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Life in Tyria: The Clan Keeps Growing…

Jurak Gearwright, my trusty Engineer and first ever character created after beta, hit 80 a long time ago but has only recently killed Zhiatan. That’s three years, albeit with a couple of very long breaks, to reach the end of the original personal story. Ulfryk, the Norn Guardian I created a couple of months ago has already reached 80 and is very close to killing Zhaitan whilst Bercolwyn, my Sylvari Ranger created a couple of weeks after game launch, has no also reached 80 and Jeb is already over 30. This sudden burst of achievement can be directly tied back to three factors: 1) playing in a Guild, 2) playing a couple of hours almost every evening, and 3) the levelling improvements Arenanet have made since launch. Out of those three the last plays the smallest part and it’s been down to the powerhouse of the Good Guys Gaming guild I set up that I’ve maintained such an enthusiasm for the game over a sustained period. There is something just far better about playing with friends than playing alone and these guys are carrying me through the game in such a fun and entertaining way that the grind (such as it is in GW2) never feels like grind, just fun. This has led to me creating more characters and levelling several up with more coming through the ranks, so here, dear reader, is a potted guide to the guys I play in #GuildWars2 …

Jurak Gearwright (Level 80 Human Engineer): So far the only guy I have who has taken down the Big Bad Z, I had thought his place in the Pantheon of Heroes was at risk until the guild started making headway into the Silverwatses recently and now I think he is essential. He’s the most versatile, mobile, control-y guy I have and I love him all over again 🙂

Bercolwyn (Level 80 Sylvari Ranger): Although still to tackle his Level 50 & 60 personal story section, this guy is primed for excursions into the Maguuma Jungle once Heart of Thorns is released, mainly because I really want a Sylvari in there to see how the Mordermoth corruption storyline plays out.

Ulfryk the Penitent (Level 80 Norn Guardian): The poster boy for rapid progression, I created this lad to help the guild through dungeons but he’s so much skull-mashing fun to play with I’m currently running with some other Level 80s from the guild through Orr to take down the Zee-miester.

Jeb Tiler (Lever 30 Human Thief): Created very recently for the Guild Thief Clan runs I honestly wasn’t expecting to like this class as much as I am and now Jeb is the guy I want to get up to 80 as soon as I can. The thief is an amazing class that you don’t play with but rather you dance with. Get it right and you look like an awesome ninja, get it wrong and you look like a clown – I love it!

Twilk (Level 10ish Asura Elementalist): Ahhh, I had such high hopes for this guy back near lunch, sadly he still languishes in Rata Sum unloved and unplayed but waiting for his moment to come…

Raketooth Longclaw (Level 10ish Charr Warrior): Another potential waiting for realisation, his day will come…

Torri (Level 20 Sylvari mesmer): Created very recently and blasted to 20 with a birthday tome just so I could help the guild out with the Lion’s Arch jumping puzzle, this guy has seen no action really and the Mesmer remains a class I know nothing about but sort of want to learn.

Conclusion? The Engineer and Thief are brilliant fun to play, as long you don’t mind managing lots of stuff all at once as well as never staying still 😀

Bercolwyn, ready for the jungle...

Bercolwyn, ready for the jungle…


Jurak, in desert garb…


Ulfryk, saviour and hero

The GGG Thief Clan

The GGG Thief Clan – check yer wallets 😉

Life in Tyria: Meet Ups and Clan Runs – Come One, Come All!


The Good Guys Gaming Google+ community guild (All the Gs) I set up a month or so ago is going strong with group runs each night so far, but we are aiming to be a little more… adventurous in the future but to do so we need more members and higher level characters so we are trying a few of things:

1) If you are stuck on a tough personal story mission of a hard quest line or if you need to get to a vista or POI that’s in a rough neighborhood then you can call us to come and help you.

2) If you are looking for a group to run a dungeon with you, call us. Brad in mind we are inexperienced at dungeons but what we lack in experience we make up for with raw enthusiasm and friendly chat over Teamspeak 😀

3) We are holding an open event this Friday, 28th August at 7pm UTC (8pm in the UK). We are meeting up at Morgan’s Spiral in Caledon Forest with the aim of fighting the undead and completing the two jumping puzzles there. Bring a new or low level character (try to get to the Spiral ahead of time or you’ll spend ages running there on the night and miss it).

