Janey Bracken

Scoop Bracken Does It Again!

Well done to my mate Janey who’s just been made editor of the Virtual London blog where she’s been doing sterling work promoting the people and places of the London sims. And now she is looking for your stories and reports on you (second) life in London – and she can pay!

Pop over to her post here and find out more. You can find the London sims here – I’m hoping to find some time to explore them soon, so we can make it a group adventure if you like 🙂

Janey in London Town

Being a Northener, the fact London has some SL presence is about as interesting as the fact London exists at all – crowded, loud, smelly, overpriced, full of Southeners it is, quite frankly, a waste of some lovely buildings.

Hang on… this post has got away with me… I’ll start again.

My mate Janey is a Cockernee and as such loves the London sims in SL (in fact, the first time we met she was wearing a group tag from Knightsbridge) so it is lovely to hear that she has beaten off some serious competition to become the Assistant Editor of the SL London blog (sponsored by the ruddy Daily Mail – grrrr). She got off to a great start with stories and competitions aplenty – in fact, if you would like to win L$10,000 then check out Janey’s post on the story contest here.

p.s. For real Daily Mail stories, click here.

Bay City: A Night At The Asylum

As you can’t have failed to have noticed, the LDPW’s first project has opened and Bay City is full of eager explorers just dying to see what the moles have been beavering* away at all these weeks. And me, Janey and Pinks are no different 🙂

I had limited time so decided to we just had to see the creepy sounding old asylum people had been raving about on the forums. And creepy is the perfect word!
Bay City Assylum

We rode up to the front gates, but our brave mounts would go no further…
Bay City Assylum

So we continued on foot…
The Three Explorers

Inside we found all the trappings of a decaying hulk that once housed many unhappy souls. Evidence of their treatment was everywhere…
Light Reading

Dr Linden's Special Pills

In the wards and treatment rooms voices whispered and echoed around us, lights flickered, doors creaked…
Padded Cell

Bay City Fear

Burro in the Attic

Quite honestly it was quite a relief when we emerged once more into the morning light and I felt the reassuring presence of Frank carrying me away to adventures new…
Me & Frank in Bay City

Head on over to Bay City yourself and take a look around before the auctions kick in. Meanwhile read more about Bay City on the SL Forums here and for Janey’s report on the trip to the asylum, visit her blog here.

* Moles? Beavering away? Is that legal?

SL Fun: Dunking Lindens

The recent performance of The Show Must Go On took place at the third annual Dreams Fair, an amazing event that gathers together health-based groups for a two-week fair celebration (you can read more here). One of the final events of the fair was an open Linden Dunking and it was great fun with the Lindens there being great sports. I know I moan about “The Lindens” but I’d just like to say a big thanks to them for taking part and giving me and my friends a great giggle 🙂
Dunking Blue Linden

p.s. You can read more about this night on Janey’s blog here.

Bareback Burro

Janey has had a horse for ages and ages and has tried to persuade me for about as long to get one as well. I’m not sure why I never did, too busy mostly, but last week I finally got around to it and with Janey’s help I picked out a lovely big shirehorse – he’s massive but in SL I’m well over seven feet tall so I need a big fella to balance me out.

The celebrate, me, Janey and Naz all went riding in the vehicle testing sims south of Murray (Brilliant, Balance, etc.) and we had a blast! It took me a while to get used the movement and I missed the running speed for ages, but once I had it Frank (yes, he is called Frank – problem?) moved like a greased penguin!

Here we are on a peak in Balance…
Postcard from Second Life.

…and here Frank was rearing – what a beast!
Postcard from Second Life.

This one, taken in the waters off Murray, reminded me of the scene at the end of Planet of the Apes (the good one, not Tim Burton’s fuck up)
Postcard from Second Life.

Here is Janey’s post on the evening’s fun 🙂

CNN: Janey’s Great Stories

Postcard from Second Life.

Last Tuesday’s CNN meeting was back to the norm (after the field trip of the previous one) and we had a great run down from Tyson and Janey about Janey’s coverage of a recent US Congressional hearing where the outgoing CEO of Linden Labs spoke, as well as her great coverage of Autism charities in SL that actually caused CNN to cover Autism week on its main site – Go Janey! It was a really interesting meeting and more and more people are beginning to write for CNN iReport – come along on a Tuesday at 2pm SL time to find out more – and go over to the CNN iReport site and register… hell! they let me in 🙂

Singing Sinatra on the Terrific Titanic

Waaaay back in the mists of time (about a month) I visited Sinatra Cartier’s Spook House ghost train ride in Noyo and found it most excellent 🙂 Even more excellent was Sinatra’s singing voice as both a RL and SL Frank Sinatra impersonator. Don’t believe this old Burro – well more fool you, go here and listen yourself.

After talking to Sinatra and listening to his singing, I knew I had to see him perform. UK to LA is a little hard for me right now, but who needs the hassle of RL travel when I can teleport right to him in SL? So last week saw me send out a general call to all Backpacking Burros to come join me at Sinatra’s latest gig, this time aboard the RMS Titanic!

Postcard from Second Life.

