Meanwhile, in Tamriel… It’s all about the Lore, baby!

Like most games worth their salt, Elder Scroll games have a rich and detailed history that is fun to immerse yourself in and I can’t recommend these sources highly enough – I’ll add more as I come across them.

If you know of any more, please drop them into the comments and I’ll update my watch list 🙂



#LOTRO Nuggets of Lore for all!

The rather spiffing Casual Stroll to Mordor blog & podcast alerted me to a great new blog on the web, this one dedicated to looking for points in the LOTRO game where the devs have included really cool bits of lore from the books. Now I’d noticed a few (Fatty Bolger and the wreckage of Frodo’s house in Crickhollow to name but one) as well as many other strange ones (the cat house in Bree or the graveyard just outside) but this wonderful blog tracks down even more! If you are into LOTRO or are a fan of the books, check out http://lotrolorenuggets.blogspot.com/ asap 🙂

While you are at it, and I know I’ve mentioned it before, but if you haven’t listened to Shipwreck’s bloody ace podcast about the history of the regions covered by the game, check out his excellent work here: http://www.lotrobeneathyourfeet.com/