Enjah Mysterio

The Reading – New Film from TSMGO Studios & Mysterio Productions

My mate Enjah has been working hard (very bloody hard!) on her new movie – and what a doozy! She’s leapt from 2-3 minute comic shorts to a 9 minute drama set in the gorgeous seaside village of Cowell & mighty forest of Kahruvel, places close to my heart 🙂

So, without further ado, I present the latest TSMGO Studio release of the Mysterio Production*, The Reading…

* Don’t let Enjah’s modesty fool you. This is almost entirely the product of her hard work and certainly my only input was a few discussion emails and a very dodgy East European accent ;-D

Bunnehs on a Bike!

From the twisted mind of Grignano’s Mysterio Studios comes a tale of tranformative love bewteen a kindly jackalope and an outcast bunnilla! See them ride a bike! Witness them search for a cure! Gasp as they go boing!

Bunneh on a Boat!

From the heart of the Mysterio Studios of Grignano & Raglan comes a cautionary tale of Mother Nature and a simple seafaring bunneh…

Bunneh, P.I.

When Enjah was filming the sublime “Malted Bunneh” she designed a great range of 40s noir clothes for the detectives and police – here is Bunneh, P.I.
Enjah the Bunneh PI

Enjah the Bunneh PI Enjah the Bunneh PI

Bunnehs on a ‘bloon!

Here’s more from the famed Mysterio Studio of Raglan & Grignano – a magical tale of companionship that unfolds against a backdrop of a personal journey into the heart of friendship on a balloon. And there’s a wolf, too.

And before you draw too many conclusions, let’s hear the wolf’s side of the story, eh?

Aieeeee! Death from Above!

The cameras of Mysterio Studio were out filming recently when they happened to catch just how close our world came to total destruction in a terrifying Tiny Alien Invasion!

A workaround for the snapshot to postcard issue

I came into SL last night to help Enjah out with the 2010 show – it was good to be back, but the first hour was still a minefield of annoying techy issues that pissed me right off, but I remained calm and did not re-spit my dummy out and in the end I had a good night.

Along the way I got an IM from Mari who told me about Torley’s workaround for the snapshot issue that had pissed me off so royally the week before. The issue is that I couldn’t send snapshots via email anymore (saving to disk did work but as I don’t use that system it’s not an idea alternative for me, more an emergency plan B). It turned out this is one of those ancient issues that had rumbled on in the Jira for a while but seems to have become much worse in the latest server roll out. Torley suggests reducing the size of your snapshot (he explains more here in the Jira). For a few months I’ve been taking my shots at 2880 x 1618 & 80% quality giving me a file size of around 500Kb to 1Mb (1Mb being the cut off limit when emailing out as I do – I email out to Snapzilla and that in turn emails the shot to Flickr – I’ve edited the postcard XML file so it automatically has the correct email address in the To: field). This *had* been working fine but on Torley’s suggestion I dropped the size to 1440 x 809 & 80% quality (giving me a file size of 300Kb to 500Kb) and it worked again.

Now obviously the fact that I should be able too send the larger shots (and until two weeks ago could!) means that this is only a workaround for an error I really hope the Linden’s fix toot sweet, but at least it means I (and you if you have been similarly blighted) can send postcards again! TY Mari & Torley 🙂

Dropping in on friends

I was exploring the Pompinio volcano the other day (post on that to come 🙂 ) and I realised I was really close to Bodega where three of my favourite people in the world live so I decided to pop over and see how their houses were doing.

My first stop was Young’s wonderfully elegant (you should expect nothing less) builds on her land – being a very clever sort, Young made these in some 3D software and did a lovely job of the textures giving them a warm, sun-hugged feel that you just don’t see enough of in-world. See them yourself here.
Young Geoffrion's Land in Bodega

From there it was but a very short hop across to Enjah’s amazing (and huge!) hollowed out treehouse. Enjha used to live above her art gallery in Davenport, but a while back she moved the gallery to the Grignano region of Nova Albion city and built her home in a massive tree in Bodega. Take a look here.
Enjah's Treehouse in Bodega

From Enjah’s tree, I took a walk further into Bodega to where Osprey has her rather amazing ‘home’. I say home, but it’s so much more – it’s her gallery, her costume shop, her wildlife reserve, her therma-vent, her gorgeous slice of old Sansara. Explore it here.
Osprey's Place in Bodega

I’m blessed – I know some really talented and friendly folk in SL and I’m lucky enough to call these three my friends 🙂

Young Geoffrion’s Art Exhibition

I count myself a lucky little Burro for many reasons and chief amongst them is the simple fact I have some truly splendid friends. Young Geoffrion is just such an example (I’ve mentioned before how much I love her blog) and my time spent with her is always a pure delight.

Due to my current addiction to Left4Dead2 & Borderlands, I’m not getting in-world as I used to & I don’t see my friends as much so it was a real delight to manage to get in for Young’s first every art exhibition. It was held in the new Mysterio Gallery in Grignano and I had a blast! I had guessed Young was a talented artist, but bloody hell! She is brilliant! I took a few shots (below) and I’d encourage you all to pop over and take a look. I understand that the pieces are for sale too and I’ll be buying one – that will mean I have works from Os, Enjha & Young now *does a happy dance* Quite how I who can’t draw a line and know nothing about high culture know such wonderfully clever peeps is beyond me, I’m just glad I do 😀

Here’s a handy cut-out-n-keep SLURL to the Mysterio Gallery in Grignano: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Grignano/118/126/36/?title=Mysterio%20Gallery

Young's Art Exhibition

Young's Art Exhibition

Young's Art Exhibition

Young's Art Exhibition

P.S. Once you’ve been to Enjah’s gallery in Grignano, why not explore the surrounding city of Nova Albion. This is the oldest city in SL and its neighbour, Bay City, one of the newest – take a looksee and touch some of the history of the grid!

P.P.S Here is a post from Young about the show. One from Enjah (with a video!). And one from Os.

All the right notes…

My mate Enjah didn’t like this. Ladies and gentlebumps, I open the forum for discussion – what do you think…?

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP8TUe993uo

P.S. Bear in mine it is from 1971 so will look and feel dated, but once you get past that I argue that the comedy is up there with anything from Groucho 🙂 Comments please!

P.P.S. Enjah got bored half way through – it is a slow burner, so if you are of a similar mind, go to 7mins and watch from there. The punchline is genius!