A funny thing happened to me after writing about the funny thing that happened to me on the way to the camp yesterday…

With a title like that you just know this post is going to be a doozy, right? Well buckle in because I have a loooot of humble pie to eat. Oh, and spoilers ahead so you’ve been warned.

After having a right old pop at the final Scarlet Briar fight in Guild Wars 2, I was listening to the rather excellent Guild Wars Reporter podcast (part of the always excellent MMO Reporter podcast family) and heard the two presenters talking about a ‘secret backdoor’ to the final fight. My ears pricked up. It seems that there is a special teleporter that you can enter only if you are wearing the backpack you have to make with pieces found during the LA invasion event. Once you enter it you are taken to the very final instance bypassing the messy zerg-fest fight with the holograms. The instance is single player only and the same for everyone regardless of their route to it so it means that even if, like me, you were struggling to even get to the hologram fight let alone past it there is a route to the end that is totally do-able and gives you the same ending as everyone else. I bloody love this idea! Nice one Arenanet!

I built the basic backpack (cosmetically the best version in my opinion, the more advanced versions have the ugly leg/wing things that I hate) in the mystic forge using the help and guidance of the guild. We fought and I killed her in a pretty easy fashion, which I liked as the battles with the Champions and Knights in LA had been testing enough, and I was rewarded with a very cool cut scene of the next dragon waking up.

And then I was back in  LA with a new tag and a warm sense of closure. As an after thought I decided to tackle another Knight nearby for one last zergy fun fight and see if it dropped any sweet loot. Only thing is that when we killed the bugger all three attunement circles opened and before I knew what I was doing I was in the hologram fight again only this time we won and I was back in the very same easy finishing fight with Scarlet! After complaining I couldn’t do it I managed to do it twice on the run! And I done it twice again today! The hologram fight is actually quite easy, well, not easy but not as complicated as I first thought and a whole heap more fun.

So the lesson here is don’t blog in a bad mood. Somehow I don’t think this is a lesson I’m going to learn in a hurry ;D

Oh, no update on the RP guild yet. I’ll have to contact them. Expect an update. Maybe in character 😀

Holy Karka, Batman! I liked the Lost Shores and I don’t care who knows it!

Yes, yes, yes The Lost Shores has come and gone and is old news but after seeing Dontain’s latest video today I decided I’d have my say too.

I liked it. There, I’ve said it. Sue me.

Sure the first event was laggy (maybe being spread out throughout Lion’s Arch rather than just around one area would have helped) but after coming from years in Second Life the kind of laggy I experienced in that event was nothing compared to the klusterfokken of lag Linden Lab inflicted upon us again and again and abloodygain. There was a lot of whiny QQing about Arenanet being a bunch of under-skilled simpletons with carnal knowledge of their mothers and that annoyed me greatly. Sure some folks couldn’t play it for various reasons, but this was the first time an event of that size has been tried in that way and it was always going to be somewhat of a test – now if in twelve months the events are still a mess of low FPS and skills that stop working you can call the devs fit to burn all you like but for now stop with the mewling and just enjoy the experience of newness I say!

After that the treasure hunt was a damp squib for me, mainly because I didn’t know it was going on so I missed it all. Had I have known I would loved to have have done it but I hear the events were largely bugged so it couldn’t be finished and that would have ticked me off. Actually this does worry me about not only these large showcase events, but the whole system of dynamic events the game is built on, after all they do seem to crap out a hell of a lot and that is really not good.

Anyhoo, the next day saw the building of the trebuchet, the defending of Lion’s Arch again and the sailing off to the new island to secure the shores and camps there. I missed the first part but the sailing off and forging a path through the new land-mass was great fun! My one gripe – and this I share with Dontain – is the sheer fucking hardness of the Karka! Even normal ‘young karka’ are pretty hard to tackle on their own, never mind the Veteran young and upwards! Oy Vey! It’s hard to pick one thing that makes them so tough as it really is a combination – they shoot shit out of their tail near the start of the attack that is hard to dodge completely due to the length of time they continue to shoot it and whatever it is hurts and it hurts a lot. Add to that their ability to mitigate a lot of attacks and the need to burn down their health bar twice (once for their shell, once for their yummy tasty flesh) and pretty soon you are on a fairly tough battle for little reward (they almost never drop anything!). Still I really enjoyed this phase and there was noticably less QQing (that or I stopped noticing it).

Now the final day was a curious mix of the previous two. Lag was evident, although nowhere near as bad as the first day, but the fun of running with a zerg was intoxicating. We had to escort some Lionguard sappers into the HUUUGE karka nest and lay bombs and then leave the nest to find the king daddy Ancient Karka so we could drive him back into the nest and blow the bugger up. HOLY CRAP this was a marathon! Three bloody hours it took me! I was knackered! I’m not, have never been and will never be a hardcore gamer and that kind of session is gruelling. Still, it was also great fun (excluding the two grinds when the King Karka called up reinforcements) and the stand out parts were some of the mechanics used to drive the brute to the next, the nest itself which was just amazing looking, the mass-wipes when the Karkas would barrel-roll 90% of the players into the downed state (brilliant fun!), the epic ending with lava & squeeing and the loot from the chest at the end. All in all I thought it was a bloody brilliant evening and you can shove that in yer pipe and smoke it.

Have I been back to the island since? Once and it was both boring and hard. The karka are too tough and the loot is too thin on the ground and the gathering mats are crap so there is no reason to go back – hell, it cost me more in in repair bills than I made from the visit! Hopefully Arenanet will do something about this zone that makes it worthwhile visiting but until then I still have the memories of a great weekend-long event. That and a cool 20-slot box! Hoohar!