Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… HORSES!

As I set up my third shelter directly east of my main house (the nearest, most unexplored area as I’ve gone inland from the shelters both north & south of the house so the most likely place to see the new animals, etc. in the 1.21 update) I ran in to a small pack of horses led by this very pretty white steed that put me in mind of Shadow fax 😀


By the by, you’ll notice my pictures look different to the usual ones. This is because the texture pack I favour hasn’t yet been updated with the new items (fish and leather for example) so I’m using the default one until an update is released.


From this...


...to this!

Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft 1.21… Big water, camels & a bloody piranha!

I had to pull a late one at work so I didn’t get into the latest update until nearly 9pm but once I did I headed out into uncharted areas of Antland in order to allow the new terrain tweaks to generate deep lakes so I could see some of the new animals. I was not disappointed!


A huge and deep lake.


A piranha... the bugger took a chunk out of me!

And in the dessert next to the lake… herds of friendly camels!



Can’t wait till I have some time to explore properly 🙂

Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft: Kaalus has only gone and released the huge 1.21 update!

Apple have turned down Kaalus latest submission of Survivalcraft and although Kaalus is confident it’s a technicality he can overcome quickly, he’s decided to release 1.21 to Android & Windows before the Apple crowd get it which has caused 95% of his fan base to self-combust with naked joy. I’m a little less naked & combustive, but only just 🙂

Read more here: https://kaalus.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/driving-cattle/

p.s. the cattle driving mechanic looks fun!

My kingdom for a… horse?

Well, out of all the new mechanics* Kaalus could have brought to the new Survivalcraft update I can honestly say I never expected version 1.21 to introduce horse riding! I mean, why? What for? I’m totally stumped… 0.o

[YouTube= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYQKEn_y1xs%5D

* Breathing meter for swimming, boats for sea travel, farming crops for food, maps for exploring to name a few!