Mr Creighton’s Air Tours of Steelhead and Environs.

Way back in mid May I dropped by my surgery in Shamian Alley and bumped into a most charming new resident of our fair city (by which I mean Steelhead, obviously), one Mr Paul Creighton.
Meeting Paul Creighton_001

Mr Creighton was in the process of moving into the city (at the time I met him he was looking at a plot in Shanghai, but by June he had settled in Port Harbour, very close to where the old Mason lab blew up) and was planning to give air tours of the surrounding countryside and city blocks to anyone interested. I was honoured to be offered a test flight in his airship and we had a grand time touring all six Steelhead regions (although I’ll confess to boring him rigid with my history of the city and endless list of who lived where and what buildings used to be there and what places blew up or burnt down or were attacked by demons and blew up before burning down, etc.). I was having a terrible time staying in-world that weekend but I managed to hold on long enough to get a few snapshots and I present them below. In the meantime, should anyone be interested in contacting Paul about a tour (or attending one of his weekly flying tea parties) please do drop him a line and tell him Dr Beck sent you 🙂 You can also find him on the Steelhead Ning where his is part of the Airship group. Now, what about these pictures I hear you cry…

This is Paul’s smaller airship (pictures of his larger one, his luxury yacht Heimdall, to follow in another post)
Paul's Airship_001

Heading out over the slums…
Paul's Airship_002

And away from the poverty…
Paul's Airship_004

Through the city…
Paul's Airship_007

Past Nish’s Butterfly House to be
Paul's Airship_010

Past Mt Hood and towards St Helens…
Paul's Airship_011

And over some ugly old shack I think I’ve seen before 😉
Paul's Airship_012

Before landing in the Shanghai plot he was considering making his own at the time.
Paul's Airship_014

Steelhead: Nish’s Butterfly house is coming along!

Wowsers! My old mate Nish has been a busy bee! Her Butterfly House (visit it here) is really taking shape now – Frank and I took an early moring ride out into Boomtown (you don’t see the scamps up at dawn, and in Boomtown they tend to stick to the old mines and tunnels rather than the streets so I feel safe) to see it and we weren’t dissapointed! It’s going to be beautiful! Have a poke about and you’ll find she’s added a few fun things you can sit on 😀
Nish's Boomtown Butterfly House

Nish's Boomtown Butterfly houseNish's Boomtown Butterfly House

Nish's Boomtown Butterfly House

I hear that her experiments to breed an anti-vampire vampire moth are going so well she’s thinking of branching out into the anti-zombie field! Maybe she needs to speak to Osprey about these developments as Ms Therian is also a keen developer of anti-monster products

A Nish in Steelhead – The Building Begins!

On hearing my mucka Nish had moved into Steelhead (and not told me! What did I do? *sobs*) I took an early morning ride around Spirit Lake (on Frank, of course), through St Helens and down the road into Boomtown to look for a gypsy caravan and piles of building supplies. It didn’t take me long and I found Nish’s plot in the far SW corner of Boomtown, on what was the site of the old Peterman Folly. She seems hard at work on her Butterfly House and I can’t wait for the big opening night!*
Steelhead Boomtown (Nish's Place!)

*I doubt HBA will be there, he’s not come out of the forest since he returned from Caledon’s Regency Hospital. I’m sure Dr Beck will go – he’s looking for a chance to bend some ears about the terrible conditions in the slums as well as maybe even finding a sponsor for his clinic.

Exciting News From Steelhead!

Seriously excited! Doing a wee dance in my chair excited! Whooping out loud excited! Nish has moved into Steelhead Boomtown! Here’s here update from her Steelhead Ning page:

I’ve moved into Boomtown and residing in my caravan. Some of the material to build the butterfly house has arrived and work will start soon.

Yes! My mate in Steelhead! A fellow Brit! And she is building! Always great news as she’s a great builder! We’ll have a butterfly house to rival the wonderful New Babbage Aquarium in Clockhaven!