4) We’ve set up a Thief Clan Run for Sunday nights (7pm to 9pm UTC – 8 to 10 in the UK) and you are welcome to join. You have to be a human Thief and we are aiming to level together. Right now we are at 10 and still in Queensdale. Come and join us – here some guidelines to help you:

All the Gs is a casual and friendly guild – come and join us if you are curious about Guild Wars 2 or are looking to get back into it after a long absence.

Life in Tyria: Several funny things happened to me on the way to the way point…

Last night in #GuildWars2 was really good fun yet I got nothing done and don’t care that I didn’t. Let me explain.

I logged in later than normal due to family stuff and found there were only three of the “All the Gs” guild online, me, +Cmdr Paws & +Alex Hartmann. We chatted in TS for a while and it was apparent we were all doing our own things. I wanted to start the next part of my personal story and both guildies offered to join me for back up, an offer I was delighted to accept as I knew I’d be walking into a fight in the next step.

But we never got to that step and here’s why.

The guys came to me but neither had been to my area before so they had a fun run through a lot of bad guys to get to me. Once they reached me in the Skritt caves we decided to explore and found a Hero Point guarded by a Veteran spider and lots of rapidly re-spawning spider minions so we had a blast stomping them before we found a small Skitt camp with a spider-stomping training stage complete with painted wooden spiders that drop down 😀

On the way out we decided to cut across a mountain to get to my personal story entry point and ran slap bang into a Jotun camp with another Hero Point and Vet. Commence a serious fight as Jotun are a lot tougher than spiders and both Paws and Alex were under powered for the zone, but we won! We then exited by leaping down a cliff face like three drug-fueled goats and dashed off to climb another mountain guarded by griffins. We did this because at the top was a Vista that afforded us a lovely cinematic of the area. At this point Alex and I became part-goat again but Paws decided to see if he could survive the fall. He couldn’t but by the Six Gods the dent he left ion the road was impressive!

At last we could set off for the personal story point… except I saw a lonely Charr by a cave so went to investigate instead. He asked us to go inside and help his colleagues save the Skriitt from the demons so we did – we are heroic and noble like that, you see. In the caves we found the whole area full of foul yellow mist and glowing crystals and the poor Skritt were under attack by Imps galore! We set about smacking down the wee winged swine and soon came across a Sylvari scholar, a colleague of the Charr outside, who needed us to gather some of the crystals so she could open a portal to send the imps back. Only the portal then started to spew lots of them out along with a Veteran Imp. Cue another damn big fight!

On the way out of the caves and finally heading towards the personal story point we go split up and Paws & Alex began to fight for their lives as they fled some big Bad Nasties crossing a huge rope bridge. I also found myself in hot water as I stupidly took on a column of Grawl bad guys who were trying to break into a Priory camp. I fought them off as best I could (mostly by setting the buggers on fire and applying my mace to their skulls) but had not Paws, ales and several other passing heroes joined in and turned the tide I would have been Grawl food!

As we left the scene of our victory-snatched-from-defeat we passed another Priory camp called Camp Landslide Lee. It was named after their colleague who camped there despite advice to the contrary and seemingly enjoyed a good yodel of a morning. He is missed by his fellow scholars to this day.

Now we were definitely on the road to the personal story point. Except we saw a Svanir running into a cave and decided to investigate. Turns out we’d found a hidden camp full of the objectionable sods and set about showing them the error of the ways with gusto. Any chests of loot we found in the cave were legally seized and can be considered spoils of war, so don’t go starting that!

We left the cave, determined to get to the personal story point… but first a slight detour to a camp to collect a reward and sell some junk in order to lighten my load.

At which point it we all realised it was time to log off as we are all old men with jobs to go to the next day! So we never got into the personal story and yet managed to have an entire session of fun just zooming around responding to the dynamically running world around us. And that, ladies and gentlebumps, is why #GuildWars2 is so bloody amazing 🙂

Life in Tyria: A Guild Wars 2 Primer for joining in the fun!

