Combat Cards

Goodbye Osprey…

Friends of Osprey as well as those who followed her online would know of her long time battle with MS. I’m sad to say that its a battle she lost yesterday, although she did so on her terms which sums up Osprey perfectly – she lived life her way.

Os was my mate in SL, the single person most responsible for my staying in SL after the initial novelty of the place wore off in early 2007. She gave me purpose, diection and a chance to create. She shared her world and friends generously and I will always love her for that.

The Army of Os

You can leave a message on her SL page here.


Combat Cards Spring Tournament Final: Sunday 2nd March at 2pm

CC Tournament (Spring 08) Poster

Get Ready To Rumble cos it’s clobbering time in Second Life – the latest round of battles in the Combat Cards game is drawing to its climactic conclusion as Sunday 2nd March sees the finals of the current titanic round of terror! And although the Constructed and Open league battles are closed to entrants now, this is still the free-for-all last-man-standing come-one-come-all round (with a cash prize) that anyone can fight in on the night.

Combat Cards is a duelling game driven by cards that the players select from a display on their screen with each card attacking and blocking in an attempt reduce their opponents health to zero. It’s fast, fun and free! If you’d like to know more, just follow the links below and if you want to practice before this Sunday’s Super Smackdown, teleport to Europa and fight the practice robots you will find there.

The finals, including the cash prize open-to-all battle, will be held in the specially built arenas of Europa at 2pm SL time on Sunday 2nd March. Bring a sword and a first aid kit, you’ll need them!

Combat Cards Info Site
Combat Cards Tutorial Video
Combat Cards Blog
Europa SLURL

Combat Cards: New Guide & Anvil in the HBA Island Arena

Anyone wanting to fight in Combat Cards has been able to use my floating arena for some time, but if the mystery of building a deck (instead of using the free demo ones) eludes you then there is a new guide to all the cards on the arena courtesy of the wee genius Mich. Click it to spin it round as one side has all the fantasy cards on, and the other shows all the horror cards. The great thing about the guide is that not only can you see if a card you have is horror or fantasy, but you can match the symbols to try and build in the all important 2 and 3 card combos.

If you are still struggling to build a deck (and believe me, I feking well am), join the Combat Cards group and look out for a notice about a workshop I think (hope and pray) Doc and Osprey will be running soon.

Also, I’ve updated the anvil to the latest version (1.4.1) so you’ll need to click it and get a new deck (demo or blank) to fight. If you are using it to fight with a deck you have made, you’ll need to take your cards out of the old deck and put them into a new blank deck from the anvil. Good bloody luck 🙂

Combat Cards – 3rd Dec 07

Ahhhh, another night of bloody slaughter and quick witted quippage 🙂

Janey took on The Destroyer…


…and won!


JG Riggles took on Ned Bot…


…and Osprey…


…who gave him a face full of pain…


…all with a smile, of course…


…before doing him in completely!


I did ok(ish), winning against Janey…


…and Pinkie…


…before Mich did me in like a noob 😀

Make sure you come next Sunday, 2pm SL time at Europa.

Combat Cards: Today at 2pm SL

Hi all,

Come along and join the Combat Cards fun tonight at 2pm SL in the Combat Cards arena in Europa. It’s all free and there are plenty of us to help you if you are new. To find out more, visit the Combat Cards website and the Combat Cards Blog – good fighting!

See more here… grrr!

Combat Cards: Sunday Smackdown – 25th Nov 07

Just a quickie to update you on last night’s Combat Cards bloodletting – I beat Mich, Janey beat Pinkie (at last!!) and Osprey beat the lot of us. Well, actually she kicked the crap out of us – I think she’d had a rough day in RL with drivers cutting her up and people pushing in front of her at the supermarket because she was on fire, ladies and gentlemen. She was death given flesh and she used her gorgeous prim hair to both distract and stab people with. Don’t mess with Os is my advice…

Me and Mich go at it…


Mich gets a good hit on Os (although she killed him for it shortly afterwards)


Bare Knuckle Bracken knows Destroyer Delcon’s weak spot… her shoes!


Finally – the Destroy is beaten! Janey has defended my honour 🙂


I took on Oy Vey Osprey…


…with predictable results!


And then she went on to batter poor Maxie!

I had to leave after this, but I’ll be back next Sunday – come and join us! 2pm SL time in Europa. Remember, it is free and you can pop over there any time to watch the ‘how to’ video and practice against the robots.

p.s. Sorry the pics are crap quality – I’m having viewer problems with SL and my settings are way down right now. Something must be broken as everyone is Ruthing like mad and all sorts of off graphical glitches are popping up 😦

Combat Cards: Sunday Slaughter for 18th Nov 07


(ahem It’s Europa, actually.)

(is it? Oooo! Sorry!)



