Osprey Therian

Goodbye Osprey…

Friends of Osprey as well as those who followed her online would know of her long time battle with MS. I’m sad to say that its a battle she lost yesterday, although she did so on her terms which sums up Osprey perfectly – she lived life her way.

Os was my mate in SL, the single person most responsible for my staying in SL after the initial novelty of the place wore off in early 2007. She gave me purpose, diection and a chance to create. She shared her world and friends generously and I will always love her for that.

The Army of Os

You can leave a message on her SL page here.


The Reading – New Film from TSMGO Studios & Mysterio Productions

My mate Enjah has been working hard (very bloody hard!) on her new movie – and what a doozy! She’s leapt from 2-3 minute comic shorts to a 9 minute drama set in the gorgeous seaside village of Cowell & mighty forest of Kahruvel, places close to my heart 🙂

So, without further ado, I present the latest TSMGO Studio release of the Mysterio Production*, The Reading…

* Don’t let Enjah’s modesty fool you. This is almost entirely the product of her hard work and certainly my only input was a few discussion emails and a very dodgy East European accent ;-D

Puny Humans! Fear Us! Fear the… Monsters From Beyond!

The Bay City Blues…

I missed Bay City’s 2nd Anniversary Parade. After all that planning I sodding well missed it. I didn’t mean to but the Gods that rule either/or/and (delete as appropriate) SL’s lag & my PC conspired to give me a whole weekend of crashe. Things would start out OK, but then everything would start t o g e t v e r y s l o w







before crashi

ARGH! In the end I couldn’t get back in so I buggered off to watch telly & brood. I did manage to take some shots before I exited the field stage left – here are a selection but there are lots more in the Bay City Flickr Group. Also check out there folks for their far better (and longer) experiences: Marianne, Osprey & Adric. And a big old TY to Mari & her Bay City/Nova Albion friends for arranging such a fun event!

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_021

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_016

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_012

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_002
p.s. That Duck! is me!

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_006

Nova Albion’s 6th Anniversary Parade

It’s that time of year again – paradin’ time! First is Nova Albion’s celebrations for its founding in March 2004 and this year the event was planned by the always energetic LisaHot Juran (who also arranged a stage & 3 hours of live music after the event!).
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Osprey wanted to recreate the history 1887 Attack of the Ducks and so lots of us dressed as ducks and took to the streets with budgies, orcs, sword-maidens, Babbage urchins, Bay City kids to name but a few!
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

We all fought through fierce lag storms that blocked loads of folks out and even bent time itself so sims appeared to wink out of existence…
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

By the time we reached the end, we could see Salazar had nearly rebuilt the famous arch laid low by a grid quake last year
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Before the music kicked in (and I crashed out for an hour – bloody SL!) we had the street naming ceremony where the road outside Pituca Fairchang’s park & windmill was named after her late SL & RL partner, Garth. His passing is still felt by many residents and for me it was lovely to meet Pituca for the first time.
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Next is the Bay City Parade and then maybe I can persuade the Steelhead Town Council to hold one, eh? 😉

p.s. Mark your diaries now – March 2011 for the 7th Nova Albion Anniversary Parade – come along and join in the fun!

Dropping in on friends

I was exploring the Pompinio volcano the other day (post on that to come 🙂 ) and I realised I was really close to Bodega where three of my favourite people in the world live so I decided to pop over and see how their houses were doing.

My first stop was Young’s wonderfully elegant (you should expect nothing less) builds on her land – being a very clever sort, Young made these in some 3D software and did a lovely job of the textures giving them a warm, sun-hugged feel that you just don’t see enough of in-world. See them yourself here.
Young Geoffrion's Land in Bodega

From there it was but a very short hop across to Enjah’s amazing (and huge!) hollowed out treehouse. Enjha used to live above her art gallery in Davenport, but a while back she moved the gallery to the Grignano region of Nova Albion city and built her home in a massive tree in Bodega. Take a look here.
Enjah's Treehouse in Bodega

From Enjah’s tree, I took a walk further into Bodega to where Osprey has her rather amazing ‘home’. I say home, but it’s so much more – it’s her gallery, her costume shop, her wildlife reserve, her therma-vent, her gorgeous slice of old Sansara. Explore it here.
Osprey's Place in Bodega

I’m blessed – I know some really talented and friendly folk in SL and I’m lucky enough to call these three my friends 🙂

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade – Planning Begins!

