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HBA Island – Gone At Last

I’ve popped into my old home once or twice since I left to see if it had been sold – I was strangely pleased* to see it remained empty and the same as the day I had left.

HBA Island: the End

But… Now it belongs to someone else. And his rocks are better than mine were.**
The New Old HBA Island

* A feeling akin to that childish need to see an ex in the street looking tired and miserable instead of happy and obviously better off without you.

** See? Better off without me. Sigh.

Looking for a new home

I’ve been in SL for two and a half years now, man & gazelle, but I’ve never really had a home. Even my currnt home point is the Eleanor Theatre in Phobos because that means I can beam back there if I crash out during a show.

Best I can recall is:
I was born in Braunsworth I think – I can no longer remember as I never stayed there but went wandering.
I ended up in Nova Albion but only to camp.
I moved to an abandoned infohub in Murray.
I bought a small plot on a private island called Gembong East.
I finally made my home point the theatre when the show quickly became the most important thing in my SL.

Apart from Murray I have never been part of a fixed community, and even that was just standing around chatting and booting griefers. I don’t count the show as although the troupe are my friends, it’s not a fixed community and, with only a small number of exceptions, there is no interaction outside the show. I have wonderful friends in SL, but timezones mean I rarely see them beyond the show. I need a purpose to come in-world and outside of the show I’m struggling.

I guess what I’m suffering from is loneliness.

I’m willing to bet that when Darien Mason contacted me about writing with him in The Lost Journal he had no idea what he would set in motion; I certainly didn’t. I want to be part of a wider comminty of roleplayers and writers. I want to feel the energy of creation I get from writing and taking photos. I want to have adventures and fun outside the show, and not just on my own all the time.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been exploring, on this blog and others, what it means to roleplay in SL and I’ve moved from a place where I wanted the perfect sim/RP experience served on a plater, to wanting to get in with a far more open and looser system. But where?

Caledon has always scared me because of its size – too easy to simply get lost I think and my views on it have been coloured by an earlier attempt to find a sort of home there. New Babbage is amazing but I don’t have the skills needed to be there – it’s a big boys place. Nova Albion/Bay City are places I have lots of love for but Bay City more about city life there and Nova Albion’s roleplaying days seem long behind it. Cowell/Kahruvel are places I simply adore but nothing goes on there. Outside of that it’s all film and book roleplaying and outside of a 1940s noir setting I’m not that interested (1).

But one name keeps coming up. One name that seems to involve community and lightness of touch that appears to allow a hell of a lot of creative roleplay to spring up despite not being a roleplay sim. It’s a place that takes in strays, a category I think I fall smack bang into. That place is called Steelhead.

I think this is it. I’m almost certain I’m going to move, abandon my beloved old HBA Island forever and find a new home with new stories to tell, ones where I’m not the only voice and player.


(1) Especially in frigging vampires.

The ever shifting neighbours of HBA Island

When I started renting my small 4km plot of land that became HBA Island (maybe in June 07, I can’t remember any more) I quickly got to know my neighbours largely because I’m quite social like that but also because I wanted to avoid any problems through making friendships. But I’ve been amazed, really amazed, at just how many changes in people there have been over the 20 months or so I’ve been there.

First off there is the fella I bought it off – can’t remember his name or how 2 met him. I think I was looking for land nearby and bumped into him. But his name has gone now and in the past when I contacted him, I’ve had no reply so I guess he has gone too. Hell, even the man who sold *him* this land has gone, his shop on the next sim replaced with empty land and a For Sale sign.

Then there are (or were) my neighbours to the north. Jily was there for ages, but has long since left the sim. Her ex-bf sold me some of the land thereby doubling HBA Island to 8km but he left after an bitter split from her (I missed the huge flashing billboards of her naked av, but it got messy I heard).

Julie moved into the plot to my east during this time and her and Jily locked horns pretty much from the start. Huge walls began to spring up in attempt to ruin each other’s view and insults thickened the air like gnats. Huge great big gnats screaming BITCH to all and sundry to hear. It was quite hard for me as I had befriended them both and copped for the lot as they blew off steam. Still, Jily (and her sis or alt, Shigs) left the island leaving Julie to expand north and Jily’s newest ex-bf to move into the plot to the east. Newest ex, yes. Did I not mention that? Well he moved in to the east of me and built a very attractive Roman-esque love nest-cum-humper bunker that saw even more action than the Lesbian slave castle that stood on the same site before Julie bought it. Lesbian slave castle, yes. Did I not mention them either?

Ahhh, the lesbians. They are, in all truth, the only neighbours I’ve ever missed – not because of their constant lack of clothes either (there’s a welcome cold breeze on these beach front properties, let me tell you). No, I miss them because they were lovely. And fun. And never fell out with anyone. They always came over to chat, or chatted when I wandered over to see what they were building, and I like that. True it was a little odd being called sir all the time (their mistress had instructed them to do so) but hey ho.

That’s the north and east but what of the west, I hear you ask? Well that has been, until recently, my one constant. A large, sprawling shop belonging to… to… do you know, I have no idea of her name. I never visited the shop, never bought a thing. She sold house-y stuff and until Cowell I’ve never done houses. We never talked bar her asking me to turn off my weather system’s sunbeams as they were blocking people clicking on her vendors. All I can say is she seemed nice enough and owned tons of land on the next island.

So imagine my shock when I TPed home to see she had gone. Totally gone. Nearly half a sim just empty. Actually I flew around that sim and it was 90% bare land and the rest was barely used – a dead sim is an eerie sight…

Here are some shots of the empty land next to HBA Island. Oh well, at least I’ve been able to take my jungle walls down now her huge shop walls have gone…

Vacant land next to HBA Island

Vacant land next to HBA Island