Marianne McCann

Where I am…

Where am I? That’s a good question you didn’t ask there and therefore you deserve an answer. Aren’t you glad you came? Don’t bother about trying to leave, I’ve locked the door. And the windows. And that chimney has been blocked off for years. Now sit down and let your Uncle HB tell you all about it. It all started with a couple of dickheads…


~~~~ wavey fade dissolve ~~~~


… And that’s how it went down. What do you mean you nodded off? Look, I’m not going through it again, I’ll recap the end part but that’s your lot, jeez!

  • HBA is staying in Steelhead St Helens but selling three of his five plots (contact me if you’d like one – mate’s rates of course).
  • HBA is also keeping his place in Cowell – it would take Sal burning the village to ground to get me out of there!
  • Ryne is staying in Steelhead Shanghai renting from Krystine.
  • Ya Yiwama I have yet to decide about – he’s either going to rent from Gia in Shanghai or move to Bay City and rent from Marianne McCann.
  • Alt No 4… Whilst there *is* no fourth alt yet, I *may* just create one to RP in Bay City instead of Ya Yiwama (who was only ever created to be a monster after all, hence the name).

What this means for my writing is that once “Gang Wars” has finished (it’ll be over very soon, at least my part in it will be) I’ll not be doing another one in Steelhead for a bit. I’ve done more than 18 months of writing there and whilst I’ve got more ideas, I don’t have the same drive. I refer you back to the starting point of this wee fireside chat. Let the babies have their milk and all that.

No, I’m going to be writing some stuff set in and around Bay City. Noir stuff. Horror noir. Think “Steal Head” mixed with “Goodunnit” but with Primouth motors instead of airships.

The campest photo I’ve EVER taken!

HBA lays a magic egg_001

Get yourself over to Kapor, sit on the balloon-eggs and see if you can out-camp me. Mari failed!

The Bay City Blues…

I missed Bay City’s 2nd Anniversary Parade. After all that planning I sodding well missed it. I didn’t mean to but the Gods that rule either/or/and (delete as appropriate) SL’s lag & my PC conspired to give me a whole weekend of crashe. Things would start out OK, but then everything would start t o g e t v e r y s l o w







before crashi

ARGH! In the end I couldn’t get back in so I buggered off to watch telly & brood. I did manage to take some shots before I exited the field stage left – here are a selection but there are lots more in the Bay City Flickr Group. Also check out there folks for their far better (and longer) experiences: Marianne, Osprey & Adric. And a big old TY to Mari & her Bay City/Nova Albion friends for arranging such a fun event!

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_021

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_016

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_012

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_002
p.s. That Duck! is me!

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_006

Join the Bay City Parade this weekend

Come join Bay City’s 2nd anniversary parade this Sunday 16th May at 12 noon SLT – you’ll have a great time!
Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade Poster

Marianne McCann (and all the Bay City planning team) have done a great job organising this year’s celebrations – don’t miss it! Here’s the route – join us at the start point (SLURL: City – Argos/11/11/24) for the parade or meet us at the end point for the party!
Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade Map

Osprey has put a call out to all Ducks. QUACK!

Bay City’s 2nd Anniversary Parade – Coming Soon!

Hard to believe that it’s been two years since the Moles finished the last lick of paint on the (then) newest city in SL and the eager beavers who wanted a slice of Americana were preparing to move in. I took part in the opening parade but missed the first anniversary one as I was away (damn RL!). I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it this year but the date and time are yet to be fixed. Keep your eye on the Bay City Twitter channel and you could do worse than following Mari & Holo’s blogs 😀
Bay City's 2nd Anniversary Teaser Poster

A workaround for the snapshot to postcard issue

I came into SL last night to help Enjah out with the 2010 show – it was good to be back, but the first hour was still a minefield of annoying techy issues that pissed me right off, but I remained calm and did not re-spit my dummy out and in the end I had a good night.

