A Curious Dream in Kahruvel

I dreamt of the shaman last night, not something I have done in over two years.
Backpacking Burro - Kahruvel

In the dream I awoke on the floor of the old wooden lookout clinging to the side of the hills over the sea of Mohr and found the shaman sat staring at me, just as he had done so long ago. As always with dreams the details are hazy and hard to recall exactly, but I must have asked him what he wanted because he pointed out to sea and said “Look at the clouds.” Over the waters rain-heavy clouds hung like wet washing on a line. “Look at the clouds,” he said again, “the pressure is building.” I must have asked what pressure but he merely repeated himself before standing and pointing at the sun which suddenly began rising over the far off storm. “The light is rising,” he said, “The light is rising.”

And that was it. I awoke from my dream and found my fur sodden with sweat and my heart racing. I’m sure it is nothing, I mean the shaman, the Eldars and even the damn elemental in my old backpack have been silent for so long now I’d truly begun to believe the past was done with me. Maybe it is. Still, I think I’ll pay a visit to the old forest tonight and see how it is faring.

BB Road Trip 4: Across the water from Bodega to Mohr

I had just rezzed up my small wooden kayak in the twinkling waters* underneath Osprey’s gallery and was preparing to paddle my way over to the ominous looking building on the small island in Bodega bay, when I was joined by my old friend Janey Bracken. She had been following my travels and wanted to join me for a while, a delightful prospect for this lonely old traveller and, as she knows how to handle a sword with aplomb, I felt a little safer heading out to the mysterious structure.

Bodgea to Mohr 1

I rowed the little kayak over toward the strange, silent slab-like building, following its granite quay along the humped landscape to a small stone semi-circular mooring point.

Bodega to Mohr 2

I tied up and bravely offered to lead the way lest the natives be angry, unfriendly or just plain hungry. I was being needlessly gallant as had we encountered anything more fearsome than an angry beaver, I would have been calling on Janey’s sword quick sharp!

Bodega to Mohr 2a

In the end though, I needn’t have worried though for the whole place was not only deserted but seemingly locked up tight. In fact it proved impossible to find a doorway into the building no matter how hard I searched. In the end I sat down heavily against the stone wall that faced the mooring point… and promptly fell right through! I was deposited with little respect and a most painful thump onto the floor of what was obviously a hanger and when Janey burst through the phantom wall to see if I was alright, she found me looking up at a beautiful art deco spacecraft that reminded me strangely of Saturday mornings television. The gorgeous machine, however was cold and shut up tight so we could only admire it from outside and continue to explore the hanger.

Bodgea to Mohr 3

Near where we had entered we found a small elevator platform that, upon the press of a button, trundled us up into the room above. A large window looked north at the ever-burning spaceship on Mohr and it was here we found evidence that I was not alone in my desire to explore this world. A wall was decorated with photographs of an earlier expedition and there was both map and journal detailing how Salazar Jack, Osprey Therian, Loki Pico, Ilianexsi Sojourner and Huns Valen led a bold expedition to the then newly formed mainland continent of Jeogeot in the south back in 2004. It was a fascinating read** and all time was lost to me as I followed their trek.

Bodgea to Mohr 4

Bodgea to Mohr 5

Bodgea to Mohr 7

Soon though, as Janey and I gazed silently through the window over the calm, smooth waters of the inland sea to where the black column of smoke rose from the small island of Mohr, we realised it was time to move on.

Bodgea to Mohr 6

We used the elevator platform once more and emerged onto the roof and into the late afternoon sun. It was here that more people joined our explorations, our friends Pinkie Delcon, Drax Ember and Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire swelled our numbers on the roof***

Bodgea to Mohr 8

Bodgea to Mohr 11

My only question now was how was I going to get them all to Mohr… my kayak only took two people!

Yours in Travel. And a kyayk.
HeadBurro Antfarm.

p.s. Follow this trip on the CNN’s iReport website – why not join in and report from SL yourself! All my stuff is tagged HBA

*I have recently upgraded to the Windlight version of Second Life which allows for photo-realistic skies and waters to be incorporated. The results can be stunning.

**You can buy the book here, at Osprey’s bookstore in Grignano.

*** The roof also contained some weird and wonderful items – a wooden helicopter that appeared to work (though none of us was brave enough to try) and a strange electrical device that somehow generated or contained a ball of blue-hued energy with the most amusing of repulsive properties. Walk into the field and try for yourself, although I take no responsibility for broken bones and chipped teeth.

Bodgea to Mohr 9

Bodgea to Mohr 10