Loki Eliot’s New Babbage RP – The Black Heart

Loki Eliot’s been a busy lad of late – he’s rebuilt his Goonie Island and started up a new Babbage-based RP called The Black Heart. Like his previous Shadow of 13, The Black Heart has its own website ( and it was during my search for this site I found a posting on his personal blog I’d missed and boy does it give a great run down of his previous stories. Oddly enough, given my love of shared RP in SL, I’ve never taken part in one of his – despite stumbling across them all in one way or another(1). I don’t know why this is, but I put it down to three things:

1) I’ve always wanted to do my own thing – at the times I’ve come across Loki’s RP I’ve been busy doing my own stuff and that brings me to…

2) I simply don’t have enough time! I never have had enough online time to do what I want to – not just in-world, but externally as well. This blog is as important to me as my stuff in-world. Some of you might not see why and that’s fine because to me it is and that’s all that matters. I can be in-world more but write less, or write more and be in-world less – the line has to be drawn and quite often writing and blogging win out. But under all that lies the fact that…

3) I’ve never felt part of the Babbage community. I tried back in late 2007, but it’s always seen like the preserve of builders and creators and so I just have never followed its development much. Same goes for Caledon really. In fact all steampunk. In truth I don’t much care for Steampunk – it just doesn’t interest me in the same way Star Trek/Wars doesn’t (2).

Anyhoo because I didn’t follow Babbage and because I had ideas to do my own stuff and because I have never been in-world as much as I feel I need to be I tended to miss the stuff that went on in the telling of the tales and that sense of ‘going it alone’ doesn’t do it for me (see my recent rant about Call of Duty Black Ops). This is why in the recent Steelhead RP I wanted to collect all the posts from everyone and make a “Story In Full” list so the whole thing felt like a collaborative effort.

Yet my personal foibles aside (3) I really want to get involved in this one, partly because I know some folks already involved (Myrtil and Miss Chernov) and partly because I want to learn more about multiparticipatory RP (as opposed to the other type of multiparticipatory activity this blog is famed for) and who better to learn from than the master (4). I’m sure that in a year from now Steelhead will be putting on this kind of RP – I have, you’ll be unsurprised to hear, several good ideas I’ve already pitched to the bosses ;-D


(1) This post ( is from 3 years ago and shows how even then I was looking for a RP experience (as well as being quite keen on eldrich horror, a fact that hasn’t – and I doubt ever will – change).

(2) I still haven’t found my perfect world in SL, but when I do it’s going to be horror and/or 1940s LA detective noir based 🙂

(3) None of which have anything to do with Loki, who I’ve never met, or his excellent work, which I love.

(4) Although his building, texturing & scripting skills will always be beyond me – Loki is the perfect package for RP!

p.s. You can read more of my RP waffle posts here.

In Other News: Murder Most Foul!

One of the things I love about SL is shared drama. I don’t mean silly little ‘boyz with gunz’ orbiting noobs and crashing sims drama. No, I mean stories. Stories created and nurtured to take weeks to reach fruition and drag people into their wake. I mean role playing story arcs where you don’t have to be one of the players to feel involved and included. I’m trying to do that with my posts about The Island & Backpacking Burro and I think I’m sort of managing – I just wish I could make ‘stuff’ to improve the quality of the sets, but I do what I can and I think folks enjoy it.

When it comes to crafting a whole tale and making it look stunning, the folks of Caledon and Babbage are way ahead of most others in SL, and they are certainly way beyond my scope. And I celebrate that. It’s good to see people using their talents to do it not just right, but brilliantly right and one great example of this has been the recent “Murder in Babbage” story written by Natacha Chernov over on her blog.

The actual story arc seems to have been the design of one Loki Elliot, who is obviously a man of some serious design flare, but the text and photos on Natacha’s blog are all hers and I urge you all to pop over and read it from the beginning. You won’t be disappointed.

Mind you, this means I have to change my The Island plot now as it was going to be spookily similar. It must be that the Dreams of Great Dread Cthulhu have been muttering and gibbering to both me and Loki recently…