Work stops play… (well, blogging about play)

Sorry for the silence but work has ramped up a lot of late so I’ve not had much time to blog about Sal’s brilliant ArcheoExpo11 in SL or all my many adventures in LOTRO. Normal service will be resumed once I get The Man off my back. Fight the System, man!

Burro Gon’ Fishin’

Hiya all – sorry for the silence, but I’m busy in RL and not around in SL very much for a while. In the meantime why not head over to my place and have a go at the new fishing hub I’ve installed (it’s a new product from Ayumi Cassini, who makes some amazing stuff – check out her shop). Just click on the sign, wear the rod it gives you (it’ll go to your inventory) and read the instructions notecard (likewise, check your inv). I’ve tested it for you (health and safety!):
HBA Island Fishing 1

Although this may not apply to the poor wee fish…
HBA Island Fishing 2

You can keep whatever you catch and pose for a photo with it too! (pose included with every fish – just find it in the inv and wear – cheesy smile courtesy of my mysti)
HBA Island Fishing 3

Thanks for a great toy, Ayumi 🙂