Where I am…

I’m going to be writing some stuff set in and around Bay City. Noir stuff. Horror noir. Think “Steal Head” mixed with “Goodunnit” but with Primouth motors instead of airships.

The Reading – New Film from TSMGO Studios & Mysterio Productions

So, without further ado, I present the latest TSMGO Studio release of the Mysterio Production*, The Reading…

Backpacking Burro: The Treaty

Images flooded my mind, pouring in falling over each other like a burst dam emptying into my brain. Sounds crashed into and off each other, a screaming cacophony that expanded to fill my being, touching every corner of me until I felt I was going to explode with the force of them all.

Backpacking Burro: A Recap

For thousands of years, across the dimensions, a few were chosen to maintain the balance and flow of the energy but the great power invested in some worked only to corrupt them until a once noble order of shamen splintered into opposing camps, some seeking to protect the land and people whilst others fought to control and dominate. A war broke out that soon escalated until worlds throughout the multiverse were laid to waste leaving a death toll beyond reckoning in its wake.

Looking for a new home

I have wonderful friends in SL, but timezones mean I rarely see them beyond the show. I need a purpose to come in-world and outside of the show I’m struggling.