Along the way I got an IM from Mari who told me about Torley’s workaround for the snapshot issue that had pissed me off so royally the week before. The issue is that I couldn’t send snapshots via email anymore (saving to disk did work but as I don’t use that system it’s not an idea alternative for me, more an emergency plan B). It turned out this is one of those ancient issues that had rumbled on in the Jira for a while but seems to have become much worse in the latest server roll out. Torley suggests reducing the size of your snapshot (he explains more here in the Jira). For a few months I’ve been taking my shots at 2880 x 1618 & 80% quality giving me a file size of around 500Kb to 1Mb (1Mb being the cut off limit when emailing out as I do – I email out to Snapzilla and that in turn emails the shot to Flickr – I’ve edited the postcard XML file so it automatically has the correct email address in the To: field). This *had* been working fine but on Torley’s suggestion I dropped the size to 1440 x 809 & 80% quality (giving me a file size of 300Kb to 500Kb) and it worked again.

Now obviously the fact that I should be able too send the larger shots (and until two weeks ago could!) means that this is only a workaround for an error I really hope the Linden’s fix toot sweet, but at least it means I (and you if you have been similarly blighted) can send postcards again! TY Mari & Torley 🙂

A Belated Xmas Burro

I was crap this Xmas – I forgot cards and pictures and all manner of fun stuff I’ve done in previous years. Well here is a belated Happy Xmas picture for you all! Well, actually it’s for my mate Mari who made the nose (and many other gifts) for all her mates – the only thing she asked was that we all send her pics of us wearing the noce. Guess who’s only just got around to it… God I’m crap!

Anyway, TY Mari – this is for you xxx
Mari's Xmas Nose :)

Bay City’s Fairground Breaks Ground!

A recent call from Marianne McCann sent me dashing over to North Channel, the region between Nova Albion & Bay City to see the latest exciting development in Bay City’s exciting short life – following a meeting of the Bay City Alliance, Michael Linden was hard at work on raising an island to house a fairground! I TPed over and found the access route shut off…
Bay City Fairground

Pressing ahead I could clearly see just how hard Michael was working – he had a barge set up and the Alliance’s plans set out so he knew exactly where to dredge and where to drop.
Bay City Fairground

Bay City Fairground

I had to leave but when I came back a few days later, the land mass was all but finished! Next stop, add the rides!
Bay City Fairground
(That’s the ‘burbs of Shermville at the top and the Grignano region of Nova Albion to the right)

I can’t wait to see how these plans turn out!
Bay City Fairground

Marianne’s Corner of Miramare

Marianne McCann is a busy lass! I’m pretty sure that when you read this she’ll either be at camp or just on her way back and no doubt she’ll have at least three projects ready to roll. One of the latest she has completed is her brilliant information centre in Nova Albion – I took Frank out for a stroll to have a looksee…
Nova Albion: Mari's Miramare Corner

In a really small space and with less prims than some people have in a single piece of furniture she’s a built a beautifully designed (and fun!) welcome and info area for people to find out more about Nova Albion, Bay City, The Tri-City Area and Sansara. Add a crazy Sno-Kone robot and you have the perfect place for newbies (and oldbies!) to find out more about the oldest land in SL 🙂 Go and see it here.
Nova Albion: Mari's Miramare Corner

Nova Albion: Mari's Miramare Corner

Nova Albion: Mari's Miramare Corner

Nova Albion: Mari's Miramare Corner

Don’t forget to get your sno-kone… but don’t try and sit on the robot 🙂
Nova Albion: Mari's Miramare Corner

Have a click around and you might just get a free tee 😀
Nova Albion: Mari's Miramare Corner

Cheers for the great resource Mari!
Nova Albion: Mari's Miramare CornerNova Albion: Mari's Miramare Corner

Armord to leave Nova Albion!

What a shock – I heard from LisaHot Juran & Marianne McCann that Marcos Fonzarelli is selling up in Miramare and there is a very real chance that the amazing and iconic ARMORD tower in the city will soon be gone 😦 It’s a sad day for Nova Albion city – get along there now and see one of the oldest landmarks before it’s gone forever.

Nova Albion Logo

Nova Albion 5th Anniversary