The hunt for Salazar: A new development!

Salazar has been missing for a very long time now, missing but not gone as his occasional messages testify. He’s spent the last few months trying to communicate with us and today saw a major development when we received an image for the first time! True it’s badly corrupted but it could be cleaned up and it’s obvious that Sal has got his Gini and running so who knows what he’ll be able to send next! Exciting times ahead, and maybe we will get Sal back soon…

The Missing Saloon of Oak Grove

I can often be found in Murray as I flit from one engagement to another. I like Murray, even if I don’t always like the people there. I came to Murray a long time ago and after battling and beating many a griefing arsehole no one can make ever make me leave – it’s in my blood I guess. But that’s not to say I don’t like to explore the surrounding area – after all, the first ever sim nearby (Da Boom) and the spiritual home of the Furries (Lusk) and the sports sim of Rizal and vehicle sims around Bethel, Brilliant and Bethel. And in between Murray and the cyber-punk sim of Gibson you find the curio that is Oak Grove.

Part-wild west town, part-desert stage and part-car showroom, it’s always been a strange place. The history, as with all old places in SL, is an interesting mix of half-finished projects and builds transfered from other locations. The car lot is actually Busy Ben’s, a LL sponsored area where residents can win short term free rental for their vehicle retail businesses. The stage was once a bookable educational facility that replaced a Native American village that in turn complimented the wild west town where gun fights could take place for fun. The town itself was moved from another sim (Zoe) in 2003 and was a resident creation scheme (in the manner of Bay City at the moment) that has long since not only stalled and been forgotten, but actually begun to decay and de-rez! I took Frank through for a looksee and was horrified to find the saloon all but gone!
The missing Saloon in Oak Grove 1

The missing Saloon in Oak Grove 3

I wonder if an outlaw is to blame…?
The missing Saloon in Oak Grove 5

I really must ask Salazar Jack to come down here with his GINI to take a look – maybe he can find some clue as to what is happening before it spreads…