federation is an idiot – the MilCorps run everything and I’m damn sure they won’t let Dulos, or any other system, leave without a fight.

The rare route I’m on is near an end and I’m only a couple of hundred light years from Dulos. I’m heading back to see if my family are ok. Maybe I can get them off Six and away to a safe system nearby.