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Hello to my mystery reader :)

According to my blog stats, someone is reading all my old LOTRO posts which is lovely to see. Even though I don’t play it anymore (and never will again unless it suddenly becomes a lot less grindy) I had a blast in Middle Earth and really enjoyed the posts I wrote about it, especially Keltorn’s tale which was going to follow my Warden through to the end until I lost heart in the game.

So whoever you are, I hope you are enjoying my scribblings. Leave me a comment or two and say Hi 🙂

Steal Head’s Mystery Reader

Looking at my blog stats it seems someone is methodically reading all the posts listed in the Steal Head Story In Full post – whoever you are thank you &  I hope you’re enjoying it and Ya Yiwama says hi… 😀
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Another mystery reader!

My stats page tells me that someone is reading my “Goodunnit?” story. Thank you to my second mystery reader (my first was here) and I really hope you like it – it was great fun to write. Comments are always apreciated 😀