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Mari comes a-callin’

A while back I was up in my (very basic) sky workshop high high high above St Helens when Mari came over to see the wooden wood-work lathe I was building…
Mari & the lathe_002

Mari’s a cracking builder so it’s always nice to show her stuff as I’m still such a noob at it (and I think I always will be). She was a great help with my log cabin and I wanted to show her that I’d actually started enjoying building after moaning on at her about how tedious rezzing and moving and colouring prim-after-prim-after-prim could be. Here she is with my lathe and guide pictures taken from t’interweb behind her (I was in the middle of altering all the textures so the final result looks a bit different, but that’s for another post)…
Mari & the lathe_001

After I picked her brains we chatted for a while and she showed me the Primmer cars that were going to used in Bay City’s 2nd Anniversary parade – based on the American Shriners I just can’t stop smiling when I see them!
Mari & the lathe_003

The Return of The Mag

The call came in from Marianne MaCann, Magallen Linden was back on the Grid! The fact that the void-traveller had once more resurfaced could mean only one thing: new land had been found. Or he was out of booze. Two things, his return could only mean one of two things: new land had ben found or he had no booze left. Or, of course, he could have come back for his still-pining love Osprey. Three things. Mag’s return could only mean one of three things; new land, no booze, lost love and a fanatical devotion to the Pope!

I was busy, too busy it turned out, to visit the new land of Linden Homes everyone was talking about and where, rumour was spreading, Magallen’s latest crash site landing spot was to be located. A visit would have to wait. Nearly a month later I managed to get over there and I was amazed with what I saw!

Deep in the south of the newly-gridded section of 64 sims set aside for new premium homes lies Elderglen and there, just north-west of a moated area, is a circle of standing stones & crystals that appear to have been a teleportaion system possibly connected with the systems that were found around Nautilus.
Magallen Linden in Elderglen

I use the past tense for their usage as that ruddy great oaf has gone and broken them! No doubt he crashed into them after searching his supplies for refreshments and becoming well and truly refreshed to the point of a totally refreshed stupor.
Magallen Linden in Elderglen

Magallen Linden in Elderglen

Magallen Linden in Elderglen

The big question now, as always, is where the deuce has Magallen Linden gone now? Why are we are always one step behind? Read more here and join the hunt for the Grid’s greatest explorer (and worst driver)!

Edit: TY to The Bakers for a link to a Snapzilla Elderglen photo group 🙂

Three Times The Fun!

Big time kudos to Holo, Mari and the others from Bay City for organising the first ever Tri-Cities parade (and to Osprey for her usual bang-up job on publicity) because the Halloween march through the cities and leap off Shermville bridge was a hoot! Everything happened on time and the party under the water afterwards was a blast!

Here I am (a zombie version of me) on my steampunk horse 🙂
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

The Nova Albion Parade off to meet the others on the bridge!
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

The bat killed Lucy!
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

LisaHot plays a mean drum and fires a meaner cannon!
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

On the bridge a the sun came up…
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

Osprey looking teh sexeh!
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

Lucy needs a shave!
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

Kumi gets it oooonnnnnnn!
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

Holo leads the Bay City parade up the bridge…
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

Getting ready to jump…
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

Heere we all goooooooooooo!
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

Party with da fishes!
Tri-Cities Halloween Parade - 1st Nov 09

Magellan Resurfaces!

I popped in-world to pick up a simple delivery and was immediately IMed by ever wonderful Marianne McCann who had the amazing news that her Magallen Detector Ring was going crazy… the great man was in-world!

[13:49:58] Marianne McCann: [13:49] Magellan Linden’s Status Item: Magellan is on the grid!

The Mag is back! I tweeted the news right away and asked the big guy for a signed photo for the Rodeo Explorer’s Base 😀

Riding from Bay City to Nova Albion

You know the stuff about visiting Holocluck Henly’s gallery and Marianne McCann’s shop in Bay City? Good, because there’s more. Pull up a chair, get a brew and read on.

You see, after visiting Marianne’s store I wandered about Bay city a little looking for signs of life. My SL experience is largely one of zero green dots in the sims I’m in and this visit was no different. Teleportation has a lot to answer for – very few people travel through sims to go places so you rarely meet strangers and have the chance to chat. I decided I would do something different and instead of just beaming out and back to Steelhead (I had left HBA Island by this point) I would mount up on my trusty steed Frank and trot all the way through the city to Nova Albion.

I saw some wonderful builds and interesting shops. The bridges worked and the tram passed me at least twice. But not once did I see another soul. Not once. Not until I got into the gutted* Sistana and found Mossant in her lovely coffee shop where we talked about how much the empty sim she now found herself was ticking her off. How her and LisaHot carry on and keep enthused is beyond me, but I’m glad they do – SL needs more community builders like them and Marianne. Anyhow, off my soapbox for a bit, here are the pics of my horse ride from city to city.

Bay City Tram

Bay City Bridge

First Mole in the moon

Sunny Mole's Planets

Lazy elf!

Chatting with Mossant :)


* When people had to pack up and go to Zindra, the ones who left their old, old lands of Nova Albion’s Sistana district felt so aggrieved that they put the lands up for sale at stupid prices ensuring no one could buy them and redevelop the community. Frankly this sort of dog-in-the-manger childish stupidity fucks me off royally and I just wish LL had the balls to take the land off them and give it out to folks who would rebuild the city suburbs instead of sulking all the way to the bank cashing in their earnings from making fake cocks and clits. Fuckers.

Visiting Marianne McCann’s Shop

Remember I went to see Holocluck Henley’s gallery in Bay City? Well as I rarely get to Bay City (and when I do it’s as empty as everywhere else in SL – something I’m getting a tad sick off) I thought I’d pay a visit to Marianne McCann’s store as she’d just blogged about it and her construction site herself. I have to say I *loved* the building site – genius building! And if you in any way love the games of your childhood, you must go to her store and have a look round – she has everything you need to feed the child inside*!

Marianne McCann's Store in Bay City

Marianne McCann's Store in Bay City

Marianne McCann's Store in Bay City

Marianne McCann's Store in Bay City

Marianne McCann's Store in Bay City

Marianne McCann's Store in Bay City

* Not that I mean to imply you’ve eaten a child and it is hungry – that is just… yuk! You weirdo cannibal! 😀

Bay City 1st Anniversary Parade – 17th May 09 at 12noon SLT

The title says it all – there is to be a parade through Bay City on Sunday 17th May at 12noon SLT – check Marianne’s blog for more details 🙂

Bay City - 1St Anniversary Parade

Bay City 1st Anniversary Parade Route

p.s., This was the Nova Albion’s “Hello Bay City Parade!” from last year 🙂

EDIT: Mari has full details up on her blog here 🙂