(do you think so? I think Sparta sounds better, don’t you. more manly)

(ooo duck! You sound fab!)

(awww, ty sweets)


And so beganeth the Sunday Slaughter. First*, Joh fought and defeated Destroyer Delcon!

Then Maxie took on Headbut Burro and lost!

Before Headbut did away with Bare Knuckle Bracken.

Only for the Destroyer to show him who the Daddy really was.

Before she was also offed by Oy Vey Osprey!

Who then went into a mad blood fury and mashed poor Maxie…

…and Bare Knuckle Bracken!

All in all, a rollocking good night 🙂

Come and join us every Sunday night in Europa at 2pm SL / 10pm GMT – there is an instructional video and 2 practice robots to train with – and it’s all completely free!

HeadBut Burro – ROAR!!!

* Not really, but I can’t remember the right order.

Combat Cards: 11th Nov 07 Fights

Elton John once said “Saturday night’s alright for fighting” but he was wrong! And bald! It’s Sunday night, 2pm SL / 10pm GMT. And it’s in Europa and not Blackpool like Elton (probably) meant.

So Sunday night saw me (Headbut Burro), Bare Knuckle Bracken and Destroyer Delcon sauntering down to the Combat Card Arenas in Europa ready to chew gum and kick arse… and we were all out of gum. Unfortunately, our swanky new decks were still borked so we got pasted good and proper.

I started by taking on a dragon…

…and managed to win despite a valiant fight and near roasting!

Before taking on Doc, the game’s creator…

… who tore me a new one!

Then Janey got stuck into Maxie (one of the talented game dev team behind the cards)

And she won – yay!

Only to get smashed in the re-match – boo!

And all this was watched over by the ever enigmatic smile of Osprey Therian…

Pop over to Janey’s Blog for a much better write up than here 🙂 And come along to next week’s matches – it’s free to join in and the best fun you can have with a sword outside a Gorean sim (with the added bonus of not being sold into slavery, mated with or eaten). Go to the Combat Cards site for more info.

Combat Cards: Building a Deck

Blimey! I’ll tell you sommat for free, building a good deck of cards for the Combat Cards game is not as easy as it sounds!

Ohhh, actually making it is simple – you get a free empty deck/HUD from the anvil, rez it on the floor and use right click>edit>contents thingy to drop the cards you chose in to it and then when you’re done, just take the deck back, wear it and go for a fight – but the making it a well balanced fight winning deck is hard!

When you take your new deck, all shiny and smelling of new paint, to its first fight, well this is where the fun begins because this is where you find out if you have built a well balanced deck or not. The way you find you haven’t is by immediately finding you have no good cards to fight with in the HUD, panicking a lot and then dying with a sword through your middle. Messy.

So, how do you make a well balanced deck, I hear one… may two… of you ask? Good question my loyal reader. The simple answer is the same way you get to Carnegie Hall… practice!

Put too many high end cards in (a natural desire in your quest to ensure you have some two or three card combos in there) and you’ll find yourself faced with a HUD of red-edged unusable cards because there simply aren’t enough low end cards available in your deck to ‘unlock’ your big hitters.

Put too many low end cards in to unlock these bad boys, and you find yourself tickling your opponent behind the ankle whilst he/she/it flips you upside down and begins to tear you a new one. And as this is SL, you haven’t even got an old one there!

Right now, I’m on Version 2 of my constructed deck and I fear that Version 3 is needed ASAP – I had a fight with Destroyer Delcon last night that lasted for an ice age as we whittled each other away to naught but bloody chunks. Bare Knuckle Bracken had more luck than us, managing to dispatch both me and Destroyer, but even her deck was a sea of red cards with the occasional green one bobbing to the storm tossed surface. I didn’t get any photos of the event, but Janey got tons of great ones so pop over and have a look.

Y’see… this Combat Card malarkey isn’t as easy as people think. Bloody good fun though!

Combat Cards: The October 07 Finals

Last Sunday saw a the final cataclysmic clashes of the terrible titans of terror who have fought ferociously throughout the last few momentous months to reach the fearsome finals of the Combat Cards October 07 Bloodfest!

Jebus… I need a sit down after that last sentence.

Anyhoo, out of the three final fights (now now – let’s not start with the alliteration again), Johannason Scarborough won the Open and Closed Cups, and Michalius Oppewall won the ‘free-for-all’ battle. I got whooped early on and had to leave the ask of HBA Island honour defending to Destroyer Delcon who made it to the finals of the ‘free-for-all’.

I took some snaps, but half of them got borked by a SL Inventory bug. Click on the shot below to see the ones I saved and visit the Combat Cards blog to see more.

In the meantime, pop over to Europa and play the great game for yourself – you may even recognise a certain Burro on one of the cards 😉