It’s that time of year again – March is the anniversary of Nova Albion’s opening after Magellan found it on behalf of the Lab and February is the time the residents & friends of the city get together to plan the parade to commemorate this historic event.

LisaHot Juran, Nova Albion fan extraordinaire, called together a meeting to discuss the time, place and plans for 2010’s sixth anniversary and plenty of people came to help…
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade - Planning

The ever busy Osprey laid out plans for routes as well as displayed the posters for the parade & the renactment of the historic invasion of ducks…
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade - Planning
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade - Planning Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade - Planning

Finally, LJ rezzed up the new street signs she’s been working on to seek comments – I love ’em! Really American and clear and stylish!
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade - Planning

I’ll be posting more about the parade as it draws near, but for now pencil Saturday March 20th 2pm SLT into your diaries because you are all welcome to join in the fun! Come and walk, run, ride or fly with us! Why not grab a free float base from the vendors in the city and build your own float to join the parade 🙂

You can see pictures from the last two parades here and here and read more posts about Nova Albion here.

Steelhead: Nish’s Butterfly house is coming along!

Wowsers! My old mate Nish has been a busy bee! Her Butterfly House (visit it here) is really taking shape now – Frank and I took an early moring ride out into Boomtown (you don’t see the scamps up at dawn, and in Boomtown they tend to stick to the old mines and tunnels rather than the streets so I feel safe) to see it and we weren’t dissapointed! It’s going to be beautiful! Have a poke about and you’ll find she’s added a few fun things you can sit on 😀
Nish's Boomtown Butterfly House

Nish's Boomtown Butterfly houseNish's Boomtown Butterfly House

Nish's Boomtown Butterfly House

I hear that her experiments to breed an anti-vampire vampire moth are going so well she’s thinking of branching out into the anti-zombie field! Maybe she needs to speak to Osprey about these developments as Ms Therian is also a keen developer of anti-monster products

It’s a 360 Degree love affair…

I love – LOVE! – this neat little gizomo on Avatrian (huge TY to Osprey for finding it!). You simply enter a sim name and the X,Y & Z coordinates and in a few mins you have a 360 degree photo-view point thingy of that spot! How cool is that? This is the view from my camp in Stelhead St Helens. Go to the Avatrian Peek 360 site and try one for yourself!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Come over and see St Helens for yourself here.

All Your Breadz Are Belong To Us

Osprey had a plan. A secret plan. A sneaky plan. A good plan. A plan to say a big fat happy birthday to Lucy. You can read more about it here on Osprey’s blog – let me merely bathe you eyes in the glory of a dozen large tin ducks on tricycles flashmobbing Lucy, then a prog rock gig, Philip Linden’s house, a pub and finally a nightclub quacking all the way 😉

On a small, forgotten island, Osprey watched the horizon for the unsuspecting Lucy…
Lucy's Duckie Burpday

Whilst beneath the waves a silent army of ducks waited for her signal…
Lucy's Duckie Burpday

On cue (LUCY! DUCK!) the army burst forth quacking all the way!
Lucy's Duckie BurpdayLucy's Duckie Burpday

Lucy's Duckie Burpday

Lucy's Duckie BurpdayLucy's Duckie Burpday

After a quick party with Lucy, she donned the tin duck too and we set off looking for sims to gatequack!
Lucy's Duckie Burpday

Lucy's Duckie Burpday

We quacked our way through a couple of numbers with The Invisible Band!
Lucy's Duckie Burpday

Danced at a great little pub!
Lucy's Duckie Burpday

Held a board meeting at Philip Linden’s house (we discussed seed funding)…
Lucy's Duckie Burpday

I took a dip in Philip’s pond… I mean pool…
Lucy's Duckie Burpday

And finally we took over a great nightclub where we demanded BREAD!
Lucy's Duckie Burpday

Lucy's Duckie Burpday

Lucy's Duckie Burpday

Don’t think this is the last the grid has seen of Da Duckz and their own style of Hamlet’s beebop reality, oh noes we’ll be back! 😉

p.s. For more pics and stuff see these blogs and flickrs: Osprey, Enjah, Lucy, Kumi, Ilia. I’ll add more as they appear 🙂