Although my old laptop (now replaced) nearly exploded three times, I still managed to really enjoy the night – Sinatra was on wonderful form and my dances with Janey and Osprey (but sadly not Nyx who I lost in the crowd and frequent crashes, which also robbed me of any pics of dancing with Os!) were delightful 🙂

Here is Janey looking elegant and lovely

Postcard from Second Life.

lovely shoes 🙂

Postcard from Second Life.

And here is me appearing to leer down here top for a cheeky view! *insert Sid James gag here*

Postcard from Second Life.

Dancing to Sinatra on the Titanic – anyone still needing a reason for SL to exist should go read a book, they will simply never get it 😀

Cow. Another cow.

Twisters. Love ’em or love ’em, you can’t not play with them – especially if you have the wonderful Tornado HUD from the very talented Tryptofaa Sands. I’ve taken to setting mine off in Murray and seeing who comes over to play 🙂


I managed to get Pinkie and Janey recently – teehee. See Janey’s blog about it here. Mind the flying cows, y’hear.

Catching up with friends in Bodega

Last night, in the time I had before the CNN weekly meeting, I decided to explore Bodega, the next region on my road trip. I had just rezzed up my car and was cursing to myself after the third smash in the first 30 seconds when who should appear but my mate Osprey, bumming a lift 😀 Obviously she hadn’t heard about my driving as she allowed me to drive her home – is she mad?

Bodega 1

Once there, after a few bumps and scrapes along the barriers, she took me down to the water of her home to see the new kingfisher that has moved in (Osprey never names her critters but he told me that was his name was Keith). She also took me up the hill (not a euphemism) to she her woopecker (also not a euphemism), Wilma and her squiggle, Sebasian. Oh! and lest I forget, her turkey, Atta.

Osprey's Kingfisher


I was admiring all this wildlife when *poof* in popped Enjah! As my camera was right where she appeared at the time, I got a hell of a shock 😀 We chatted a while and took some pics before their friend, Art, trotted over to join us – we entertained the delightful little fella with a dance from the next The Show Must Go On.

Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.

It was at this point I had to leave (boo!) to get to the weekly CNN iReporters meeting where I spent a lovely hour with Janey and Pinkie (yay!) and Jim, Nicole, Hibiscus and the others discussing the CNN iReport site, upcoming stories and Janey’s current story on content theft.

Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.

Fun Fun Fun!

What a belting weekend it was for this old Burro – I had fun with Nazna in Murray and a sim she teleported me to, before jetting off to my first rehearsal for the next The Show Must Go On and fighting in the Combat Cards Spring 2008 Tournament (of Terror!!!)

I’m afraid I didn’t get any pictures of Nazna – SL was playing up at the time and I’m always a little worried if I stop to take a snap I’ll get orbited 😀 – but I had a great time exploring an ‘in-progress’ sim with her that I’m looking forward to seeing again. After Combat Cards last night, I wanted to get to a club to see Sinatra Cartier perform but SL wouldn’t let me teleport and I could only get to Murray. Nazna came in and we have made a date to go and see the wonderful Far Away sometime this week. After that, some others came in and I was far too tired for their nonsense so I logged, but I’m looking forward to a group trip, my first in a loooooong time!

The Show Must Go On was an intense experience for me. I have only ever sat in the audience before and had no inkling just how much work goes on the background to make the show just run. I had no idea what to expect and no idea what to do – I just bumbled from one position to another like a toddler being asked to build a car. Still, I got through without looking too much of a tit (I hope) and without annoying anyone (I think) and I’m looking forward to my next rehearsal. I can’t (and won’t) tell you about my part in the show, save to say it is a small part so I shouldn’t be able to do much damage to the show’s reputation if I fuck it up. I’ll let you know when the first show is on and I hope you can come and see it – not for my part, but just because it’s a brilliant show that is unlike anything else in SL.

(Hi to Young – thanks for the wonderful chat after the show x)

My first rehersal

Combat Cards was, as ever, bloody good fun. As usual I sucked so bad I nearly inhaled my own feet (in fact, they were only saved from that fate by the fact Maxie quite successfully hacked them off). I lost in the first round of the Open Cup to Maxie, who eventually lost herself to Kat Burger, the 2008 Open Cup Champeen! Pinkie fought in the Open Cup too, but lost to Kat. I also lost in the first round of the Constructed Cup to the all conquering Michalius Oppewall (although I did put up a good, if somewhat lucky, battle against him and nearly, o so nearly, best him when I got him from around 20 to 2 health before he dispatched me). Janey also fought in this round, but lost to Joh who Mich then beat to win the Construted Cup. I couldn’t stay for the ‘Free-For-All’ round so I don’t know who won, but if the last one was anything to go by, it would have been a long, hard slog with many sudden and unexpected exits – demo pack fightss are like that at times 🙂

HBA arives at the Combat Cards Spring 2008 Tournament - let the fighting begin!

The Combat Cards Spring 2008 Tournament Begins

Pinkie vs Kat

Mich vs HBA for the CC Spring 2008 Constructed Cup

Janey vs Joh

Kat Burger wins the CC Spring 2008 Open Cup

The CC Spring 08 Constructed Cup Winner is...

What a weekend! I wonder what this week will bring? 😀