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New Library & Rail Tunnel in Steelhead

A week or more ago I took one of my early morning rides out of St Helens and into Steelhead proper (I was looking for a store to rent, but more of that another time) when I happened across some exciting additions to the city. First off I was very excited to see that work has started on the ambitious under sea railway tunnel to link the old 17 to the steamlands.
Steelheads New Rail Tunnel_001

I don’t know what the captain of the Clockhaven Queen thinks about  it, but I can’t imagine he’s pleased… Still, the tunnel is an architectural marvel!
Steelheads New Rail Tunnel_004

And speaking of architectural marvels I note that work has finished on the new public library.
Steelheads New Public Library_001

It’s a grand old affair and real feather in out city’s cap, but I will miss the old library and its gardens…
Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_006

Pop over to Steelhead and take a look for yourself:

p.s. I found this photo of the old train station area from December 2007 – shows how much Lunar & Tensai have developed it in three years (hat tip to Krystine Qinan and her brilliant photostream):
Steelhead Train Station and Shops

Mr Creighton’s Air Tours of Steelhead and Environs.

Way back in mid May I dropped by my surgery in Shamian Alley and bumped into a most charming new resident of our fair city (by which I mean Steelhead, obviously), one Mr Paul Creighton.
Meeting Paul Creighton_001

Mr Creighton was in the process of moving into the city (at the time I met him he was looking at a plot in Shanghai, but by June he had settled in Port Harbour, very close to where the old Mason lab blew up) and was planning to give air tours of the surrounding countryside and city blocks to anyone interested. I was honoured to be offered a test flight in his airship and we had a grand time touring all six Steelhead regions (although I’ll confess to boring him rigid with my history of the city and endless list of who lived where and what buildings used to be there and what places blew up or burnt down or were attacked by demons and blew up before burning down, etc.). I was having a terrible time staying in-world that weekend but I managed to hold on long enough to get a few snapshots and I present them below. In the meantime, should anyone be interested in contacting Paul about a tour (or attending one of his weekly flying tea parties) please do drop him a line and tell him Dr Beck sent you 🙂 You can also find him on the Steelhead Ning where his is part of the Airship group. Now, what about these pictures I hear you cry…

This is Paul’s smaller airship (pictures of his larger one, his luxury yacht Heimdall, to follow in another post)
Paul's Airship_001

Heading out over the slums…
Paul's Airship_002

And away from the poverty…
Paul's Airship_004

Through the city…
Paul's Airship_007

Past Nish’s Butterfly House to be
Paul's Airship_010

Past Mt Hood and towards St Helens…
Paul's Airship_011

And over some ugly old shack I think I’ve seen before 😉
Paul's Airship_012

Before landing in the Shanghai plot he was considering making his own at the time.
Paul's Airship_014

Time for tea!

One of the things I miss about England, even the nightmare my England had become before I slipped between worlds and found myself in Steelhead, is tea. Proper tea from the Empire’s slopes of Assam or Ceylon, strong and the colour of honeyed oak with boiling water poured over the leaves and allowed to stew for at least three minutes with the milk poured in afterwards, always afterwards, never before.

When I washed up here, and I mean that quite literally, I was staggered by the kindness of the Steelhead community for taking me in, but over the months I’ve lived here, slowly becoming part of that community, there’s been one thing I’ve missed more than anything (well, almost anything but this is a light-hearted missive after all) and that is tea. A cuppa. A brew. Char. Ye Gods! For all their invention and creative prowess, these colonials have no idea about making decent tea – but then what do you expect from a nation inclined to throw perfectly good tea into harbours, eh?

Yet no desert is without an oasis or two and Steelhead’s own tea-Sharara has one rather amazing watering hole in the form of Miss Softpaw Sommer‘s Tea Gardens in the Capital City. It’s quite a cycle for me, but entirely worth it because if there is one thing Miss Softpaw knows it’s how to make a bloody good pot of tea! Add to that the amazing and ever-changing nature of her gardens and I challenge anyone to find a place more suited to enjoying heaven’s own drink! Pop over here ( and see for yourself…

Time for tea_001

Time for tea_002

Steelhead Public Library’s Photography Exhibition

In between running up posters protesting about New Babbage’s illegal acts in Steelhead and brooding over the Tong bastards who broke into my surgery, I decided to take a trip over to the public library in Capital City and conduct some research into the fever that was spreading through the northern slums.
Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_006

When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that the library patrons had organised an exhibition on the history of that most wonderous of inventions, photography!
Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_005

Almost the whole of the lower floor had been given over to informative displays and examples showing the evolution of this exciting science…
Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_001

Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_002 Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_004

Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_003

I recommend you head over to the library and take in this superb display – you can find it in Capital City here.

Steelhead: The Trouble With Wishes…

I was a-wandering through Steelhead’s Capital City region last night heading for the library where I understand a new exhibit is about to open on the history and development of photography (more about that in a post to follow, no doubt) when I bumped into, indeed all but tripped over!, a small purple saber-toothed kitty cat in a natty black hat. Living in Steelhead one becomes somewhat blasse about odd sights, but this one certainly took me by surprise, especially when said kitty spoke to me in the distinctive & delightful brogue of the Jager-kind.
Valdyr Dreamscape_001

Valdyr Dreamscape_002 Valdyr Dreamscape_003

Valdyr Dreamscape_005

It turned out that this wee purple creature is none other than Europa Embassy guard & new Boomtown tavern owner Vladyr Dreamscape and she has found herself in this unfortunate state after dabbling in the wishes game. She was granted three of the slippery little devils by Eugenia Burton, Steelhead’s resident fae & one-time-farmer-now-half-sunken-houseboat-dwelling-Herr-Baron-chasing-wish-giver. Miss Burton’s heart is as big as Steelhead, but ever since that dreadful business in Babbage her powers have seemed a little… flakey and poor Vladyr did not chose her words carefully enough when she spent her first two wishes on her desire to shapeshift. Now she is stuck as a Jager-cat until she can devise words clever enough to pin the third wish down and not only return to Jager-form, but also retain her heart’s desire; the ability to change her form at will. It’s a tough task and I wish her well – myself and Keli McBride tried to help but I fear it was beyond us. I did suggest she contact Miss Fuschia Begonia in Caledon but I hear she is trapped in forn parts by some form of volcanic eruption near the roof of the world that has grounded all air-ship services. I also suggested she try The Scientist in Babbage, but I regretted doing that as soon as the words had left my lips as I hear he is even more unstable than usual at the moment.
Keli McBride_001

Da Tiny Kitteh Jager_001 Da Tiny Kitteh Jager_002

If you or anyone you know has any experience of Djini law, wish-negotiation or shapeshifting, please could you contact Miss Vladyr Dreamscape via telegram to Steelhead or the Steelhead Ning