Over in the Google+ community “Good Guys Gaming” I have tempted a few people into playing GW2 and buying the Heart of Thorns expansion and so to help those totally new to the game I wrote this very brief primer on getting started – I thought I’d re-post it here just in case anyone wants to check out #GW2HOT and join in 🙂


A Guild Wars 2 Primer for the Good Guys Gaming G+ Community (updated 27th July 2015 – originally written 21st July 2015)

Buying the game. First thing to know is that the game is buy-to-play so you buy the game and never have to pay a sub. Ever. Most updates are free with only Expansions requiring payment (also the Living Story episodes if you miss them when they are released) as Arenanet make money from their cash shop which sells cosmetics and ‘quality of life’ items. When you are looking at buying the game there are currently two main options each with three sub-options:

1) The Core Game only – this will give you everything you need to play up to the Heart of Thorns Expansion that is currently in beta. The only exception is that you won’t have access to the Living Story Season 1 (no one does as they haven’t yet found a way of making it available) or Season 2 (you can buy access to the story episodes in the store for a couple of quid each). The three variations of this version offer additional cosmetic and QoL items that are nice but you don’t need – if you are a budget get the cheapest one (currently about £15 via Last thing to note is that is you buy this version you will have to buy the Heart of Thorns Expansion separately (which has the core game bundled in – see next).

2) Heart of Thorns Expansion – this bundles in the Core Game (see above) and grants access to the HOT content once released. As above there are three versions offering increasing levels of cosmetic and QoL items but the bottom line is if you can afford £35 then the HoT Standard edition represents the best base content value for money as you get Core & HOT together. You can get it from here:

Choosing a Server. As we have just found out (sorry Max!) you can’t play together across the Pond – EU & US servers are totally segregated and so if you want to play with the GGG players and join the GGG “All the Gs” guild you need to select Piken Square in the EU server farm as your home server. This might give US players a 100ms to 500ms lag according to various Reddit posts, but many GW2 players play across the divide with no lag effects at all. One thing to note is that changing servers can cost about £20 so choose wisely.

Joining the GGG Guild. Simply whisper one of us in game or ask to join in the GGG G+ community and we’ll add you to the list – once added you need to open your guild panel and accept the invitation with a small button at the bottom. The GGG guild is called “All the Gs” and once you accept and ensure you are representing the guild (you can be in 5 guilds but only represent one at a time – again see the guild panel for the represent button) you’ll have the following tag after your name [GGG].

Choosing a race and profession and crafting skill and… ARGH! It’s a wee bit beyond the scope of this post to advise you on that so I would suggest you check out the following resources first but bear in mind the game is well balanced so race doesn’t give you any real benefits and professions and skills are going to be situationally useful rather than over-powered. Choose what you like and enjoy 

Story Telling. When you start you will be in a small story instance that sets you off on your quest to save the world. After that you are treated to a new episode in your Personal Story each 10 levels or so – the Personal Story can be great at times and totally awful at others but Arenanet have learnt a lot about story telling in the three years the game has been live and it does get a lot better. Arenanet release a season of “Living Story” each year (or more) and these are episodes released each two weeks or so over a two to three month period. You are free to ignore all aspects of the story and just adventure through the world, but you’ll need to complete the Personal Story to defeat the big bad boss of the core game.

Arenanet’s introduction videos to GW2 (a little dated now but still good):

Arenanet’s Living Story videos:

Arenanet’s Heart of Thorns videos:

Arenanet’s Points of View (PvE) videos:

Arenanet’s Ready Up (PvP) videos:

Arenanet’s profession guides videos (again, dated but good for an overview):

Wooden Potatoes – UK YouTuber who’s played GW for 10 years now so knows it inside out and provides tones of lore and insights as well as updates, news, views and comment:

Guild Wars Reporter – Under the MMO Rorter banner, a great and friendly weekly podcast about the state of the game:

Races of Tyria:

Official GW2 News feed: