hamlet au

It’s you, stupid…

Have a look in the mirror. Go on, have a really good look at your face. That face that stares back at you. Those eyes. Those eyes belong to the reason Second Life is shit. You are the reason the Lab employees go home crying at night, you bastard!

I’m not going to link to Uncle Hammy’s Glorious Revelation of The Ultimate Truth (can you guess why?) so you’ll have to google for it, but trust me when I say he proves conclusively that Second Life’s woes (I’m not sure what they are, but if Hammy says we have woes then we bloody well have woes!) are down to you – yes you!

It’s not lag. It’s not the viewer. It’s not high prices. It’s not the fact the Lab is competing with land owners and renters. The shitty customer service. The fucked chat. No. It’s you and me not just shutting the fuck up and sitting quietly like the open wallets we are spunking wonga up the Lab’s leg like a sex-addled ATM. That and the fact you just won’t let him have facebook-humping-SL dream and cruelly insist on keeping your name secret so you can hide behind a made up persona, you cowardly shit!

So listen to Uncle Hammy, keep your miserable whining to yourself and keep paying the bills so the Lab can have more parties Hammy can crash and twat on about.

Fuck me…

Adric Antfarm – Haunting Hammy From Beyond The Grave!

In what I can only imagine is a development that would make Adric piss himself laughing, Hammy has posted a piece about his death only to see it turn into a “Hammy is teh ebil!” flame war. Adric would have loved that – not the fact that the Hamster posted about his death, which would have pissed him of royally, but that people managed to get their “FUCK OFF AND DIE!” posts to stick in a place he himself found his comments more often than not wiped from.

An Aside…
Y’know, even though I don’t read it anymore, I really do wish Ham wouldn’t post Blue Mars posts in his SL blog – but I guess it’s his blog so it’s his choice… which leads me nicely back to the start of this sentence 🙂 Anyhoo, back to the main event…

Follow the fun!
Hamlet’s post.
Crap’s no nonsense post in reply.

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There seems to be another in the endless spats between Prok & Crap with Adric & Josue… all amusing stuff from the outside so I thought you’d like a read 🙂